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  1. Grain harvests were large; the people were happy at their work; no one kept articles lost by others on the road; doors were left unlocked at night. - Outlaws of the Marsh, volume 1 This book is also called the Water Margin and the Shui Hu Zhuan, though it's most commonly known as Suikoden. It's a Chinese novel from the 14th century - it took me a while to find an English translation, but I finally own one by Sidney Shapiro.
  2. I tried to see what blue Undine x Witchlight would look like, and I kind of like both lines~ The way the dragons face the same direction just looks really good. M Witchlight x F Undine F Witchlight x M Undine
  3. Beldarius


    #1. Do you like singing? I love to sing and sound awful at it. ...I just apparently sing the wrong way so I often get a sore throat or lose my voice if I sing for too long. #2. What's your favorite genre/band/artist/singer? My favorite genre are rock, Celtic and eurobeat. My favorite band at the moment is probably JAM Project, and my favorite singers tend to be solo Japanese artists (MIQ, Toshiya Igarashi, etc.) or voice actors (Tomokazu Seki, Takeshi Kusao, Sho Hayami, Nobutoshi Canna, etc.). #3. What is the one song you always listen to (like at least once a day)? "HEATS" from Getter Robo Armageddon. ...Or rather its instrumental remix from Super Robot Wars V since I've been playing that game recently. (Banpresto's really good at instrumental stuff... that franchise has the best video game bgm I've ever heard.) #4. Would you recommend any songs so me? (pick at least 5 songs) From Poets of the Fall (a Finnish band): Carnival of Rust, Locking Up the Sun, Drama for Life, Lift. Especially good with the music videos (get the lyric video for Drama for Life, the actual music video isn't all that good). From JAM Project (a Japanese band): Fire Wars, Hagane no Messiah, The Gate of the Hell, Gong, Wings of the Legend... most of the solo stuff from the band members is also really good, but that's because JAM Project is a supergroup. #5. Do you listen to fan covers? If you do, then what are your top 5? If not, then why? I don't really listen to fan covers all that much, but there are some really good ones out there. My favorite three are Danny Alv's English cover of "Binks Sake" (from One Piece), Fyre's cover of "Kiseki" (Pokemon X and Y ending theme) and Tony Yonné's cover of "Tasogare Oyaji" (from Pokemon Black and White). Yonné isn't an actual person but an Utauloid, though. Then there's all the Japanese artists covering each other, and I really like Toru Furuya's cover of Rainy Blue (a Hideaki Tokunaga song) and Minoru Shiraishi's snippet of "Skies of Love" (first OP to Legend of the Galactic Heroes). #6. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? "Real Ability" from Super Robot Wars OG: Moon Dwellers. I had to buy the soundtrack since SRW music is awesome. ...Doesn't help that I love the pilots and units whose bgm Real Ability is. #7. What song/genre/band do you hate/dislike/loathe? (no bashing, just say you don't like 'em) I don't like rap for the most part, unless it's combined with a good melody (Don Johnson Big Band combines rap, hip-hop and saxophones and it sounds soooo good). I also dislike Saara Aalto so much I change the channel when she shows up on TV.
  4. Anything by Poets of the Fall, really. Locking Up the Sun, Carnival of Rust, Drama for Life Don Johnson Big Band. I usually hate rap, but they combine it with hip-hop and saxophones and it sounds GOOD. One MC, One Delay Bomfunk MCs. I still remember the Millennium New Years (2000) thanks to these guys - it was midnight at Levi ski resort, and my friend and I were walking down the main street when the Bomfunks' newest single started playing from nearby loudspeakers. And then fireworks shot into the air and spelled "Levi 2000" over the ski slopes. Freestyler ...They're all Finnish bands, out of which at least Poets of the Fall is good enough for international markets.
  5. "River of Freedom" by Sabo (Toru Furuya), from One Piece Nippon Judan -East-. I bought that album a few weeks ago and finally received it today.
  6. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. ...In other words, a week later and still no news. Ergo, there will be no raffle this year~ I'm actually glad we're not getting one... the trading section would just become even more skewed if there were more CB Prizes. Less drama, the better... honestly, I'm already pissed off about the trading section as is.
  7. ...Game froze right when I was decorating my house. I refreshed, only to find myself back in Alhira with all my progress lost. I'm NOT going to spend two hours just to get that progress back - the lag is so terrible, it takes me a minute or two just to get past a single screen. ...Oh, right, this game eats 1 million RAM on my laptop. WHAT? I'm not going to play this game until all the glitches and lag are fixed. Seriously, I'm about ready to punch the next person who comes to my room to ask me why I'm swearing.
  8. It appears one of my Prize donations seems to be stuck in limbo? It didn't make it into the raffle for some reason. ...If it hasn't been raffled off to anyone, I might end up dumping it in the Departures thread.
  9. Just donated some eggs. ...I just wish I had more egg space and teleports so I could breed and donate the rest of my Shimmers.
