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  1. Very! I was lucky that her scroll name matched the one here, so I could pm her.
  2. TWO! Two of my insane friends from way back when have given me Silver Shimmer-scale eggs as welcome back presents! Oddsoxi and Arlymaye are both incredibly generous, and rather crazy. I can't even begin to express all my feels...
  3. I also wish all dragons with Svataben's or Svat's in the lineage were hugely valuable, especially those bred from CB dragons. I'd be trading up a storm!
  4. Check out this pink egg: Massive breed and name thing going on! I just noted the breeder a few questions about it.
  5. I fail-caught two eggs in the biomes, and was annoyed with myself and the 5 hour limit. Luckily my two vampires changed the eggs, and the other dragons threw them out in disgust: I'm not stuck with unwanted eggs, and someone else will be happy with the vampires! YAY!
  6. I really wish that a 10 second wait was implemented for everyone else, when I was logged on. Like on the AP or in the various biomes. Every time you entered or refreshed a page, you'd all have to wait 10 seconds to pick an egg/a hatchling. I'd like that a lot! Why can't I be special??? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!eleventy!! What unreasonable demand would you love to see implemented?
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    I just wish she'd have kept her judgemental sentiments to herself. As if there is something wrong with having just one child. How dare she?
  8. That just... I hope they feel the deepest of shame, and that they realize the harm they did. Family isn't in the blood, family is in the caring and sharing of lives.
  9. No. Marriage didn't start of as a religious thing, religious people just took it over. Now homosexual people wish to do the same, and since the word never did belong to religious people, they have no say, and no one should be worried about appeasing them. I also saw you mentioning 'American traditions', and it makes me wonder: You country is less then 250 years old; how traditional are these so-called American traditions? Seriously, do not think you can lay claim to something that existed centuries, if not millennia before your country was even a thought in a Viking's helmeted head.
  10. I'm soooo agreeing with you! It's also tradition that women be subservient to men, and that a large part of the world makes money off the slavery of black people. YAY traditions!
  11. Being the victim of bigotry for something that is neither wrong, nor your choosing, can be felt by anyone who's had that experience. Ever wonder if a person who's experienced racism or sexism can equate and relate? Let me assure you, they can. Let's remember that it is not a contest of who suffers most, or things being 100% equal in suffering.
  12. Haha! Ah well, no harm done, and don't feel bad about it. (I have 4 'Accept' on the slightly revised version now anyway.) And congrats on your Dorkfaces!
  13. Thanks a lot! I'll go make changes.
  14. Can someone explain what the heck happened? I submitted this : And got this ridiculous reply: Firstly, as the wiki shows, The Original Midas Dorkface IS the original. Secondly, I'm pretty sure the grammar in that last sentence is perfect. Can anyone tell me about the grammar there? And will that rejection matter?
  15. On a positive note: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/21/a..._n_2917491.html Headline: AAP Says Same-Sex Marriage In Kids' Best Interests
  16. I recently looked through all 200 and something dragons on my scroll, and found that I have 3 Dorkfaces: , , and
  17. When I'm looking for a particular egg type, I become retardedly slow. I'm all *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* "oh look, an egg that I want. I should get that! *click* Of course, by the time I actually get to clicking, it's way too late, so I go back to *refresh* *refresh*... I also just scroll locked myself with mis-clicks in the cave.
  18. Well yeah, if he wants to stay true to his opinions, he'll be busy trying to defend his stance that birth control is wrong...
  19. Back when black eggs were the blockers, I made a hatchling army, and a story to go with them (like scouts, they're good little ones, doing chores and helping out). I also made some rather silly names, so when you went down my scroll, there'd be a sort of conversation. It was all lost, when I was inactive, of course, but I might just start it up again. Whatever eggs are blocking now, I suggest you all go forth and make hatchling armies of your own.
  20. @ raindear: I just approved one of the summer ones. It sounds just lovely to me, and paints a lovely picture of some summer feelings I have myself. @ Everyone: I've been gone for years, and just came back now. Seems to me like the general quality of descriptions has gone up. The frequency of complete crap is way down, so far as I can tell. (Even though I did just see one that simply said "bampf", which I'm guessing is a misspelling of 'bamf'...) My favourite description of my own, which got quite a few positive remarks back in the day, Love Letter :
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    OMG! I mean, just... Wow...
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    @ Kai: I'll just leave this here, since you must have missed it earlier.