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  1. I've been off the laptop for an entire week since I got a job. ...So of course I forgot about DC and all my eggs and hatchies died.


    Sorry to everybody who bred for me this Halloween! ._. I was honestly so tired after every day that I just wanted to spend it with mom and dad before bed.


    PS. It's not an actual job, per se. Instead it's called labor market training and I don't even get full wages since the social insurance agency is paying me (I get one fourth of a full wage, working 6 hours a day five times a week... not to mention there's a 20% tax which means I get barely anything). Good thing is, I love the work and the boss is awesome.

  2. Is it just me, or did the Ribbon Dancer sprite go kaput? I'm just viewing my scroll and the images for my two RDs are completely gone. ...I can see their images when I go to their view page, but they're invisible on the scroll itself.

  3. Tanjou from Angelique (game), sung by Julious and Clavis (Sho Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka)



    mou kinou no tsuzuki janai

    kyou wa betsu no michinaru monogatari wo



    Yesterday will not continue anymore

    Today is another undiscovered tale



    mouichido hajimeyou

    atarashii tabi wo shiyou

    hito wa mina umarekawareru

    dakara sono te de

    yuuki wo sakasete



    Let us begin again

    This new journey

    Every single person will start over fresh

    So that in those hands

    Courage will bloom

  4. The newest duet song from Angelique, a Japanese video game. I bought the Angelique Vocal Complete Box, and it contained an entirely new track...


    Called Tanjou, sung by Sho Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka (playing Julious and Clavis, the Guardians of Light and Darkness). ...This is literally my favorite duet in any Koei game now - it evokes images of light and brilliance in my mind, and Tanaka's voice sounds like a soft blanket (THIS from the person who plays Doflamingo in One Piece? Granted, Aiolia in Saint Seiya also sounds softer than Doffy.).

  5. ...There we go, filled out all the new Encyclopedia entries. xd.png


    I also just checked the Silver Sprite update topic, and I kinda want Opal Dragon's sprites. They're so FLUFFY. <3


    PS. I've been here since 2008 and I still don't mind the sprite changes at all. They could update all the sprites of EVERY dragon, and I'd still be excited about it~

  6. Homemade steak, mashed potatoes, onion cooked in wine and snails in garlic sauce. A very gourmet meal~ (My dad's a genius with food.)

    This again~ Dad made enough to last over the weekend.


    I just love my dad's food~ He isn't the type to brag about his cooking skill, but he's so good my mom and I joked about signing him up for MasterChef. xd.png

  7. Right now it's Tales of the Abyss (3DS version), but I'll move on to Fire Emblem: Awakening, Project X Zone or Bravely Default in a bit. Can't decide.


    ...I can't WAIT for Fire Emblem Fates, Project X Zone 2 and Bravely Second. Still 4-5 months to go! DX

  8. Mm... I don't know if RPG Maker games count as PC games, but there are some great freeware ones out there.


    One of my personal favorites is Master of the Wind, developed by Solest.


    Exit Fate and Last Scenario, developed by SCFWorks. The former is a Suikoden tribute.


    Laxius Power, developed by Aldorlea. There's a commercial sequel called Laxius Force (I own the LF trilogy - they're really fun to play).

  9. Pretty much any scene from Time Hollow where adult Derek and "immortal" Kori interact. ...It doesn't help that at the end of the game, 35-year-old Derek travels to the past to save 16-year-old Kori from falling to her death. And then the realization hits you that Kori will grow up and start a family with 16-year-old Derek, while 35-year-old Derek watches over them from the shadows and is eventually WIPED OUT OF EXISTENCE thanks to a time loop. He sacrificed his own happiness for his past self, and paid for it with his life. D: I just...


    ...For a more detailed explanation, see this: http://beldarius.deviantart.com/art/Time-H...ravel-320134022

  10. Here's a thought: since the owners of this site don't appear to have time to code in a removal option (or an option to manually select what you want added/removed), why not outsource this particular job? I bet someone else out there has more time on their hands and would love to do that additional coding.


    Before somebody starts talking about "site privacy", you have to remember that most of the other fansites have several people, strangers even, working on them - AOND even changed its owner/coder (I think).

  11. I was hoping so hard for them not to refuse, but I didn't expect an egg. o.o

    That's beautiful. 8D It reminds me of my Gold x Wrapping-Wing pairing and how they made a Gold egg on my first try.


    Anyhow, my 2G Tinselkin is about to grow up~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/sW2zV I got her from a trade as an extra. ...A very surprising extra and I can't wait to do an EG lineage with her~ I either need a 2G male Moonstone from female Silver Tinsel and male Moonstone, or a 2G Silver Tinsel from male Tinsel and female Moonstone unrelated to this one...


