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  1. If we got a hybrid, I'd love a hybrid of metals. Gold/silver: Electrum or Doré Bullion. Gold/copper: Rose Gold, Tumbaga, Corinthian Bronze, Hepatizon, Shakudo or Goloid. Silver/copper: Billon, Corinthian Bronze, Hepatizon, Britannia Silver, Goloid, Shibuichi, Sterling Silver or Tibetan Silver. I'd also love new CB metals, especially Tungsten, Platinum and Palladium.
  2. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Log 1, Log 2, Log 3, Log 4, Log 5, Log 6 Ticket Numbers Desired: 12, 475, 6500, 10000
  3. Righty then. I think I'll just update my passport and tell people to PM me about Nicosia and Torshavn so I don't get stuck with unwanted eggs. I've also updated the list of available breeds - removed the breeds that have been chosen, and added Anagallis, Gemshards, Plated Colossus and Striped Rivers.
  4. I currently have a 2G PB Silver on my scroll - I've decided to try and trade it for a 2G PB Alt Black female. Do you guys think that's a fair trade or do I need to add something?
  5. If we get Seasonal hybrids, I want them to be like this: Winter/Spring hybrid = Sleet Dragon (loves hiding in people's shoes and makes things all slippery) Spring/Summer hybrid = Pollen Dragon (causes allergies) Summer/Autumn hybrid = Indian Summer Dragon (heats up at inopportune times) Autumn/Winter hybrid = Autumn Storm Dragon (mows over trees and hailstorms all over the lawn)
  6. Congrats ADP~ Raffles like these should happen more often - at least then we could get the ratios fixed by ourselves.
  7. Btw, could I pitch in the form of raffle eggs? (I just typed raggle. wtf) I've got several Shimmers and Tinsels and I could breed them to try and get some more prizes for this project. Most of them are rather long-lined, but I DO have seven 5G and eight 4G stairsteps/spirals and even two 3G stairsteps. There's no telling which of the prizes breed true, but I could probably get at least 5-6 eggs out of the 17 lines. PS. I don't know if this particular pairing has been suggested for the list yet, but it's getting really annoying on my end. http://dragcave.net/progeny/hgvB2 It's an IOU of Bleeding Moon x Blusang - I need a 6G Blusang from this, but all I've gotten are 9-10 Bleeding Moons.
  8. Ticket to Baghdad is ready~ http://dragcave.net/teleport/e8471ce065927...e777f098888493f
  9. I've changed the Nicosia ticket's link to a one-way transfer since I'm scroll-locked. The hatchie is 1 day and 18 hours away from dying so if you still need to travel to Nicosia, PM me. If it gets too close to dying, I'm probably going to freeze and release it.
  10. Do you have Adblock or any other ad-blocking program active? 4shared doesn't let anyone who blocks ads play any files. Does this work better? (Yes, people. This is me. Just trying to pinpoint my accent.) http://www.mediafire.com/listen/4vvdqt11s8...-_Hatsuharu.WAV PS. When I re-enacted that line, I did NOT expect to end up sounding like a sassy wench at that final "huh".
  11. I'd love to know how people are even able to find CB Silvers these days. I haven't seen a single one in 10 months. ...Haven't seen a CB Gold in 17 months.
  12. "Hang in there and keep hunting"? For years? I've gotten TWO CB Golds in seven years. Seven freakin' years. That kind of rarity is just completely off the scale. Now, I wouldn't mind new rares being added to the site, but I'd appreciate actually having a chance at catching them on my own without resorting to trades. As it is now, that trading option is the only one available for most users on this site since somehow all metallics keep disappearing without us even seeing any of them. If new rares are added while the ratios are like this... in b4 the same "never even seeing a rare in the cave" issue happens to the new ones.
  13. I don't have my refresher on all the time so I'm not really that worried - I actually hunt just like everybody else most of the time, and only really put the refresher on when my hand's hurting. ...Though even my manual refreshing is pretty fast (every few seconds) so a detection mechanism like that would think I'm a scripter even if I did it all manually. (My hand is better today so I've reverted back to normal clicking for the moment.) Personally I don't really see the problem in auto-refreshers while hunting - scripts that catch the eggs FOR you without you needing to do anything are the real problem. That's just plain wrong. Anyway, back on topic, I still remember the days when we could actually SEE Golds and Silvers pass by in the cave and actually had a chance at catching them. Somehow during the past few years, it has become completely impossible to catch - or even see - any of them in the cave. The same happened to Coppers and the two rare Pyralspites. Either this is a screwy ratio issue or people with faster connections (or scripters) snatch them all up before I can find them. ...Then there's that issue with "top of the hour" lag - mine lasts for 1-2 minutes and the rares for that drop will be gone by then (I once hunted for two hours nonstop and didn't see a single metallic). That "Prizes dominating trade" thing is honestly pissing me off. Nowadays all we see in the trade threads are "want 2G Prize" and "this and this 2G Prizekin" (all uncommon and common trades get buried under these posts) - wanting 3-4 CB Golds for a 2G-3G Prize is honestly way overpriced. Honestly, what about THOSE of us who have trouble catching even one CB Gold? DC didn't use to be this elitist before.
