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  1. That's how looked my tree. I had the idea of making it rainbow-themed, but changed my mind not so long before the end of the contest. Then I tried to recreate "Gemmy Douglas Fir The Talking Christmas Tree" with the ornements.
  2. May I ask...How can we have a zombie dragon?
  3. @Elena: I think your limbs look okay, the anatomy is good. But they are positionated strangly. And I agree for the stomach thing. Also, the base of the tail is very thin. Otherwise, it's very beautiful!
  4. I use Gimp because I can seperate the colors on different layers. But, I admit that for a beginner, it's not an easy program.
  5. Thanks for using my sketch, senkatnovo! <3 It's really really good for a first time! The lines are clean and make 1 pixel everywhere and the sprite has the good size (looks like ).
  6. Maybe I'll try at drawing one during summer