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    This! So very much this! I also wonder where all the supposed life-loving support goes once the child is born. I mean, the number one thing to push women in America below the poverty line is being a single mother. Where is all that religiously based energy to help them get educated and into the job market, or pay their medical bills when the kid is five years old?
  2. Me too. If a person can't be bothered at least trying, I can't be bothered taking them seriously. *shrug* There are exceptions, like the ever amusing anger-spelling, where someone is debating so furiously that they typo all over the place.
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    And that's where you get it wrong. A person getting an abortion within 24 weeks is not killing a human being, they are killing a living thing that has the POTENTIAL TO BECOME a human being. It isn't yet. Just like the first brush strokes on a canvas aren't a beautiful piece of art, but have the POTENTIAL TO BECOME one.
  4. Also then/than. It irks me every time I see it, and when I make the mistake myself, I want to slap me upside my head.
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    Uhm... A living thing is alive until it dies. The small cluster of cells is alive until it dies, regardless of when that is. It is alive. A single live cell is alive, even if it won't be five minutes from now. That doesn't mean it is human, or that it has rights. The way I see it: A fertilized egg has is alive and has the potential to become a human being. It isn't a human being yet, and won't be for quite a while. It's like a single brush-stroke on a canvas that has the potential to be a great painting, but isn't there yet. I'm just fine with the abortion limit (unless we're talking life of the mother etc.) being at the point right before the foetus can feel pain, which is at 24 weeks.
  6. Not even that, it's just about the continent. It's like being geographically European or Asian.
  7. You're right, but I'm less tolerant than you. I simply don't see why people get it wrong, when it's so easy to test, like you just did with your sentences. It's like with 'a lot'. No-one would ever make 'a little' into one word (alittle), but they do it with 'a lot' all the time. Don't they think?
  8. @ casprrr Nice! It's always good to get together with collegues (or some other group of people) to get started and stay motivated. And thanks for the useful link! Wow! Very cool! It's sad that you ended up in pain and such, before you got started on helping yourself (isn't it always like that with people though...), but it is very impressive indeed that you are doing it! My mum is lactose intolerant too, and it has been quite an adjustment for her. Like me, she loves all kinds of cheeses, and she hates always having to ask "Is there lactose in this?", when we're dining out. She has gotten to know a few food cultures that don't use milk in everything, like China and most other Asian cuisines, as the people in those areas often suffer from lactose intolerance as well. And YES, good luck you, me and everyone!
  9. I'm allergic to whatever they make cheap ear rings out of. I get red bumps that turn to sores, if I wear them...
  10. Sounds a lot more fun, even if it is unhealthy.
  11. You do have some difficult circumstances to deal with, what with living the way you do. I'm impressed none of you haven't ripped someone's head off, living in such close quarters. Do you have a bike? Riding a bike is very gentle on the joints, and if you're riding against the wind or up hill some of the way, it's very effective.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear how hard you have it. I can only imagine how bad it must be. If I were to give any advice, it'd be to ignore your father. It simply isn't about him. So what, if he's gloating and acting the jerk, when you try new things? It isn't about him, it's something you're doing for you, and he isn't even relevant. And yeah, I think getting some help is a great idea! It could give you some practical tools to use on yourself, and some understanding about why you are the way your are. I think knowing things like that can be incredibly helpful. And remember, getting a little better is still getting better.
  13. Yeah, it's all too easy to slip back into old habits.
  14. That's so cool! I'm really impressed with you! It's also great to hear that it's really worked for someone. And thank you very much for taking the time to write down what it's about in detail like that! I'll be making an app list asap! I hope to get more disciplined over time, but right now, my only goal is to keep going. I spent years padding myself on the back, after I quit smoking. And while it was an awesome thing (I smoked very much and was totally addicted), I also used my successful quitting as an excuse - I didn't need to work out or eat healthily, I already did awesome. Now the excuse is over three years old, and I'm ready to do a little awesome again.
  15. I just started two days ago. I got an app, I found some routes, I took a walk yesterday and one today, and I started registering my food. I haven't been very hungry or felt bereft, I just haven't allowed myself to eat out of boredom. I haven't grazed the cupboards. I'm having Pizza for dinner, and that's OK. My feet are a bit sore, and i might be getting a blister on my right pinky-toe, so I'm feeling a bit whiny. Tomorrow I'll be riding my bike in stead of walking. I might go fast and get my pulse going, I might not. Still better than nothing.
