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    Please send me a PM if our IOU seems to be forgotten. I prefer to be full of PMs instead of not fufilling our agreement.


    Sei un giocatore Italiano? Ritroviamoci! mandami un PM qui sul forum



    - 2-3rd gen Shimmer/tinsel
    - 2nd gen from spriter alts
    - 2nd gen from Hybrids
    - 2nd gen thuwed
    - Papers

    Kind, Nice and Honest Person:

    DarkEternity - Kelkelen - ShadowsInAsh (valar Mourghulis) - *Lindariel* (GOT) - toyofubl (ALT Sweetling) - alicit (gift Silver Shimmer) - Tahini Deathstar (3rd gen tinsel) - lilysally (ALT Sweetling) - Momo (green opal) - Sheriziya (great suggests!) - tjsweepers (ND) - Terpsichore (italian player) - Angelicdragonpuppy (Awesome) - MessengerDragon (gift a rare) - Artius (returned an Egg i miss-abandoned)


    On my scroll there is the following order. Each breed of dragons has (if possible) 5 CB males and 5 CB females.

    Alfa: Cave Born 
    Beta: 2nd gen
    Gamma: 3rd gen
    Delta: 4th gen
    Omega: 5th gen
    Lineage: 6th gen and higher

    Pure Hybrid: Hybrids 2nd gen
    Pure Gamma: Hybrids 3rd gen
    Pure Delta: Hybrids 4th gen
    Pure Omega: Hybrids 5th gen
    Lineage: 6th gen and higher

    II: Purebreed 2nd gen
    III: Purebreed 3rd gen
    IV: Purebreed 4th gen
    V: Purebreed 5th gen
    Lineage: clean 6th gen and higher

    Eternum Privilege: 2nd gen from Alternative Sprites or CB Hybrids
    Privilege: up to 4th gen with clean Alternative Sprites or CB Hybrids lines 

    Shimmer Centurion: 2nd gen from Shimmer
    Centurion: up to 4th gen with clean Shimmer line (Stair or Even Gen)

    Tinsel Knight: 2nd gen from Tinsel 
    Knight: up to 4th gen with clean Tinsel line (Stair or Even Gen)

    Elysium Thuwed: 2nd gen Thuwed
    Thuwed: 3rd gen of higher Thuwed

    Dorkface: Dorkface in the lineage

    Gaius/Gaia: 2nd gen from GoN
    Xeno/Xena: 2nd gen from Staterae
    Sino/Sina: 2nd gen from Sinomorph

    Rghteous Paladin: 2nd gen from Christmas Holiday Dragon
    Righteous: up to 4th gen with clean Christmas Holiday Dragon line 

    Heart Minstrel: 2nd gen from Valentine Holiday Dragon
    Heart: up to 4th gen with clean Valentine Holiday Dragon line

    Fear Herald: 2nd gen from Halloween Holiday Dragon
    Fear: up to 4th gen with clean Halloween Holiday Dragon line

    Sunshine: 2nd gen from Gold
    Moonshine: 2nd gen gen from Silver

    EMBER ARMY: 40 / 500

    Ancient: The first dragons I ever raised.

    Gift: Bad lineages that I keep because they were gifts of when I started.

    Project/zombies: Will be killed to have Zombies.

    Fertility, Incubate, Influence: Need them only for BSA.