    Oh, and I managed to breed a 2G Gold from Blusang the other day. It's up for trade now, but I've fogged the egg so people need to PM me their offers. poptartFINALTINY.gif

  12. I'd be a graceful, slim, furry creature, with long, backwards-facing ears, beautiful wings, and a flexible, fluffy tail. Much like this sketch I drew:


    user posted image

    ...It's kind of funny how much your creature looks like Alphonsia from Angelique, an otome game series from 1995. xd.png


    user posted image



    See what I mean? xd.png


    Anyhow, if I could turn into any creature I wanted, I'd pick one of these three: a wolf, a deer or a Peryton (a mythical carnivorous winged deer). ...Or a human if I get to transform into one of my own characters (out of girls, Furen; out of guys, Arthur, Darius, Chamdar or Matthew).

  13. Also, I think there is a valid explanation for why Forest and Jungle contain aquatic dragons.


    Rainforests and mangroves contain lots of water. And forests contain lakes. Look up Finland and you'll see what I mean - we aren't called the Land of 1000 Lakes for nothing.


    EDIT: Swamp biome, anyone? Swamps are very different from all current biomes (swamps aren't forests, for one - some of them barely have trees). Granted, the 'swamp' system has lots of different versions, too... swamps, bogs, mires, marshes, fens... I want a Mosquito Dragon now. They'd annoy other dragons to death.

  14. Space biome so we can have space dragons? *shot* I mean, it would be funny if there were dragons on the moon. poptartFINALTINY.gif


    Though a meadow biome would be nice. I keep thinking of the Mongolian steppes now.

  15. This is why I'm really hoping for a hybrid haha.

    I just misread this as "a hybrid tuna" and I was like "...What the heck is a hybrid tuna?". tongue.gif


    Now I'm actually hoping for a hybrid tuna dragon just because. Also, here's to hoping the release is on the weekend. Imagine if it's on Wednesday or something. xd.png

  16. ...The viewbomber keeps adding my eggs and hatchies to Silvi's over and over again. Mere minutes after I remove them, they're back on the site.


    I've lost my patience with these people. Bye-bye, viewbombers. My scroll is invisible now. dry.gif I'm not going to unhide it until somebody comes up with a way to get rid of the viewbombers for good.

  17. Somebody keeps adding my eggs and hatchies to this hatchery over and over again - I never use Silvi's Lair so it's definitely not me. It keeps happening and every time I go to the site, my eggs and hatchies are in the Lair.


    If I may request a bit of help from people who use the site... if anyone ever has the time, could you look for my scroll (Beldarius) and remove all my eggs and hatchies from the site periodically? That would help tremendously since I don't want my dragons to die.


    PS. Btw, why can fogged eggs be added to the Lair? This is causing problems since the viewbomber targeting me appears to keep track of my codes, and then adds my eggs and hatchies by code even when they're fogged.

  18. I'm actually in favor of all fanmade hatcheries requiring a password. It wouldn't need to be your DC scroll's password, but a specific PW you come up with for the hatchery in question. That would stop viewbombers from adding our eggs to sites without our knowledge, and keep our scroll data safe at the same time.


    I had a case of viewbombing a few days ago. All of my eggs hatched and my hatchies grew up, and one of my eggs ended up sick; three of those hatchies were influenced Prizes I'd been raising for another user.


    I only checked all the different hatcheries today, and found my stuff on Silvi's Lair. I NEVER use Silvi's Lair so I definitely didn't add them by accident - it was either a viewbomber or some stupid person who doesn't understand what "doesn't accept aid" means.


    ...This honestly pisses me off. I'd never been viewbombed before this and I'm really hoping there will eventually be a way to get rid of these jerks.


    EDIT: Somebody keeps adding my eggs and hatchies to Silvi's Lair over and over again. Mere minutes after I remove them, they're back on the site. ...I'm going to make my scroll invisible. This is getting on my nerves.

  19. I FINALLY found out where my eggs and hatchies were being viewbombed! Somebody had added them to Silvi's Lair without my permission.


    Promptly removed them all from the site.


    ...I wish all fanmade hatcheries had a "log-in through Dragcave" option like EATW's Dragonmarket does. Then nobody could add our eggs to sites without us knowing about it.

  20. Lurhstaap, that does sound like censor evasion even if that's the dragon's code. I would say no to that name. A good option is to leave it unnamed so the code speaks for itself.

    So, according to this, "Fog You" (and "Fog Me") would also count as censor evasion, right? I was going to name a Fog dragon that, but now I'm not sure if it's too questionable or not.