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  1. welll the picture had skinny arms and i didnt draw it o.o was just using one of the available pics on the first page to practice on. ill work on making the arms a bit wider though thanks.
  2. alright heres my attempt at a spriteline spritelined from http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k13/Koor.../untamed_-1.jpg from the first post I know it needs work i just cant for the life of my figure out where or if i know where how to fix it D= the wings and legs specifically i know are bad. anything you guys can tell me will help =D edit: realized i saved it as an jpeg.... fixed it and now it doesnt look blurry ^^;
  3. how did i not find this thread sooner D= im so going to practice here goodness knows i need it now to pic out a sketch from the first page and try and see how well i do =3
  4. just got my last. thanks so much for the three day time limit to find them all ^-^ because of it, i was able to find them all despite having to work. I was worried that id miss some this year because of my new job. DC pulled through again and made another awesome egg hunting frenzy easter for me with little stress as to if i was going to finish and major fun. thanks to all the spriters who put in the effort making all these gorgeous eggs.
  5. Oooo cant wait for tjs to grow up chocolate dragons for win
  6. got my 2 thanks a lot for all your hard work spriters and thanks TJ for the release now cant wait to see what these beautiful eggs hatch into.
  7. thanks for bringing this to our attention TJ. I had no idea this was going as none of the other sites i was on did a blackout. I shall add my signature to the masses and hope that this bill is never passed. You certainly did the right thing today.
  8. im still all on favor of the snarlyface openly aggresive female version =D but i do not want a day/night cycle. Like someone above me said, the only reason for that would be to please people, there really wouldnt be much of a reason if any for the sprite to change based on the time of day like the nocturnals. so a day/night cycle kind of thing i do not want for the vines. =/
  9. im all yes for everything when it comes to sneakyface over snarlyface.... id have to go with snarlyface lol just because the way you described it looks sounds so cool =D though if you cant get the snarlyface down right or a way youre happy with it, i dont mind a sneakyplotface
  10. no email for me lol grats to everyone who did win.
  11. hehe thanks =3 i like how the two of the dragons in yours are creating a heart out of their fire =D
  12. hehe heres mine again, didnt change much from when i first posted it but i did add a few things just a ribbon dancer poking her head through the center of the wreath =3 http://dragcave.net/wreath/dragonsroc989
  13. Oh those are just lovely and gorgeous thanks so much earthgirl for all your hard work on the sprites =D and thanks TJ for the great holiday events
  14. got my two and thanks to both TJ and the spriters. merry christmas and happy holidays to all
  15. they dont show up in the cave only on the abandoned page when people drop them from breeding their hollies
  16. awww kear its a sea turtle =D and i think yours is pretty catlover
  17. heres my wreath http://dragcave.net/wreath/dragonsroc989 simple and cute ^-^ lol rebsingh its perry the platypus i love it
  18. i was gifted a holly by a friend this year. so i have one now ^-^ took me three christmas's to get one though. I was lucky my friend is so nice =3
  19. oh no my poor chicken lol thats so awesome and i wasnt expecting that
  20. you had to have read day 1's story on day one to get the decorations. reading it now on day 2 will not get you anything.
  21. im loving all the dressed up dragons especially the pillows and skywings. the balloon as santa claus is really adorable too the first story is totally sweet =3 and yay a new chance at CB prize dragons =D that is so awesome thanks TJ for such an awesome event
  22. accidentally abandoning a hatchling i meant to freeze >.< im sure whoever found that purple hatchling in the ap was very happy DX
  23. thanks so much for the new halloween dragons TJ =D
  24. woot glad to know they are coming TJ thanks for letting us know =D
  25. got my gold trophy about a month ago and im still getting use to seeing it there