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  1. Well, these are series I like so I suggest you only read them if you're actually interested. xd.png


    Saint Seiya: my top favorite anime series in existence. It was originally a manga series, though I don't exactly like the art style (Kurumada's gotten better recently, his Ring ni Kakero and Saint Seiya sequels look good). The story is about Greek goddess Athena and her human warriors, the Saints (they wear armor based on the 88 constellations) - Athena is reborn on Earth in human form every 200 or so years and she and her Saints have to defend the world from the other Olympian gods (including Poseidon and his human warriors, the 7 Mariners; and Hades and his human warriors, the 108 Specters - these 108 armors are based on the 108 Stars from the Water Margin, a Chinese novel from the 14th century).


    Trinity Blood: this manga series is actually based on light novels by Sunao Yoshida. The manga came out before the anime and, unlike the latter, the manga actually stays true to the original story (including having a young-looking, cute, babyfaced and expressionless Tres - in the anime he kept scowling, looked older and seemed freakin' scary). The story is about the AX, a special unit within Vatican City, on a mission to try and stop a war from erupting between humans (Vatican) and vampires (Methuselah Empire). I usually hate vampires, but this story is actually really refreshing: the vampires aren't actually vampires at all. They're descendants of human settlers from Mars who got infected by a space virus and mutated - this virus causes their red blood cells to deteriorate and this is why they need blood; sunlight also causes the virus to go out of control and start burning the blood cells at a much faster rate, thus destroying their bodies. ...My favorite character is actually Tres, a battle android. xd.png He's so goddarn cute in the manga.


    Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Along with its many sequels and prequels. Yoshihiro Takahashi's dog series haven't actually been released in English - they have a huge fanbase in Finland, though, and I've bought every Finnish volume so far. I also have the uncut anime versions of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed. xd.png Oh, and no, this isn't a cutesy moe "ooh, doggy" series - instead, this focuses on a pack of wild dogs that fight against aggressive bears, wolves, genetically manipulated monster dogs, rival packs, Russian wardogs and insane monkeys. The series can get very gory at times (complete with one dog getting a sickle in his eye) and the dogs actually talk to each other (of course, the humans in the series don't understand them). My favorite characters are Retsuga and Kurotora from Nagareboshi Gin and Jerome, George and Kyoshiro from Densetsu Weed. ...In Weed: Orion, I will most probably adore Andy, Mu, Rara and Shirozaru.


    What I love the most about Yoshihiro Takahashi, is that he decided to honor his Finnish fans by making Andy a Finnish dog. Then, to the fandom's surprise, he announced that John (one of the original dogs from the 1980s series) and his brother (Andy's dad) are both Finnish, too! The "Namonaki Inu no Uta" extra story to the Gin series was also dedicated to the Finnish fandom. :3 How many manga fandoms can actually say that? xd.png I'm so proud~


    PS. I will add more once I go through my manga shelf. xd.png

  2. David Eddings

    He has been my favorite author for 13 years now. He was the one that introduced me to fantasy literature when I was 12 (back in 2000) and I love him for it. I've collected all 24 of his fantasy books in both Finnish and English, and I also have one book in Swedish (intending to get the other 23, too).


    Out of his series, Belgariad and Malloreon take place within the same world (I call this the Garion universe) while Elenium and Tamuli take place within another (I call this the Sparhawk universe)... The Dreamers takes place in a third universe, and a standalone called Althalus takes place in the fourth. Belgariad/Malloreon also has three standalone books (two prequels and a "non-fictional" databook).


    Susan Cooper

    Her Dark Is Rising sequence is one of my favorite fantasy book series. I've always loved mythology and since Dark Is Rising ties heavily to Celtic mythology, it was a must-read for me. I've loved the series since - my favorite book in the series is the second one, titled simply "Dark Is Rising" (my least favorite is the third one, Greenwitch... I find the three Drew children boring. Will Stanton, however, is charming beyond words.).


