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  1. NEW DRAGONS ARE SO COLORFUL AND LOVELY. Temple wyrms are just wonderful, a beautiful addition to the two head group both by color and body shape. Male Oracle is also mesmerizing to look at, i love the side-fins spread that show how the belly is like. I'm sad the female isn't as showing as him, she looks cropped compared to the male one. very very satisfied with this relase. I was waiting for a non - xenowyrm wyrm for a long time.
  2. I do NOT mind the current way we have of obtaining any of the Sapphire dragons, but if you are looking for a change for the Pink Sapphire, may I suggest to actually take advantage of an otherwhise not used mechanic? the Sickness. So far there is no real purpose for egg and hatchlings sickness besides making us taking the effort to put growing things in hatcheries only at 6 days left or less. If a sapphire egg would turn pink once he's been sick-cured 3 times as an egg and/or 3 times as an hatchie it would still be coherent with the lore (a sick, frail dragon that was neglected) and it would actually combo with yellow sapphire quite well. It is intended so people don't just randomly put sapphire eggs in 150 hatchieres to get the yellow, they actually have to put care to not make it sick, cure it, make it sick again... otherwise it turns it into undesired result. Having pink and yellow both require a massive amount of views keeps the regular sapphire safe from their mechanics as they have a similar yet different way of obtaining them. another suggestion for pink sapphire is that in order to obtain them (no matter the number of views) they have to spend something like 80% of their time fogged while growing. easy fix: lonely egg, remains in your scroll, you have to remember about it to or you get a green egg like this EX-blue Sapphire
  3. thank you!! you've most likely spared the life of a poor cantormaris egg
  4. Beautiful new dragons. This relase may have been difficult to follow but I enjoi the challenge personally. I believe that every sign of care and effort put into the game deserves recognition. I do like the mechanics, even tho I prefer when they are spread during the whole year to have time to adjust, but honestly I do always end up checking the Wikia for even old stuff, just to be sure i'm breeding the right lunar herald or the correct way to obtain certain copper couples. In the end of the day this was not such a tragedy as someone described it, it only takes time to adjust, but still nothing bad as discontinued dragons happend so... I think we can all agree that (even if difficult to obtain) we ended up with not less than 26 new beautiful sprites (if I counted right) so.... thank you for your work and contribute to the game. It's time now to describe what I like and what i don't: ALT Yellow Sapphires: I do really like the sprite overall. yellow color is really nice, but the pose doesn't let me enjoy the whole dragon, it looks like he's hiding what a weird feeling.. Alt pink sapphire it's the opposite: i don't like how light blue and pink blend togheter, but the pose is really nice and original! Copper: kinda too similar to old coppers. I do like the dragon itself, but as others have said they are quite similar to one another and (i've poor eyesight) I have trouble distinguish them Royal Eminence hybrid: my favourite from this relase, such a proper, noble, strong looking dragon. Its mane is gorgeus and so it's the color. I'm very glad that there are multiple hybrids I do enjoi now, it makes me want to collect them more ALT electric: beautiful, it makes difficult to pick a favourite between the 2 Electric dragon sprites, regular or alt? this is the dilemma. I really like this alt indeed. However why the blu alt form has his right frontal paw smaller than the regular version? It would have been much better if at least they were completely identical, with only a color change... this way the alt looks crippled compared to the regular one, since the hand is much more smaller. Gemstones: more dragons, more colors, more happy Naruhinas. As others have said I'm glad we have a way to exactly pick a color determined by the week day. Cantormaris: same as above, but I do have a question: if the egg is unaffected by earthquake on the first try should I try to earthquake it again? Does it automatically die? Nilia alt: my second favourite form this relase. To my surprise I do enjoy them a lot, the pastel palette and shape of their wing makes them so darn cute Floret: I was not a big fan of Floret before. Their Alternative form tho is something wayyy more appealing to me, really good job to enhance the breed, I like them a lot. (even tho I still don't understand how do they work XD)
  5. Have: an Easy dragon to get! 2nd gen new Nilia with code (Easyp) <-- perfect word code https://dragcave.net/lineage/Easyp Want: 2 x CB Gemstones caught today/yesterday 2 x PB new Nilia fertilized eggs https://dragcave.net/teleport/35db1a2a39146f125cd4729f2f20b98f
  6. I'm very glad to be here to celebrate Dc 15th birthday. Happy birthday DC ❤️ Such a long time, so many new mechanics, the game is kept fresh and enjoiable. I do like how it keeps evolving, even tho I would like more user-friendly pages to be added for us to keep track of everything. I think for example that in the Encyclopedia there should definetly be space for a specific ALT page where all possibile alternative sprites mechanics are added each time you discover one. It's getting a bit off hand. Here is a list of every breed that present some kind of alternate form, permanent or that just last few hours: I think it would be appreciated if we distinguish from Variants (same breed, same sprite, different colors), Alternative (same breed, different sprite, different colors), Egglike (similar eggs, different adults) Big spoilers ahead on how to get each alternative colored / sprited version in game.
