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  1. This girl really isn't any more special to me than my other dragons, but it's the only one that actually grew up on my birthday. This one was born on my sister's 34th birthday (I didn't notice, btw), though she never actually saw the day since she died at 27.
  2. Pink Pokémon. Nuff said. And he's male, too. ...What's Kouichi Yamadera doing on my scroll?
  3. My job keeps making me tired and forgetful - I forgot the last batch of eggs so they died on me. ._. I bred a new batch and sent them both as a one-way to Stagazer. At least I've ensured their survival this way. PS. I've also updated the "available breeds" list.
  4. Oh god, stupid job making me tired and forgetful. The last egg died on me. Here's a new Baghdad ticket - I have the next week off from work so I should be able to be online this time around. http://dragcave.net/teleport/d0444c0e8808a...85eecf539b8005e
  5. I've got a ticket for Baghdad, Iraq. I bred it just today to make up for my absence - I've been so tired and busy thanks to work I've had to stay off the computer...
  6. I've got tickets for Nicosia, Cyprus and Torshavn, the Faroe Islands. I bred them just today to make up for my absence - I've been so tired and busy thanks to work I've had to stay off the computer...
  7. I'll be joining~ I just made a Google Spreadsheet to keep count of what I get: here. I haven't caught anything yet, but I'll get to it in a bit~
  8. ...The Silver Lunar x Aegis combo just stole my brain and heart. Holy furschnizzle.
  9. I voted for Fogs, simply because I like them the most out of this bunch~ I already have a few Hollies, but I'm still holding out hope for a 2G. ...Could probably even donate the eggs from my Hollies to the contest (if I remember and have the time).
  10. I just got "Calm Down Man" and "Kitty Hisses" for my Pacified and Enraged Aegis.
  11. I just named one of my Hollies "Twenty of Me Death May Be", as reference to the fact 20 holly berries are enough to be fatal. Would this be acceptable or should I change it?
  12. There are a few very generous CB Prize owners around - I got a 2G gifted to me recently, after simply managing to get on a breeding list. I also have an IOU for another 2G and traded 25 common/uncommon CB hatchies for it. (...But they're the only two I've seen willing to trade for something that's not a metal or swap.) As for the raffle, I wouldn't hold too much hope for it - if we do end up getting one, it'll just be a nice bonus for me. If not, well... doesn't make much of a difference. A pessimist never gets disappointed, after all.
  13. Would Sylky (Finnish for spit) or Sylkykuppi (Finnish for spittoon) be all right? One of my new Christmases has the code "sylky" and I couldn't help laughing at it.
  14. My new Christmases: Sylky (Finnish for "spit/spitting") Teho6 ("teho" is Finnish for effectiveness, power output and impression; teho-osasto stands for the ICU)
  15. Well, it does say "sausage made from reindeer" in the inventory, sooo... It's also kind of a tradition in Finland to eat sautéed reindeer - it's tasty, especially with mashed potatoes and enough salt~ (Now, this is no big deal. I've eaten horse, too.)
  16. I absolutely love the new Splits, but I'm not sure how to take the Silver update. Eh. Maybe I'll grow used to them, who knows. At the moment I'm just annoyed at how ugly all my Silver lineages turned out. :\ My male Silver and female Black checker used to look so good, but the new Silver sprite just makes it look weird. At least my male Silver and female Moonstone checker looks decent... albeit barely.
  17. I don't really care either way. Chances are, I'd be too tired to catch anything now that I got a job. I'm literally offline for five days a week due to this.
  18. Forum name: Beldarius PM link: Here List of Christmas dragons I can breed: -7G even Holly (Thuwed, male, messy) -8G spiral Holly (male, not perfect) -6G stair Holly (male, perfect from Purple) -4G stair Holly (male, perfect from White) (reserved) -3G even Holly (Thuwed, female, not perfect) -CB Yulebuck (reserved) -CB Yulebuck (reserved) -CB Snow Angel, tricolor (reserved) -CB Snow Angel, tricolor (reserved) -CB Ribbon Dancer -CB Ribbon Dancer -2G Winter Magi from Gold -2G Winter Magi from Grave (here's his mate) -2G Wrapping Wing from Gold (here's his mate) -2G Wrapping Wing from Red (here's his mate) -3G even Wrapping Wing from Red (perfect checker) -CB Solstice -CB Solstice -2G Solstice from Purple -CB Mistletoe -CB Mistletoe List of Christmas dragons I need: -2G Holly -3G even Winter Magi from Gold -3G even Wrapping Wing from Gold, as mate for her -2G Solstice from Purple List of commons from Christmases I need: -3G even Avatar, with at least one Holly in the base (as mate for her) -2G Gold from Winter Magi (as mate for him) -3G even Red from Wrapping Wing (as mate for him)
  19. I've been off the laptop for an entire week since I got a job. ...So of course I forgot about DC and all my eggs and hatchies died. Sorry to everybody who bred for me this Halloween! ._. I was honestly so tired after every day that I just wanted to spend it with mom and dad before bed. PS. It's not an actual job, per se. Instead it's called labor market training and I don't even get full wages since the social insurance agency is paying me (I get one fourth of a full wage, working 6 hours a day five times a week... not to mention there's a 20% tax which means I get barely anything). Good thing is, I love the work and the boss is awesome.
  20. Is it just me, or did the Ribbon Dancer sprite go kaput? I'm just viewing my scroll and the images for my two RDs are completely gone. ...I can see their images when I go to their view page, but they're invisible on the scroll itself.
  21. Tanjou from Angelique (game), sung by Julious and Clavis (Sho Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka) JAPANESE mou kinou no tsuzuki janai kyou wa betsu no michinaru monogatari wo ENGLISH Yesterday will not continue anymore Today is another undiscovered tale JAPANESE mouichido hajimeyou atarashii tabi wo shiyou hito wa mina umarekawareru dakara sono te de yuuki wo sakasete ENGLISH Let us begin again This new journey Every single person will start over fresh So that in those hands Courage will bloom
  22. The newest duet song from Angelique, a Japanese video game. I bought the Angelique Vocal Complete Box, and it contained an entirely new track... Called Tanjou, sung by Sho Hayami and Hideyuki Tanaka (playing Julious and Clavis, the Guardians of Light and Darkness). ...This is literally my favorite duet in any Koei game now - it evokes images of light and brilliance in my mind, and Tanaka's voice sounds like a soft blanket (THIS from the person who plays Doflamingo in One Piece? Granted, Aiolia in Saint Seiya also sounds softer than Doffy.).
  23. ...There we go, filled out all the new Encyclopedia entries. I also just checked the Silver Sprite update topic, and I kinda want Opal Dragon's sprites. They're so FLUFFY. <3 PS. I've been here since 2008 and I still don't mind the sprite changes at all. They could update all the sprites of EVERY dragon, and I'd still be excited about it~
  24. This again~ Dad made enough to last over the weekend. I just love my dad's food~ He isn't the type to brag about his cooking skill, but he's so good my mom and I joked about signing him up for MasterChef.