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  1. No need to apologize. There isn't much about it presently, because it is illegal in most countries, so there isn't much going on. There has been some really ugly cases in modern times though, like Warren Jeffs from Utah, an FLDS leader, who married underage girls to men, and committed a variety of other crimes as well.
  2. You seem to not understand. Have you ever heard of these things happening inside the US of A, one of the mist freedom-loving countries in the world. Yup, it's happened there, laws or not. It's still happening. In these cases, of religious indoctrination, poverty, violence, traditions having all power, shaming, and other such things, it is very hard to be safe, unless you actually have the law to turn to. There are sooo many people who will turn a blind eye to any type of suffering, because they aren't directly affected and "it's cultural". We need safety measures for those who would be victims of both certain cultural traits as well as the culture-excusers unwillingness to help.
  3. The problem with polygamy is how it has almost always been practised: By religious oppressors, forcing anyone they could to submit to their wills. Polygamy has hurt both women and young men, in that it tends to end up being powerful older men, wanting to own all the women, thus leaving the women owned by old men, and the young men just left out. Religion tends to be the excuse used for these purposes. I am not saying there isn't a few polygamous marriages that were different, but the above pretty much covers the vast majority.
  4. I just missed clicking on a silver Tinsel egg on the AP, because I was bus rocking to music.
  5. I think we need this repeated. Pain does not invalidate other pain. My arm won't hurt me less, because someone else hurt theirs more. As for the whole minority card game... Unless you* are a transgender homosexual woman of color with a mental illness and a physical handicap to go with being ousted from your religious family who abused you while you grew up poor in the ghetto, you are not going to "win" anyway. * General you everywhere.
  6. No, because I don't think it's ok to belittle religious people. I just gave you an example of your own reasoning. I don't agree with the previous description of religious people at all. That post generalized and offended, and then you did too. Me, I think most religious people want to be good because it's the right thing to do, and they have empathy and values. It doesn't matter to me if they're learning from a god, or have some genetic and societal combination thing going on, so long as they are good people. I wish you would have stated your point without getting offensive yourself. Maybe next time, you think about that. Anyway, I'm glad you don't hold with those views, and shall go back to liking you. Edit: Kiffren, I'm so sorry. Won't happen again. Edit edit: Gay rights! YAY!
  7. Wow, that was really... Do try to be less offensive. While I'm not a staunch Atheist (I'm a doubting the existence of any deity, basically Agnostic), this is very offensive to me. A. I can have hope of so very many things, including some form of afterlife existence, there just isn't a god present. Really, why would you think Atheists have no hope? Why should our lives, filled with love of family, friends and life in general, be bleak? B. This is the really bad one. - Atheists don't have morals? - Atheists don't have consciences? - Atheists can't be good, emphatetic people? - Atheists can't be law-abiding citizens? I would counter that, if the only thing keeping you good is fear of some after-life punishment, you aren't really good or moral, you're just scared of a punisher.
  8. Yes, and they are able to say that. They are just not able to say that without other people expressing that they find it bigoted. You see, their ability to say it does not prevent others from disagreeing. Freedom of speech =/= freedom to say anything without being called on it.
  9. That makes no sense. If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married. No-one is forcing anyone to marry their own gender.
  10. It's a toss-up between: - A severe fracture right above my left knee that kept me bed-ridden for several months (but healed so well, the doc asked if they could use the x-rays for teaching purposes). I was in the fourth grade then. or - A crack in the cartilage of my shoulder that got ignored by my doctor (the shoulder kept dislocating, he kept saying "Let's wait and see"), until I finally demanded an operation, and got it a year later. Sadly, by then, the shoulder had been stretched by the frequent dislocations, so I needed a second surgery another year later to shorten the tendons. So yeah... One yeah of dislocations and "Wait and see", then an operation, then another year of near-dislocations (I was being hella careful) and "let's wait and see", then an operation and a looooot of healing time. Now big scar.
  11. Pet peeves from around the internet: 1. People who have had one, or just a few experiences with something, and then base their whole world view on that to the point of disregarding proven facts, annoy me to no end. It seems like, in almost every political topic, you'll find it: - Science has proven that X-thing is green 90% of the time. - Idiot comes in saying "No way! It was orange when it happened to me!!!eleventy!1!!" Great... Just because you are a special snowflake in the 10% category, does not mean the 90% do not exist. 2. People who think that saying "Just my opinion" exonerates them from any offensiveness. It does not. Mostly, people don't even know the difference between stating opinions and making factual statements. My favourite example: - Stating opinion: I like apples better than pears. - Factual statement (can be wrong): Apples are better than pears. So, if someone states "men are smarter than women/whites are better behaved than blacks/homosexuals are bad/ whatever bigoted thing, just my opinion" they are making bigoted, factually wrong, and very offensive statements regardless of how much they tack "Just my opinion" at the end. 3. People who seem to think that just because a thing is written on the internet, it must be true. It is not. Don't get "facts" off some blog or politically affiliated page, unless those places site reliable sources. I could start a blog just now, and start writing about how Obama is really an Alien from Mars. Doesn't make it true. Why don't schools teach pupil to be critical of source materials?
  12. I'm all about the no scroll limit and no 5 hour cooling off period today . It's like I can't stop clicking Crimson Flare Pygmy eggs in the Volcanoes. Over and over again I lock myself with them, and it's just so amazingly annoying. It could just be an exception for me only. That's unreasonable, right?
  13. Last reply, as to not muddle the topic: I think people started to do that, after getting annoyed by having strange offers thrown at them. (And possibly later people seeing it done and copying the style too.) Thanks, and yes, all clarified and no hard feelings.
  14. Well, that's easily explained if you'd read the things stated on this page already: Hope it helped you understand.
  15. Read minds? When I clearly state what I want in return, it is also clear that I do not want other things. I clearly wrote that I wanted A or B, and since C, D, E etc. are neither A nor B, they are not what I wanted. This is simple logic. If I had wanted best of whatever you'd like to offer or something, I'd have posted that.
  16. Congrats, sweetie! I just finished my first trade through teleport this morning, and I'm all kinds of happy!
  17. Thanks! (And yes, I did end up just going to bed after seeing the first few offers. )
  18. Thanks for answering. At least now I know what to expect in future, and not be disappointed. I do find it rather rude though.
  19. I was just wondering how common this is: I posted a trade offer looking like this Note: It's succesfully traded now. Simple, right? Not much to misunderstand, right? Well, I got 6 offers, two of which were for trades with several non-shimmer eggs. So yeah, I'm wondering how common that is. It bugged me a bit, because they were among the first, and I was very excited about getting several offers, but then I saw what they were it was such a let-down.
  20. I want the drops to wait, if I suddenly have to pee.
  21. Mine is the original of this: Took it myself at a local park.
  22. OMG Skauble!!! Anyway, I did not mean to be reasonable! Here's one that I often wish for: No cool-down time for me, and should I get a dead egg, it just falls right off my scroll.
  23. Marks on eggs that you've abandoned! I picked up the same egg from the AP about 5 times over two hours. People kept picking it up and re-dumping it (I'm guessing it was because of the absolutely atrocious lineage).
  24. I always collected the sprites first and foremost, including hatchling sprites, so I freeze from ever type. I've never understood those opposing it based on "cruelty" or something, since they are not real creatures.