    ...Don't even mention the Dark Is Rising movie around me. That movie has NOTHING to do with the book series, that's how much they changed the plot and characters! (I think Cooper herself hated the film.)


    Lloyd Alexander

    My favorite children's fantasy author. I first found his "Chronicles of Prydain" books thanks to my love for mythology - I had to read them when I found out the Prydain books take place in a world that closely resembles ancient Wales (it didn't help that the characters had Welsh names, and that Gwydion, Taliesin and Arawn are actual mythical figures).


    It was only later that I found out that my favorite Disney movie, The Black Cauldron, was based on this book series. ...The movie is slightly different, for example the Horned King from this movie was based on Arawn (in the books they were two separate characters, and HK never had possession of the Black Cauldron); in the book Prince Ellidyr was the one that destroyed the cauldron (while in the movie it was Gurgi); Adaon, my favorite character in the whole book series, never even made an appearance (neither did Ellidyr or Gwydion for that matter). Disney basically mixed plot elements from the first and second books (Book of Three and The Black Cauldron) to make their movie. ...But even with these changes, I adored it~ It was executed really well, unlike that Dark Is Rising fiasco...

  3. This is a movie plot twist, but in "Now You See Me", I was NOT expecting Mark Ruffalo's policeman to be the actual Fifth Horseman! Whoever came up with that twist was a genius - I had so many theories about the Fifth Horseman's identity, but the policeman was never one of them.


    In Jostein Gaarder's "Sophie's World", I initially thought Sophie and her friends were all living humans, but it turned out they were all characters in a book within a book. o_O Toward the end of the book, Sophie and her friend Alberto manage to escape their author's mind.

  4. "Wake me up if we're about to die." - A Song of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin)


    "As long as you know who you are, does it really matter what other people think about you?" - Aldur, from Belgarath the Sorcerer (David Eddings)


    "I've looked at the world for quite a few years now and I've found that if I don't laugh, I'll probably end up crying." - Silk, from Demon Lord of Karanda (David Eddings)


    "My Lord, I find thy face apelike and thy form misshapen. Thy beard, moreover, is an offense against decency, resembling more closely the scabrous fir which doth decorate the hinder portion of a mongrel dog than a proper adornement for a human face. Is it possible that thy mother, seized by some wild lechery, did dally at some time past with a randy goat?" - Mandorallen, from The Seeress of Kell (David Eddings)


    "Did you want to argue about something in particular or did you just want to start yowling and sort of make it up as we go along?" - Garion, the Belgariad/Malloreon (David Eddings)


    "Balderdash!" a deep voice roared.

    "I'm pleased to meet you, Professor Balderdash. My name's Itagne. It was good of you to introduce yourself. Thanks awfully, old boy."

    The laughter was tumultuous this time.

    "Fast on his feet, isn't he?" Itagne heard Ulath murmur to Bevier.

    - The Hidden City (David Eddings)


    Hatter: Young lady.

    Alice: What?

    Hatter: When I look at you, I remember the woman who broke me. You have her precious face. She was painfully kind... and a greater woman than you.

    Alice: *pause* That is annoying!!

    Hatter: Right?

    Alice: And you're... kidding, right?

    Hatter: *immediately* Of course I am.

    - Mad Hatter (Blood Dupre) and Alice, from Alice in the Country of Hearts (one of my favorite manga series)


    PS. I know I have way too much from Eddings, but his witty humor is just so irresistible. xd.png

  5. Dragonlance: I've read practically every book written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (I can count around 17). My personal favorite book in the series is actually "The Dragons" by Douglas Niles (part of the Lost Histories cycle).


    Tolkien: Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Silmarillion, The Book of Lost Tales. I've read them all. And yes, there are dragons in Tolkien's stuff (Ancalagon, Glaurung, Scatha and obviously Smaug).


    David Eddings: there's one bestial western dragon in The Belgariad and Malloreon. ...Klael from the Tamuli is technically a dragon (it looks like one on the official cover).