  10. From what I've seen on this thread so far, I've fallen for Purple Nebula x female Witchlight, Nhiostrife x Witchlight, Silver Lunar Herald x Witchlight and male Purple x female Witchlight. ...I kinda want to see how Witchlights would look with Frostbites, blue Undines, all different Valentines (especially Rosebuds) and Waterhorses. Chose the latter two because Rosebud x Waterhorse is one of my favorite lineages. I need to see if either of them works with anything else...
  11. I think I joined back in 2008, but I can't remember my number anymore. I don't even have the confirmation email since I seem to have deleted everything pre-2010... EDIT: OK, just used the guide above and it seems my number is 150521.
  12. My Halloween haul: Gaming console An affectionate Witchlight Baseball team Weird bulls Japanese mythical creature Bellevue, Washington
  13. This is not an Umbreon pff, I wish Black dragons had two head-hands so we could call them Hydreigon...
  14. Manga I just started reading my Finnish copies of Magic Knight Rayearth. I've been avoiding CLAMP franchises like the plague since I dislike their art style - I also saw a few episodes of the English-dubbed anime back in 2000. I can't remember much, only that I went "...Why do their eyes take half of their face...?". Let's just say... the art is growing on me this time. The eyes still look huge, but at least the men and adult women seem more normal. Book I bought Rick Riordan's "The Sword of Summer" a few months ago. I'm only a few chapters in, but loving it just as much as the Percy Jackson series. I'm probably going to read all myth-based books he writes since I've been a mythology fangirl for as long as I remember. I know a great deal about different mythologies - Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Celtic, Finnish, Japanese, Hindu, Mesopotamian, Zoroastrian... I love anything dealing with myths and I'm REALLY hoping Riordan does a Celtic myth series next. Preferably with Gwydion and Gilfaethwy in it. ...I just want a reference about their little punishment by Math...
  15. Hyliacloud Isn't Hylia a character from Zelda or something?
  16. ...The title of that song immediately made me remember a Finnish song called "Tumma nainen" or "Dark Woman". The story in that is pretty dark, even though the music isn't. These are the lyrics (they look a little clunky since I translated them from Finnish in a hurry... they'd look better if I put more effort into it). She didn't get out of her car Just pet the cat on her lap She pointed for me to follow When she did, I knew I would She drew a dim sign on the window And the carriage began to move The road ended on a shady yard She took me in and said it wouldn't take long *Refrain That dark woman conjured my fate for me In a black bowl she brewed a bewitched drink That dark woman danced like a blazing fire She told me my tomorrow unhappy would be From her cards she got a soldier And mumbled the strangest things You think that man is yours only But in my cards I see another woman You have to forget that man And mustn't visit him anymore I wondered about the strange advice As I left, I wondered what was wrong *Refrain I threw myself onto my bed Didn't cry, but stood up again I remembered the herbs of that drink After smelling them in my room I sneaked back to that house Heard the laughs and couldn't take it After throwing away the gun I left my lover in the witch's arms *Refrain
  17. I love all songs by Poets of the Fall, but their music videos are creepy. I can't listen to "Carnival of Rust" without thinking of worn-down funfairs and decaying clowns anymore. This is PotF's official channel. ...Have fun. ..Then there's all sorts of video game bgm, like "Damnation" from 2nd Super Robot Wars OG.
  18. Updated the available breeds list with the Aeon Wyvern, Almerald, Dark Lumina and Kingcrowne. PM me if you're missing a ticket to Nicosia or Torshavn. The blue line in my sig still applies, though I can get you one for free if you want~ (Also, if you already have/had a ticket, I don't mind giving you a second one.)
  19. Ticket to Baghdad available. Note the blue line - I take dummies. Just let me know about it by PM~ EDIT: Just updated my passport and it appears one of my 2Gs died on me... I was tired from work and forgot all about it. ._. Welp. Anywho, I'm only three 2Gs away from my second city! If a native 2nd gen counts toward the 10 dragon limit, that is? (Samarkand, here I come~)
  20. Tickets to Nicosia and Torshavn available. Note the blue line - I take dummies. Just let me know about it by PM~ EDIT: Updated the list of available breeds. I've added Candelabra, Aria/Bright Pink and Frilled.
  21. ...Actually a bgm track and not a song, but... eh. I really wish my portable CD-player actually WORKED so I could listen to this album. Right now the player keeps skipping, distorting the sound and showing full batteries as empty...
  22. Sycamoreflight ...Given the other Canopies, this seems like a Pokémon reference?
  23. I shall fly all night ...Thinking of vampires now. Yeek. (Tokisada is a villain in an anime series, so he IS kind of scary. ...And then you see his armor. His "Deathwatch" is a staff that looks like a clock and really kind of comical... then again, his voice is deep as the pit. No wonder his voice actor played Lucifer at one point.)
  24. Flux Capacitor Ooo, time travel.