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  1. I'm from Finland. It's that country east of Sweden. No, not Russia. The other one - the smaller one with the lakes, forests and Santa.
  2. Suikoden Tierkreis is easily my favorite DS game. I enjoy the plot, the characters, the world, the fighting, the quests, the graphics, the music and EVEN the craptastic English dubbing (I fell for Conon, one of the villains - his dub VA is incredibly good compared to the rest. Asad is awesome, too.). ...I bought the game some time ago and I also downloaded a Japanese rom with English subs (I don't think it's illegal if you already have the game?). Frankly put, most of the Japanese voices are fantastic compared to the dub. But for some reason, they managed to find a few dubbers who are better than the original ones! O_o; ...Like Dirk. The Japanese one is very lackluster (...the voice actor is really good and prolific and one of my favorites so it was a shock for me) and the English one sucks in dialogue scenes... but when he turned evil, laughed like a maniac and jumped out a window, the English one drew the longer end of the stick. He NAILED that scene. ...I know Katsuyuki Konishi can do a better evil laugh than he did, though... I'll never understand what went wrong with his performance in this game. :\
  3. ...Oh lordy. I forgot this topic. My new blue spotted eggs (dunno what they are yet, I'll find out once they hatch) have the codes "hire6" and "s7YEp". I think I'll name the latter one "S Club 7". My Seawyrm Pygmy apparently dislikes somebody called "TK", considering his code is "GRRtk".
  4. I got a 7th gen Dorkface from my friend two years ago. It's part of a Star Wars Dorkface line maidmarian started. 7th gen, Red Kyp Durron Dorkface, male :3 Kyp is my favorite SW character so the name was a given~ I got pretty lucky because Kyp's lineage is really clean and short. It's easy to figure out what goes where.
  5. I got my Zombie last year by killing my adult Stone. *shrug*
  6. Yup, Gwilenhin. :3 She was one of my first dragons to boot.
  7. I'll sign this. :l I've had my only scroll since September 2008. I mean, why the hell would I even NEED multiple scrolls? That's ridiculous.