    The Brothers Lionheart (Astrid Lindgren): one of my favorite fairytales, by one of my favorite fairytale authors. Astrid Lindgren was a genius who wrote about difficult subjects like death and love, but always made them easier for kids to understand (I laugh at Americans who always edit deaths in children's literature, changing them into something like "he moved away!"... overprotective buffoons). As for the dragon in this book, there's one called Katla as the monster of the story.


    The Neverending Story (Michael Ende): there are two dragons here, Falkor and Smerg. I actually found the book rather boring (though I loved the movie a great deal).


    The Spearwielder Trilogy (R. A. Salvatore): there's a villainous dragon called Robert in this series.


    A Song of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin): though I haven't read past the second book. The novels are bricks and the changing of POVs is a bit tiring...


    Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling): I've read books 1-5 (and seen the movies).


    Eragon (Christopher Paolini): only read halfway through the first book.


    Dragon Tamers (Emma Maree Urquhart): I've read the first book in this series and loved it. Emma was only 13 when she wrote this book and imho she has more talent than Paolini does.


    Dragonology: I read "The Dragon's Eye" novel and liked it, too. I wish I knew who the actual author of the series is. xd.png


    Dragonrealm (Richard A. Knaak): I've read the first book in the series, called "Firedrake". I wish somebody took up the rest of the books and translated them into Finnish.


    The Illustrated Book of Myths (Neil Philip): there are quite a few dragons in mythology. I got this book when I was around 10 years old and I still read it every now and then. xd.png I've been a mythology fangirl for such a long time~ (My newest purchase is The Mabinogion. <3)


    Myths & Legends (Philip Wilkinson): I got this book recently, due to aforementioned mythology obsession.

  6. The Sorrows of Young Werther by J. W. von Goethe (read it at Project Gutenberg if you wish)


    This book has such intense emotion in it that even I felt affected by it (I'm actually rather emotionless). Werther's growing heartache is incredibly powerful and you can't help but feel sympathy and pity for him.


    ...And the ending easily had the most emotional impact. Let's just say it's an unhappy ending for Werther and leave the spoilers at that.

  7. I'm surprised at the lack of Twitards on this thread.


    Anyway, I chose Eragon. Mainly because I've never read Twilight (and I'm never going to, thanks to all the horrible excerpts I've seen and Edward's stalker tendencies - stalking is not love, it's creepy).


    That said, I don't really like Eragon, either. I LOVED the movie (Garrett Hedlund was great as Murtagh), but the book was incredibly boring. I couldn't get halfway past it. ...See, I've been a David Eddings fangirl for 13 years... Eragon's plot is SO similar to that of the Belgariad that I eventually went "OK, rip-off. Not reading this again." and dropped it. And yes, the Belgariad is far older - it predates Eragon by 21 years (in fact, the first book in the series is six years older than me).

  8. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. Loved the movie as a kid, so I have high hopes for the book.

    It may just be me, but I found that book incredibly boring. The movie however was spectacular. blink.gif


    As for me, I just finished re-reading The Sorrows of Young Werther. It's a nearly 250-year-old epistolary novel written by J. W. von Goethe. I'd never read an epistolary novel, or such an old book, before taking this up and I haven't regretted it since. I ADORE this book so much it isn't even funny. I'm not a very emotional person, but the emotion in Werther's "letters" is so intense that even I felt affected by it and was utterly drawn in (the ending actually had me feel heartache and pity poor old Werther).

  9. Well, I always end up in Ravenclaw when I take tests.


    It sort of fits me since I'm actually rather smart (with an IQ of 135, no less). xd.png And the fact I've been getting second best grades in English at school since I was 12, without actually reading for exams. Heck, I got grade 9 in English all the way through elementary school, high school and vocational college.


    I also got a place in university to study English translation, but I decided not to go. Translators have a terrible job market.