  16. Terms & Explanations Please tell me, if you want something added here. Blisters Advice by injenn (she's all kinds of awesome): "Try soaking your feet in hot water with epsom salts. The salt draws out the fluid and makes the blisters heal quicker. The warmth feels great, too!" Grazing: Going through your kitchen/wherever, looking for something delicious and easy to eat. Grazing is where you eat a lot of bad things, because you're looking for immediate satisfaction (no cooking or waiting), and that leads to opening cookie packs, chips bags, and popping popcorn. Kaizen: Kai = change. Zen = good. "Kaizen more literally means ‘Continuous Improvement,‘ than ‘change-good.’" Kaizen Weight Loss by Darren Beattie "Small improvements snowball." Kilos and pounds: 1 kilo (1 kg) = 2.20 pounds (2.20lbs) 1 pound (1 lbs) = 0.45 kilos (0.45kg) Google search for on-line converter Shopping hungry: Don't! You'll by stuff you can get at fast. Stuff like the foods you graze. Fatty things. Easy to open and chow down on. Volumetrics system: Things with less calories per gram are much more filling per calorie, so you can feel full on less calories. App List Please tell me, if you want something added here, and what system the app is for. Noom: An Android App based on the volumetrics system. (See SolarCat's post on page 1 for further details.) Slanke App: Danish, the basics are free. Enter your weight and height, determine how much you want to lose, count calories with the app, and see the results neetly. Other Useful Links Please tell me, if you want something added here. Ab Work-out Video 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1 . Dancing games Quote injenn, page 3: "They will get your heart rate up, can be done indoors and are really fun!" She suggests In the Groove and Pump it Up (Google search including youtube videos). Further examples and explanations on page 3 by user injenn in a second post there. Don't miss it. Eating To GAIN Weight in a healthy way: Google search Eat to gain weight healthy. Also, try to just google 'eat to gain', and google gives many suggestions. Food for building muscles: Google search Building muscle diet for men. Pedometer Step Equivalents: A useful link for converting other activities into steps: http://walking.about.com/od/measure/a/stepequivalents_2.htm Yoga: Weight Loss Yoga Building muscles through yoga
  17. The Health & Weight Support Thread Purpose: To get started and keep going! Needed: Life style change. How: Small steps, Kaizen. This thread is for: Talking, motivating, and sharing experiences and knowledge. I think we need a few more words, so here's the deal: Lots of us aren't as healthy as we should be, and lots of us feel bad about that. Some of us get sick, some feel shame, some get discriminated against, some can't get pregnant, and it's just the saddest thing. We do try, from time to time, to do better. We buy expensive work-out equipment and clothes, we get gym-memberships, we go on diets, and we start running around the neighbourhoods dreaming of marathons and glory. And then we give up again... We're doing it wrong. We make it too hard. We fail. So, what can we do? The only real way to get healthier and actually stay healthier, is to do it gently enough that it doesn't break us. That's what Kaizen helps with. It's about starting small, making lasting changes. - Example: If you eat large portions, take one scoop less of whatever than you usually do. A slice less. Just a bit less. - Example: If you drink 3 sodas per day, go down to two for a month, then go down further. - Example: If you sit around inside all day, at home and at work/school and don't exercise, start going for a 30 minute brisk walk every day. When that feels natural, and is just a thing that you do, go for longer walks. What we often need to start with is simply to stop gaining weight! Weight loss comes after. What we often need is to build muscle, not fat reserves. Especially if we're very thin. Do nothing that seems too hard or very much of anything. You're lining up to make it a forever-thing, a life style change, and you need to not hate it. You won't stick with it, if you hate it. And a little is still better than not doing anything. Forgive yourself for relaxing once in a while, just don't stop altogether. Don't compare yourself to others. Seriously, don't. Some completely free, easy to use tools (and one totally cheap one): - Find an app or a place online where you can register your height, weight, what you eat (calory counter), and what exercise you're getting. This will help you keep track and stay motivated. *I would like you to tell me good ones if you find any, as I'm in Denmark, and you most likely can't use the one I'm using. - This google, Walking route planner, should help you find a web page where you can plan a route and it shows you how long it is. *I would like you to tell me good ones if you find any, as I'm in Denmark, and you most likely can't use the one I'm using. Some route planners may even help you count steps, if you've already measured your step length. - Measuring your step length is where you will have the tiny cost of something to measure with. Walk on soft earth, or whet the bottom of your shoes and walk over asphalt, then measure how long your steps are. Remember to take just a bit longer steps than usual, because people often take smaller steps when walking a short distance, and you'll need your 'going for a walk'-step length. (Nothing clowny, though, just a bit.) And that's it. Don't do much, just get started.
  18. Ah, but no. Now, you can take it or leave it, as I can't find where I got this from. I can absolutely respect if you won't just blindly believe me, but just read it, and decide for yourself whether it sounds plausible: 1. As was shown in Bowling for Colombine, the way the criminals get armed is by stealing guns from fine upstanding citizens. Thus, these responsible citizens actually arm the criminals they're so scared of. Fabulous... 2. You know why criminals bring guns to do house-robbings? Well, they do it to feel safe, because they fear gun-toting homeowners. (This is the article I can't find again.) It's the principle of the Cold War: One side upgrades it's armory, and the other follows suit in fear, and the end could end them both. The gun-having citizens assure that the criminals will most certainly have guns too. I see the irony.
  19. Yeah, your source is incredibly biased, and concludes on the facts in a way that they cannot be concluded on.
  20. This. I'd like to know the source and it's motives too.
  21. But you don't know that that would happen. It doesn't happen in other countries with less guns per capita that the US usually compares itself to. Why do you assume it would be the case?
  22. I want a BSA that enables just me to take three days off hatchling growing time. Not you! Just me!
  23. @grey: 1. I'll accept valid sources. 2. Oppressiveness of today: Well, I already cited the Warren Jeff case. That was smack dab in the middle of freedom loving America. What more do you need? 3. I might have misunderstood, but you're certainly still OK with things for yourself that you wouldn't want for your wives.
  24. But while polygamous marriage in the vast majority stayed oppresive, regular marriage didn't, thus indentifying a difference in the very nature of the thing. Plus, the degree to oppression is differed. Even the stereotypical 50 wife wasn't expected to marry some old guy picked out for her by the community elders. It is as sock said, we need to handle sexism etc., before we can handle polygamy. The fact that, just in this thread, there's someone who thinks it's acceptable with one husband and many wives, but not one wife and many husbands, shows the inequality quite well. It is still usual to consider a man worth more than a woman, and the one man with several wives situation both feeds on it and feeds it. Polygamy, with the cultural (world wide) background of misogyny, will remain misogynistic in nature to such a vast extent, that it cannot be acceptable.
  25. Really, "most of which", eh? I highly doubt that, and would love to see some proof. Remember, the common "it's their culture" excuse does not make thing less harmful. Lets face it, slavery has been culture all over the world throughout history (and still is), and that didn't make it any better for the slaves.