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96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this your signature if you're one of the 4% who will.s.jpgTinselBanner1.gifpumpk.pngglompee.pngsummoner.gifI'm looking for PAPERS and CB Royal Blues!

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    Will breed for trades!!!!

    My IOUs:
    I owe ZzelaBusya 7 Papers (5/7)

    My Goals:
    1. Obtain 1 of each type of dragon!
    Need: Holly & Neglected
    2. Obtain 2 CBs of each type of dragon (1 M and 1 F)


    For current projects:
    --I am looking for Several CB Royal Blues--
    2nd gen GW from snow angel mother (gold wings)

    CB Hatchlings I am looking for:

    1st Priority:
    Blue Nebula
    Geode (2nd gen only) M
    Moonstone M and F

    2nd Priority:
    Albino M
    BBW F
    Balloon F
    Waverunner F
    Deep Sea M
    Purple Dorsal M
    Electric F
    Flamingo F
    Green (BSA) M
    Guardian M
    Hellfire M
    Mint M
    Seasonal Spring M and F
    Seasonal Summer M and F
    Greenwing M
    Stone M
    Sunrise F
    Swallowtail F
    Water F
    Water Walker M
    Water Horse F
    Whiptail M
    Misfit Pygmy F
    Nilia Pygmy M
    Shallow Water (2nd gen only) M and F
    Bluna (2nd gen only) M

    Random Mates that I need:
    6th gen Sunsong (Gold) Tinsel Fail with Male Golds for http://dragcave.net/lineage/UN23D
    6th gen quad Thuwed that looks similar to this http://dragcave.net/lineage/EgjPu

    Rares (any stage):
    2nd-5th gen tinsels!
    Nice gen Non-Tinsel Metallics
    CB Magma M
    CB Ice M
    CB Thunders
    Chicken (for freezing S1)
    CB Blacks M
    CB Stripes
    2nd gen Alt Black
    Any gen Alt Black for freezing (Curled or Sitting)
    2nd or 3rd gen Alt Vine
    Any gen Alt Vine for Freezing

    Things I am Dreaming of:
    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    CB Neglecteds
    IOU for 2nd gen Holly x2