  10. My favorite books were all written by David Eddings~ >///< He's been my favorite author for 13 years - he started my fantasy literature obsession when I was 12 and I love him for it.


    Belgariad - Very diverse characters, incredibly witty humor (Dave was famous for this), captivating plot even if it's cliché.

    Malloreon - Same characters as above, but matured (Garion was 16 by the end of Bel, and 30 by the end of Mal).

    Elenium - Diverse and interesting characters, humor is slightly darker (nearly reaching gallows' status), and the overall story and atmosphere are more mature than Bel/Mal. Comes with a nearly completely adult cast, with the main characters being at least in their early 30s (Berit and Talen are exceptions). The main villain Martel is my top favorite character in any fantasy book.

    Tamuli - Has the same cast as Elenium, but this takes place six years later and has different villains. One of my favorite witty moments actually happens in this series - Itagne and his "Professor Balderdash" comment. xd.png

  11. Happened to me once - I named two of my dragons after my friend's science fiction characters, Alayn Crane-Jenison and Cavary. They're basically a couple in my friend's original story so I decided to pair the two dragons...


    And then I noticed somebody named their offspring "Alyan Cavary". xd.png

  12. I was going for a Dark Myst Pygmy in the cave just now... then I accidentally caught a Misfit.


    ...I took one look at the code and died. It was "Yamms". X'''''''''''''''''D (Anyone up for porridge?)

  13. I killed my extra Bluna just now... and it turned into a Zombie. Now I have a male and female one. That's good enough for me~


    Kind of odd how both Taira and Ferghus were the only dragons I killed, and they both transformed (Taira in '11, Ferghus in '09). Talk about luck.

  14. Not really bosses, but still enemies you need to fight. These things are from Sacred, one of my all-time favorite RPGs.


    These just look so freaky I always cringe when I have to fight them...



    Insect Larva

    Cave Fish and spiders (especially the cave fish and Tarantula Mortis. This thing was as big as a friggin dragon. ...Shelob, that you?)

    Skeleton Mage (This thing has horns growing out of its skull! I'm getting flashes back to the Horned King from The Black Cauldron! DX)


    Oh, and the 2nd final boss in the whole game, Shaddar. He's just plain creepy. See here (he's the summoner). Anducar from the expansion is even creepier, though (he's pretty much the boss of all demons).

  15. Suikoden Tierkreis is easily my favorite DS game. I enjoy the plot, the characters, the world, the fighting, the quests, the graphics, the music and EVEN the craptastic English dubbing (I fell for Conon, one of the villains - his dub VA is incredibly good compared to the rest. Asad is awesome, too.). ...I bought the game some time ago and I also downloaded a Japanese rom with English subs (I don't think it's illegal if you already have the game?).


    Frankly put, most of the Japanese voices are fantastic compared to the dub. But for some reason, they managed to find a few dubbers who are better than the original ones! O_o;


    ...Like Dirk. The Japanese one is very lackluster (...the voice actor is really good and prolific and one of my favorites so it was a shock for me) and the English one sucks in dialogue scenes... but when he turned evil, laughed like a maniac and jumped out a window, the English one drew the longer end of the stick. He NAILED that scene. ...I know Katsuyuki Konishi can do a better evil laugh than he did, though... I'll never understand what went wrong with his performance in this game. :\

  16. ...Oh lordy. I forgot this topic. xd.png


    My new blue spotted eggs (dunno what they are yet, I'll find out once they hatch) have the codes "hire6" and "s7YEp". xd.png I think I'll name the latter one "S Club 7". xd.png


    My Seawyrm Pygmy apparently dislikes somebody called "TK", considering his code is "GRRtk".

  17. I got a 7th gen Dorkface from my friend two years ago. It's part of a Star Wars Dorkface line maidmarian started.


    7th gen, Red

    Kyp Durron Dorkface, male


    :3 Kyp is my favorite SW character so the name was a given~ I got pretty lucky because Kyp's lineage is really clean and short. It's easy to figure out what goes where. xd.png