  7. I dont know if it may be helpful, but I'll post the lineage of mine aswell https://dragcave.net/lineage/d00Hj dark magnesium x green Ciriax = light magnesium on a side note, could it be that Magnesium and Ciriax have been posted with a different resolution? they are kinda blurry compared to other sprites in the first post. I wonder if it's just me or my pc.
  8. after looking at them for 10 solid minutes I must say I'm very very pleased with the changes. Here is my point of view: the new Lacula got tremendously better. Since its first relase I noticed right away that it had a different style and polish than the other dragons relased alongside him. I do like a lot the new shades, the adjustment of the pose. The wings are far better and they seem to be part of the his spine, now. They do blend into the dragon very nicely. Magi dragon is improved aswell, imo, it looks more realistic, the base of its tail is now proportioned to therest of the body, his chest doesn't have a weird angle anymore, the neck muscles aren't tense anymore. the face is pretty looking and the belly is more anathomically correct as the rib cage is now fitted for a quadrupedal. they are reptiles, so I think that it suits them to have less "fat" under the skin. Sakuhana is a recent relase, but still a welcome improvment. the better resolution of her face, but most of all the bigger wing shape make the sprite look more healty. i do miss a bit the bright color of her tail. Snow dragon changes are barely noticeable, but the sprite looks cleaner so... nice change. Thunder was my least favourite of the Trio, and I'm afraid it will keep being so. There is nothing wrong with the shades of it, actually I prefer the new version. What i find diffuclt to see (and I have a poor eyesight to be honest) is the edges of it's head and body. their dark color blends too much with the rest of the dragon and the weird shape of its wing doesn't help. Overall it's definetly an improvment as the dragon does look more like it and less like a cartoon. It has the same issue as sprirt wards: the body is so dark and the color is so uniform that it makes a bit difficult to distinguish the details and limbs. If I would have had the choice I would have changed the sprite completly, to better show horns, head, lighting and the peculiar wing fingers. -------------------- EDIT: and since eveyrone is mentioning gold and silver update... let me take the occasion to say they are the best update so far, imo. the female gold is just astonishing, it really deserves now to be one of the rarest CB to be found. silver improved A LOT aswell, but I still dream of Ladylyzar ones from time to time 'cause their mane and pose was beautiful.
  9. Thank you so much for all the work and efforts to keep this game fresh, neat and updated! Sprite look is indeed a big part of it, i need to check them RIGHT NOW
  10. I didn't even know there was a ban on themm having items. I thought any kind of sub-types could have them. It's ok for drake to have props, ss long as it is motivated by their lore and doesn't stand out too much from the rest of the game I assume no harm is done in making all dragon sub-types equal on this. Honestly I think it is approved on a case per case base. I generally dislike them having an item at all, I prefer the more "wild" side of their lore, but I wouldn't forbidden it per-se
  11. I agree with you that DC Drakes would benefit from a better lore. The Encyclopedia potential on that is tremendously huge, meaning that it could potentially describe their hole sub-types and if TJ says so there could be potentially future drakes that are domesticated and such. The presence of mythical creatures and the kind of interactions between human and dragons in Valkemare is a topic that is up to be added with lovely informations. However we can't decide from the beginning to add another peculiar trait to drakes and make them automatically treated as pets, as each dragon has a peculiar lore behind. Drakes have many traits in common already, taken from wiki: Drakes are smaller and less intelligent than their cousin species, though both dragons and drakes sit comfortably near the top of the food chain. They are always found bearing antlers and leathery wings. Drakes share many of the same habitats that dragons do, and typically hunt in packs. DC drakes are kind of "game-made" meaning that they do not correspond to any common definition of a fantasy drake, therefore I would lore to see a page dedicated to theme in the Encyclopedia (this means that also two heads and pigmies would get one aswell). If a specific page is added for them it can store any kind of approved sprite, image, text or lore information. According to the world lore and the lore of every single breed displayed there could be extra infos like the one you stated in your post. Extra spriting on the dragon we collect would be too restrictive to be required each time a dragon is requested. It wouldn't be forbidden, the example you made with whites' wand or even the sphere Soustones hold allows us to create a concept of a dragon holding an item. however making it a prerequisite for an entire sub-type would be too much of a work. The encyclopedia would only benefit of a deeper lore on some topics, and drakes are one of them.
