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    Actually, we had some ugly incidents in Denmark a few years back. This guy raped and cut (with a knife) several horses. You can tie them up in confined spaces.
  2. I do sort of understand what you mean. Had a weird time trying to misunderstand myself. I can see how the wording could be taken to mean something else.
  3. Yes, love and sex. I was talking about those who wanted romantic love and sex, not one without the other. And this is what makes your, otherwise entirely correct, points irrelevant here. I was talking about people wanting love together with sex, love and sex. I... I just don't know why you decided to give me a minority lecture.
  4. No. I specifically wrote romantic relationship. Also, since there are quite clearly lots of gay people created that way, wanting sexual expression of their romantic love, my point of the cruel god stands. I could have used some asexual disclaimer, but really, that is not the point. The only point I was making was, that this supposed god created gay people only to deny them their very nature. This is cruel etc. That's it, that's all. That's the point. Whether or not some people are asexual is besides that point.
  5. You have point, just not one relevant in this context at all. The vast, VAST, majority of the homosexuals have the same drive as the general population, and their adult, romantic relationships will not be fulfilled if they are not allowed to express their love physically. Thus, this supposed god is cruel to these people. Cruel and not merciful.
  6. I don't think a relationship where both want sex, but aren't allowed, can ever be considered fulfilling.
  7. See, that's what I have a problem with. You think that god created homosexuals, gave them no choice in that, and then proceeded to deny them romantic love and sex completely. What cruelty. Such a cruel god cannot be good, nor merciful. I honestly think that, if there is such a thing as a deity (or several deities), mankind has misunderstood completely, and are hurting each other over these things they just guess to be right.
  8. Short. My fingernails are rather soft, so if I accidentally ram my fingertip against a hard surface, the nail can bend upwards right where it's attached. It hurts!
  9. I'd just like to say thanks to the people who made the Easter eggs. They are lovely, every single one of them!
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    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Yet another bunch of very pretty eggs. I do wish we could freeze eggs to keep.
  11. I think you narrowed it down quite nicely, oooopoooo.
  12. I think it's more about there being a symbol to show that there is something extra about that dragon.
  13. I could pretty much live with any symbol, as long as we get one.
  14. pinkgothic, you are very clever. I've just made a reference to your post in the op.
  15. I have now edited the first post, so it shows some really good points made by people in this thread. And yes, so it all agrees with me - I want those symbols, damnit!
  16. Yay, the idea didn't die away! Anyway, I'm not too particular about the specific symbol myself, just so long as it is logical. For instance, I like the pen TJ suggested. Everyone knows that a pencil means writing, so it's very suitable. Stuff like that.
  17. I've just recently returned to DC to find that I have had a number of descriptions approved. Thanks! But there is no way to tell if it's happened, other than looking at each individual dragon. It would be cool if there were a little d or something under Type on the scroll. Just like there is a marker for gender. Update - People like the idea. - Pretty quill symbols are shown on this page, but as they are images they will slow down the site some, and TJ is not in favour. Symbols need to be a unicode symbol, like the gender and snowflake symbols are. - Other symbols could be used (symbols, not pictures): Paragraph symbol (¶) alpha (α) triangle circle ✒ ✑ ✐ ✏ ✎ ✍ TJ can decide the size of these symbols. To those who see only squares: - The missing symbols are not caused by your browser. - It's a template/font-thing? Please tjeck pinkgothic's post and test page-link on page 3 for explanation. - It was the same with the frozen-symbol, and I still think that even if it's all squares for those two meanings, it's still better that having to look over a hundred dragons to see if you have one approved description. (Yes, a hundred! It's hard to remember who you described a long time ago, so one forgets). oooopoooo shows it here: I really do think it's better to have some dragons with squares (and an option to fix with font/whatever yourself), than just having nothing at all.