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  1. Hey there!


    I've been gone for years, came back, and grabbed some eggs.

    I posted them to a click site, and they got clicks.

    I thought all was well.

    They ALL died. 😕 I have 7 dead eggs on my scroll...


    Is the amount of clicks needed grown? And if so, to how much?


    (I did try the search feature, but didn't get lucky.)

  2. Aaaand I'm back!


    I want to be special, dammit! I want the rules to apply to everyone but me, and I want TJ to make all the cheat codes and programs and whatever, so that I may steal whichever eggs I want.


    And no scroll lock for me, because I'm special. mad.gif

  3. I'm so happy!


    I'm working hard to reach 500 dragons, but can't freeze any more hatchlings for a while. I'd forgotten there was a limit, so got really bummed.


    BUT THEN! Then I strangely saw, and managed to catch, a yellow dino off the AP, and it had only a day to go!

    I have a yellow dino already, so had to trade fast! A lovely Silver was offered in it's place. Tomorrow, I'll have 500 dragons! biggrin.gif


    And even better: The person I traded with didn't have a single dino before. It's always nice when it works out.

  4. I went hunting in the Desert last night and I understand why this spice scented dragon was released there - because 83,000 Turpentines showed up in the drop I went to, so clearly these new eggs are the caves way of Febreezing that biome.



    That's a brilliant thought!

  5. i'm not sure if i belong here, but i'm underweight by about 20 pounds and it's been scaring me recently?

    You're completely welcome here! biggrin.gif


    It sounds great that you're trying to build muscle, and you can definitely start eating to gain weight in a healthy way.

    Also, make sure you get all the vitamins and other nutrients you need. There's nothing wrong with taking a vitamin pill daily, as long as you don't forget a balanced diet.


    If you continue to lose weight or stay scared, you can always have your doctor do blood-work.

    Maybe you have a slight deficiency that can easily be corrected, or maybe there's nothing wrong and you can have a nice soothing talk with your doc.


    Best of luck!

  6. Thanks, injenn, for some very informative posts!

    I would have never thought to suggest dancing, since I dislike doing it, but of course it's great and should be mentioned here! I've added to the info-post. biggrin.gif


    I was away for a few days of family get-together, and did not count calories, but was a bit more careful with my portion sizes than I would usually be.

    My knee is still not great, but I got one of those knee sleeves, so I could still go for walks. It really helps! (That, and I'm walking in good shoes now.)


    Apart from that, I did the Gillian ab-thing for the first time yesterday, and it was quite awesome! I can feel it in my muscles today, but am not a total cripple. xd.png

  7. So... I felt all energized and took a loong walk today. The weather is lovely.

    And now my right knee is weird and a bit swollen. mad.gif

    A quick google has told me, it's the walking longer than usual, on a hard surface, and with the wrong shoes (all true) that has been a strain on my knee.


    Why didn't I listen to myself, and take it easy? I'm guess I'm dumb...

  8. By all means use compound words (institutional racism) to describe which particular part of the whole you are speaking of. But narrowing the original word so that it no longer covers what it once did - and doing it *purely* for the benefit of those who do discuss social sciences, and not the general public - is something I am very against.


    Racism is discrimination motivated by a persons race.

    I couldn't agree more.


    For instance, here we have the one big thing called 'racism', and within that there are several sub-categories.

    People often have issues understanding these things, and someone misinformed will claim that whites can't experience racism.


    There are clearly different types of racism, but they are still all racism.

  9. That's wonderful AngelKitty smile.gif I wish I had the confidence to go lift weights with my boyfriend.



    I try to initiate gonna-really-be-healthy-this-time a lot and at this point I can last like a day before I screw up.

    Yeah, it isn't easy.

    That's why it's important to take little steps. Just try eating a little less of the unhealthy stuff, or doing just a bit more exercise.