  12. I really like this suggestion about a small lore change for the AP. I would also add that dragons are described mostly as highly intelligent beings, both in their shared description, world lore and events. They are often compared to human intelligence... And I wouldnt abandon my child to die if he/she stinks of another being. I guess.
  13. thank you very much! I'm not active as I whish I could be and any CB wyrm is very appreciated.
  14. it is definetly a good idea and an useful BSA! I wonder if maybe it could be called "cleanse" since it removes prior applied effects rather than preventing the egg from receiving them.
  15. I strictly meant their pubblic name, but it's nice to see that is specified somewhere. As I said before it would be cool to filter dragons by body type in game, having a list similar the one we currently have in the unofficial wiki. Maybe would also help with some breeds that are a bit unclear, as for example Zyumorph belongs to a single breed but with multiple bodytypes. I would personally need another list for all the special hatching mechanics we have so many different hatching ways, many of them can lead breeds to mature into different colors, either random like Nebulas or by BSA like Xol and Cantomaris, biome for Floret, time of the hatching for Sunset and Sunrise, time of the egg being laid for Night and Glory Drakes and so on...
  16. you're right, many of them are just a generic "dragon". It's one of the encyclopedia addition that I would personally really enjoi: dragons morphologies and subtypes to better cathegorize each of them.
  17. I join the comments late, but has somebody wondered besides me why Cantormaris Dragons are called so? aren't they Wyverns? doubts aside I find them nice. A bit overwhelming witht heir patterns, but they have lovely colors and a crest I really like. Nobleshield on the other hand are definetly my favourite for this relase, their compact body shape and that dull purple of their scales is really lovely.
  18. Have someone tried the stun on hatchlings?
  19. I agree with Vixendra. the last example of this was the Staterae egg, the new super rare CB egg that was available only in the very first hours of their relase... I mean, I understand there is a "race" among us, the one who clicks faster gets the egg... but we should all have the chance to look for them on the day of their announcement, before they get lost under 250+ other breeds. Some of us don't have that chance because of valid in-life reasons. I like to offer others the same chances that I have, making the game just a bit more fair and fun for everyone. I'm all for being inclusive. It's not talking about gifting or rewarding those who are more active in the game, I could be online breeding 5979867 dragons and not giving 2 cents about the new relase... we all know how precious some eggs become, to the point of being very rare and their only "reasonable" window spawn is often the relase date itself. EDIT: I may also add that maybe a solution for this is to receive a notification? like for the holiday relases? if 23th March there is a relase we may get a notification via Game/Forum a week in advance... so everyone knows what's coming and can deliberately choose to stay up late/commit their time to DC. I also love the market and the chance we've got to "buy" the eggs from there, but remember that the eggs you buy there are labelled as they are from "Market" and not from any biome. This influences the game aswell, for example the BREEDING BEHAVIOUR of copper dragons relies on the parent's biome. If I don't even get a chance to catch the super rare Staterae it means that even by buying the Staterae I will be precluded to build certain lineages (copper father x female staterae buyed from the Market = forced color of the Copper Father)
  20. I haven't read all the discussion about BSA able to change the final color but... What if.... influence the egg female -> pink adult Influence the egg male -> blue adult Incubate-> red adult Precognition -> yellow adult Could it be? And if u performed more than 1 BSA it's either first one or last one that prevailes.
  21. They surely were, this reflected on a non relase in january last years. like the swap. I'm happy we have to celebrate 2021 with 2 new dragons
  22. I love january relases, I was sad we hadn't one for november, it makes sense now! And I also appreciate the combo of an "hybrid" breed + "huge number of eggs" breed, I don't feel the rush to obtain the hybrid right away and I can focus on the biome eggs. nice nice
  23. ahaha true. the killing message makes even less sense now.
  24. Ades dragons Fenix dragons Orpheus dragons Those would have been cool names aswell since they reborn
  25. My scroll goals include 10 cb dragons (5 males, 5 females) of each sprite. This is true for holiday dragons aswell. This means I have to collect a bounch more new pitfire next year, and so will a lot of people who want to keep both forms as adults CB. I highly hope they won't be as hard to find as CB Koharki in 2020!!! In order to obtain this exalted form do they need to be successfully revived or killing them automatically grants the new sprite? Can they still become zombie or disintegrate? When are the chances of reviving them higher ? Questions, questions. This new mechanic may produce a lot of work but I personally enjoy it, it's original and cool