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  1. Gordon Korman great comedy writer
  2. In a way heights, I like being up high like i went parasailing once and i loved it, but more of a fear of falling from heights. such as when I'm on a shaky ladder or at the top of stares with a low ledge.
  3. People who think they know everything.
  4. Zenaron

    Dragon Age

    Story Wise you would want to play, Origins, Awakening (even though this is just an expansion of Origins) then 2.
  5. My very first was Donkey Kong country for the Super Nintendo
  6. Zenaron

    Dragon Age

    My favorite was Origins even though i definitely like the fluid movements of 2.
  7. And another thing is that a lot of games the 3D has doesn't make them any better, but i just got the new Star Fox game for the 3DS and the 3D is actually pretty cool on some levels.