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  1. Sorry for the late reply.....been having some health problems. Thanks so much for the replies, Paige and Saori! That clears up my confusion...I'm on the right track...lol Blame it on being tired from work....
  2. Desired Allegiance: Magic Quest:(Quest for Camelot or Army of Camelot) If I'm understanding correctly, then I'm shooting for 10th gen, since my lineage is stairstep: Looks like I'm getting close! Ok...now I'm confused....I've been using Nocturnes from the beginning but they aren't listed in the accepted breeds for the Army....but they are part of the original accepted breeds. Or maybe 20th gen? Oh dear...
  3. My original female Canopy who rejected each Royal Blue suitor I presented to her finally accepted the newest RB and produced a lovely Canopy egg! I'm so pleased. My ASD baby once again expressed little interest in her intended mate. I shall try once more next week. Perhaps if I give her a bit more time, she'll be more receptive. Edit: I just bred the offspring of ASD Connor and ASD Miriam (ASD Franklin) to a CB female Canopy (ASD Raphela) and got another lovely Canopy egg, which I've influenced to be male in an attempt for a spiral lineage.
  4. Tried some breeding today. My first female canopy has so far refused BOTH Royal blues that I've tried to breed her with. Stubborn female! My given ASD baby, ASD Gabriela, showed no interest in ASD Nicholas Q, so I hope next week there will be more success there.
  5. I was just re-reading the rules and this caught my eye. Do you specifically want the breeders to use the given baby/adult for the requests? I had offered the pair I've got for this, without realizing you wanted the ASD egg to be used for this. If so, I can do that when I get my egg and use the pair for the Royal Blues. Or if it's ok for me to do it the way I was thinking, that's ok too. I can mate the pair I have, or start trying with the Royals. Either way, it doesn't really matter; I just wanted to be clear about this before I get started. But I need to get them named first.
  6. My canopies have gendered as influenced, so I have a potential breeding pair. If you like, once they are matured, I can try for an egg to offer to anyone in the lineage and use them for that purpose. I'm thinking to breed my ASD baby to Royal Blues and will be catching more canopies for that line. The hatchies aren't named yet, but I do plan to name the male in honor of my grandson Conner.
  7. My youngest grandson has Asberger's (sp?) syndrome, so naturally, I have to join! I would like to join. Forum account: MadameX Scroll name/link: MadameX http://dragcave.net/user/MadameX Lineage: (who do you want your egg from?) Eric Autistic Dreamer x ASD Angel Patient Spirit I can wait for them to decide to give you an egg.
  8. Hear ye, hear ye! A Common King/Queen was born! Forum Name: MadameX Lineage Link to your King/Queen: http://dragcave.net/lineage/JjVVU Breed: Magi Name of your King/Queen: King Deiric of Commons
  9. That's likely due to server lag. Seems it takes some time for the actual stats from your scroll to make it to where your sig is. Or summin like that...
  10. I caught my Thunder from the cave. The Magma and Ice were gifted to me.
  11. Update: Now that the holiday madness is over, I've begun the 3rd gen breedings: Baron Kenedor (Albino) x Baroness Geralaine (Magi): Magi egg Baron Algorak (Green) x Baroness Elindra (Guardian): Duke Gerath (Green) Baron Lancemor (Electric) x Baroness Kalaine (Sunstone): Duchess Edearia (Sunstone) Baron Galaudan (Water) x Baroness Q'Layla (Horse): No results Will try breeding those last two again next week; hopefully, they'll be rested up from all the holiday activity and be more inclined to breed.
  12. Thanks, Lagie, it's my first Christmas, but I figured TJ would make things right for them. @dragonfreak6132: according to the wiki, these can't be influenced, unfortunately. I suppose that might mean they can't breed with each other, either? Just speculating here.
  13. Merry Christmas, one and all! And thank you, TJ, for the beautiful new eggies! I noticed though, that since everyone has been viewing you little eggies (now hatchies) that they've gotten sick. I hope they will be ok. (of course, they will, you're TJ!)
  14. I finally got my Trio (with the help of some very generous people; you know who you are!) and my Magma matured a couple days ago First attempt: FAIL Next attempt date: Dec. 29 And so it begins....