  14. ...I'm using Reload Every to stave off carpal tunnel syndrome while hunting. I'm heavily subject to carpal thanks to flexible joints and, in fact, right now my right hand - my dominant, mouse/clicking and writing hand - has that issue. My wrist keeps freezing at random times and I have to literally pop it to get it working again - it's basically trigger finger, just in the wrist. It's been like this for an entire month now. Let's just say, I'm not going to injure my hand further if there's a way around that. :\ ...Besides, it's not like auto-refreshers make it any easier to hunt. I have only two CB Golds and four CB Silvers, and I've been here since 2008.
  15. ...I have a tankero English accent. Sorry, that was a Finnish inside joke. Tankero-English is this stereotypical English accent that Finns tend to have - very stiff, choppy and unwieldy. Mine isn't actually that bad, but it's by no means a pretty accent. I'd say mine is a mix between the general American accent and the general British one, as in I pronounce some words the American way and some the British way. I once recorded myself re-enacting one of Hatsuharu's lines from Fruits Basket's English dub. This is that clip - feel free to try and place my accent. It's somewhat American, but I'm not sure which region.
  16. This. Scripters like these make the game less fun for people with slower connections (my connection is decently fast, but even so I haven't seen a single Gold, Silver, Almandine, Spessartine or Copper in MONTHS) - scripters do not deserve any of their rares since they've cheated their way into getting them. That's why I don't script - the only 'cheating' I do is Firefox's auto-refresher (i.e. "Reload Every") to save my hands from carpal tunnel syndrome. I see only two solutions for this: either make CB Golds less rare, or devise a method to block userscripts from running so scripters can't do their thing (or sniffing these cheaters out and then banning them from the site).
  17. I'm sorry for being so inactive lately. I somehow keep forgetting about this site. http://dragcave.net/teleport/aa1195782892b...8b17b9be23f27e0 Anyway, new ticket to Baghdad~
  18. Here's a new Pink ticket to Nicosia. ...I'm still active, though I appear to take a few hiatuses every now and then... http://dragcave.net/teleport/e4c900bda512a...611b45261510e48
  19. I joined on October 1st, 2008. I even have a CB vampire, Lysistrata Thanatos. The oldest dragon I have: Deamiel Egg Laid on: Sep 30, 2008 Hatched on: Oct 05, 2008 Grew up on: Oct 08, 2008
  20. My Wrapping-Wing and Gold gave me this last month. It was so unexpected and so pretty that I had to keep it~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/OczX8
  21. Hey guys. I'm part of VoU, under the same username as on DC~ Anyhow, I need to get all of my horses to level 200 so I can send them into the portals. We only have one day to go and I'm still missing 16 of the horses - they're the most expensive ones in the Market to boot and I can't click much due to carpal tunnel syndrome (my wrist freezes so often it's not funny - I did 22,000 yesterday and couldn't sleep due to the pain). You can find my profile here: Main Barn My Pricelist I also have lots of horses to sell so if you want to have a look: http://valleyofunicorns.com/Pricelist/1374
  22. Here's a new 3rd gen Aurum Blusang~ I made it a two-way to prevent hit-and-run snatching. Leave behind a dummy (random egg from AP) and it's yours~ http://dragcave.net/teleport/d5cc35675fc76...6200474c6c5a413 PS. It even has a word code. Douet means "brook" in Norman French.
  23. I've hatched three gemstones so far - got a green female, and two red males (currently trying to trade one of the males for a red female). Spent an hour or so refreshing in the Jungle just now and got six more gemstones. Influenced three of them male, three female.
  24. I actually think Trinity Blood's anime is subpar compared to the original light novels and the manga. The manga actually came before the anime, yet the anime's crew still changed the character designs and the plot. ._. Another season would be difficult to make for one reason: two of the guys who died in the anime survived in the original novels. Dietrich and Isaak both survive in the manga and novels. Cain isn't a quiet "nice" guy but a really energetic, goofy and childish one. Abel has never gone 100% in his Krusnik activation. Tres isn't supposed to scowl or look that scary. Instead, he's supposed to look like he's 16 years old and completely expressionless and cute. Kate is supposed to be an elderly lady with a mole on her cheek, not young. (This is from the original light novels.) They appeared to have cut Antonio, Sister Monica, Shahrazad, Brother Matthew, Brother Philip and Calamity Jane from the anime entirely. And right now, Caterina and Tres are actually part of the Rosenkreuz Orden. They changed sides after AX was dissolved. ...Isaak is actually the oldest character in the entire series. He's 3000+ years old and nobody knows what he is yet - he predates World War III, the vampires, the Mars settlers and the entire space age. Some of his previous identities include Paracelsus, Comte de Saint-Germain, Cagliostro and Xu Fu. ...Xu Fu was born in 255 BC, and TB takes place in 3063 AD. Compare this to Cain (the second oldest character) who's 'just' 975 years old. Isaak is 3318.
  25. The Nicosia hatchling was too close to dying so I froze and released it. That's better than it dying, anyway.