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  1. waiting on my first ones to hatch *pokes* just 2 more hours to go =3
  2. Raindear turning the images and java off on youre computer can really speed up the loading time when it comes to these new releases. Oh and happy birthday DC =D
  3. they are permanent breeds.
  4. thanks for letting us know whats going on Tj
  5. didnt get an email ah well congrats to those who won and got HMs
  6. well my stupidest thing i can think of is that i was browsing the trade thread and saw that someone was trading a 2nd colored stripe for a different 2nd colored stripe and so i went and breed my two CB stripes and they actually gave me an egg. unfortunately i had five eggs already and my 2nd gen pb stripe auto-abandoned on me which had me face-palming for about 3 minutes afterwords.
  7. thanks or clearing up that glitch we were having after reset =3 got my tree all set up and ready and submitted. i hope to iron out the last few kinks in it before the 8th
  8. i submitted mine as well i do hope we can resubmit the tree because i dont want the unedited one it keeps reverting to, to go in DX
  9. my tree keeps reverting back to before my last edit as well and this is getting very frustrating since i like my tree the way it is now and not before.
  10. my editing is locked D= and i never pressed submit and its same as Cod Cod i cant do anything with it and all the other ones vanished DX i wasnt done with my tree yet
  11. Thanks a lot for the update TJ its so good to know when the breeding starts the only old christmas dragon im missing is the Holly so i hope the get it this year
  12. hurray for the updates thanks a lot TJ and all the testers
  13. Rares will show up in all biomes at the same time so all people will have a chance at that rare no matter which biome they are in. a better one would be 10 people are in the jungle and 10 people are in the water a stripe shows up in the jungle and the 10 people in the jungle are the only ones who can attempt to click on it since a stripe will not show up in the water. so only 10/20 people will be trying to get the stripe. (i have no idea where stripes will be this is just for analogy purposes lol)
  14. Im still squeeing about this this whole thread all the updates everything in it is made of win and thanks so much to TJ and all those who helped him make this all possible
  15. whooo one of mine hatched *hugs her cute ugly hatchling* i loves it so much and both of my remaining eggs are cracking =3
  16. lol the double rows are awesome
  17. and the human skull is the last for me *squees* i wish the rest of you happy hunting
  18. I just need one more and ill have collected them all *waits impatiently for the next one to show up* lol
  19. I support what you are doing here =3 i really do however i cant join this since i have a horrible attention span when it comes to lineages DX, I usually forget which dragons are lineaged and im never really too active on the DC forums but you guys do have my support for sure. I think all of you here would enjoy this song its about pit bulls i certainly enjoyed listening to it.
  20. and my 48th treat is pumpkin soup yummmm
  21. got some candles as my 44th item im slowly working my way through this so much fun yes it is
  22. got a cauldron as my 34th item and with that i have to go school darn lol
  23. dragonsroc989

    10 on 10-10-10

    the drop was delayed its going on now. anyways thanks to this latest drop i now have two each of the eggs =3
  24. oh gosh i just saw this when i scrolled to the bottom of my scroll *hugs her lettle tree* its so cute and colorful