  15. Progress Update: 1st Gen Pairings Albino x Albino [Lord Tasacros/Lady Aura Q] Baron Kenedor (Albino) Spitfire x Green [Lord Bromn/Lady Erel] Baron Algorak (Green) Sunsong x Magi [Lord Rupr/Lady Terideag] Baroness Geralaine (Magi) Sunstone x Magi [Lord Nothe/LadyWep] Baroness Kalaine (Sunstone) Hellfire x Electric [Lord Erark/Lady Voralia] Baron Lanceamor (Electric) Waverunner x Guardian [Lord Erowin/Lady Shalamar] Baroness Elindra (Guardian) Horse x Electric [Lord Q Morgistan/Lady Aryzal] Baroness Q'Layla (Horse) Water x Horse [Lo
  16. Progress Update I've doing a bit of switching around and paired Lord Erowin with a new lady: Lord Erowin of Commons x Lady Shalamar of Commons She's the new girl in town And the pairing was successful as we now have a lovely Guardian eggie. Lord Paladon and Lady Galadriedien gave me a pretty Water egg, which is now an ungendered hatchling. Now all I have to worry about is one not gendering right. ETA: The Water hatchie is a male! I've influenced the Guardian egg female, so if it is successful, I'll be all set for the next set of breedings.
  17. UPDATE: My latest pink hatchie gendered male, so now maybe I can hopefully get things going here. However, my court has hit a snag. Lord Erowin and Lady Gymmlitts refused to even go near each other! (Too much togetherness? ) Albino x Albino Lord Tasacros x Lady Aura = Baron Kenedor (Albino) Spitfire x Green Lord Bromn x Lady Erel = Baron Algorak (Green) Sunsong x Magi Lord Rupr x Lady Terideag = Baroness Geralaine (Magi) Sunstone x Magi Lord Nothe x Lady Wep = Baroness Kalaine (Sunstone) Hellfire x Electric Lord Erark x Lady Voralia = Baron Lanceamor of Commons (Electric) Waverunner x
  18. I caught this one, mistakenly thinking I was getting another pumpkin (ok...so I was tired ) http://dragcave.net/lineage/qAK3r When I realized it was a tinsel and a GOLD one at that, I had to see what the lineage was. I couldn't believe anyone would throw it away, so it had to have been auto-abandoned from a multi-clutch. I'm still in a state of shock
  19. I abandoned a CB Flamingo JUST to have room on my scroll for one of these Holiday eggs! Risky, yes! (Hope it finds a good home; I took it thinking it would be a pink). Don't have my bronze trophy until the other 3 hatch, but that won't be til tomorrow and later. And I just snagged one to lock my scroll back up! Would like to have more, but them's the breaks. Got 2 Marrows and 2 pumpkins so I guess I gotta be satisfied with what I was able to get.
  20. Congrats, Xocowolf! This is just an update on my progress, which has been rather slow, and even slower with Halloween and all the marrow and pumpkins to try and catch. I managed to land a couple of marrows (nice lineages too) and today finally caught a pumpkin. Don't know if I'll be able to get another before the madness is over, but would like to have at least one more. Ok..back to topic. I've finally got all my CB pairings and have started breeding the 2nd gens: Albino x Albino Lord Tasacros x Lady Aura = Baron Kenedor (Albino) Spitfire x Green Lord Bromn x Lady Erel = Baron Algor
  21. Things are going a bit slow for me, so I've started breeding the 2nd generation: Pairings so far: Albino x Albino Lord Tasacros of Commons x Lady Aura of Commons Offspring: Baron Kenedor of Commons Spitfire x Green Lord Bromn of Commons x Lady Erel of Commons Offspring: This pairing produced a green eggie yesterday Sunsong x Magi Lord Rupr of Commons x Lady Terideag of Commons Offspring: Not bred yet Sunstone x Magi Lord Nothe of Commons x Lady Wep of Commons Offspring: Not bred yet Hellfire x Electric Lord Erark of Commons x Lady Voralia of Co
  22. Just got in and cleared out some adults and fogged in the nursery.
  23. The Single Scroll Oath "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." One scroll is more than enough!
  24. This is a great idea, well thought out and makes perfect sense. I really hope this is implemented.