  10. I'm another underweight type here, maybe I could start this as well. I have quite a nice figure, aesthetically, but a specialist has told me that I need to put on 7 kilos of muscle and 3 kilos of fat?? It seems almost impossible blink.gif No clue how I'd do that, considering my turbo-metabolism and extreme aversion to sports.

    And I'm not sure on it being a developmental phase. I'm likely to start gaining weight later on, IMO. :/ I should get into the habit of exercising before it's too late, but I can't bring myself to start.


    Anyway, it's awesome that you're all doing something for your bodies! Best of luck to you :3

    There are definitely people out there like you!


    A quick google eat to gain weight healthy

    And if you start typing 'eat to gain' you get a lot of suggestions.


    If you, like I, aren't that motivated for exercise, eating right is a great place to start. Once you got that down and are doing well, you might feel up to moving more, but let that happen when it will. smile.gif


  11. For the past few months I've been running, lifting weights and attempting to eat healthier. I can run over a mile, I've built up a ton of muscle, I've discovered new healthy foods I like, I've become more observant of my calorie intake, my resting heart rate has dropped from around 86 bpm to around 65 bpm, my digestive health has improved drastically, and I overall feel healthier and more confident.


    Considering the muscle gain I've lost mmmaybe around 20 lbs of fat. I've lost fat in my face, arms, and legs, but it's done little for my waistline. Abdominal fat is apparently the most stubborn, which is kind of upsetting because I worry about visceral fat. ._.

    That is so impressive!

    I'm not nearly as good as you with exercise. I'm really good at buying equipment and gathering information, and I just made a chart on Excel for my weight, BMI etc., but I suck at actually doing physical work-outs. xd.png


    I've found a bunch of youtube videos with scary Gillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, and there was one 35 minute long one about the stomach: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1 .

    Nothing wobbles on her, so I'm thinking it works.

  12. I'll say right now I'm at a healthy weight, but sorely out of shape.


    I've had trouble trying to find ways to gain muscle and getting in shape because I have low blood pressure. I find it hard to exercise in the heat because I've fainted in the past just doing marching. Add to it the rest of my family is trying to cut salt, and eating healthy for me and exercising is hard. Luckily I have a job that will require me to walk around outside so hopefully it will help me get into better shape, but I know I need some way to work on cardio.


    Any sort of advice and support is appreciated.

    What a great family you have! Lots of the time its extra hard for someone to better their foods etc, because they live with people who arent on board with it.


    if I were to offer my humble advice, I'd say swimming is a great way to work your whole body and keep your temperature down at the same time.

    It's also incredibly gentle on joints and tendons, while strengthening the muscles.


    And if you're worried about overheating, I think you could try yoga. Building muscles through yoga is a google search, and the third link is to a Men's Health article, so it's not just for girls. xd.png

    The fab thing about yoga is that you don't have to even leave your home, so you can do it in an air-conditioned room with bottles of cold water near.

  13. I'm very underweight

    Are you bothered by it?

    So far as I've heard, it's often quite annoying for boys to be very underweight for various reasons. (Having always been female and on the chubby side, it's hard to imagine.)




    So, I weighed myself, and it's bad, but not as bad as I feared. I haven't gained weight for years, nor lost any, so I really do have to make some real and lasting changes, if I'm to see any improvement.

  14. I've been counting calories for 6 days now, and been really diligent about it. smile.gif It's not that hard, and I suspect I'll know the basics by heart soon enough.

    I think one of the good things about it is how it's tangible. It's not just some fluid uncertainty, but hard fact I'm dealing with. Hard facts I can do math with, and it's nice and specific.


    I always had the thought that if I were really hungry, I'd eat, no matter what the calorie-counter said, but as it turns out I haven't felt hungry after eating the decided amounts.

    So yeah, I'm happy.


    I am prepared to feel less happy soon though, as I'm on my way to by a scale. I haven't weighed myself for years, and I'm fairly sure I've been living somewhat in denial.

    We'll see...