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  1. I'm surprised at the lack of Twitards on this thread. Anyway, I chose Eragon. Mainly because I've never read Twilight (and I'm never going to, thanks to all the horrible excerpts I've seen and Edward's stalker tendencies - stalking is not love, it's creepy). That said, I don't really like Eragon, either. I LOVED the movie (Garrett Hedlund was great as Murtagh), but the book was incredibly boring. I couldn't get halfway past it. ...See, I've been a David Eddings fangirl for 13 years... Eragon's plot is SO similar to that of the Belgariad that I eventually went "OK, rip-off. Not reading this again." and dropped it. And yes, the Belgariad is far older - it predates Eragon by 21 years (in fact, the first book in the series is six years older than me).
  2. It may just be me, but I found that book incredibly boring. The movie however was spectacular. As for me, I just finished re-reading The Sorrows of Young Werther. It's a nearly 250-year-old epistolary novel written by J. W. von Goethe. I'd never read an epistolary novel, or such an old book, before taking this up and I haven't regretted it since. I ADORE this book so much it isn't even funny. I'm not a very emotional person, but the emotion in Werther's "letters" is so intense that even I felt affected by it and was utterly drawn in (the ending actually had me feel heartache and pity poor old Werther).
  3. Well, I always end up in Ravenclaw when I take tests. It sort of fits me since I'm actually rather smart (with an IQ of 135, no less). And the fact I've been getting second best grades in English at school since I was 12, without actually reading for exams. Heck, I got grade 9 in English all the way through elementary school, high school and vocational college. I also got a place in university to study English translation, but I decided not to go. Translators have a terrible job market.
  4. My favorite books were all written by David Eddings~ >///< He's been my favorite author for 13 years - he started my fantasy literature obsession when I was 12 and I love him for it. Belgariad - Very diverse characters, incredibly witty humor (Dave was famous for this), captivating plot even if it's cliché. Malloreon - Same characters as above, but matured (Garion was 16 by the end of Bel, and 30 by the end of Mal). Elenium - Diverse and interesting characters, humor is slightly darker (nearly reaching gallows' status), and the overall story and atmosphere are more mature than Bel/Mal. Comes with a nearly completely adult cast, with the main characters being at least in their early 30s (Berit and Talen are exceptions). The main villain Martel is my top favorite character in any fantasy book. Tamuli - Has the same cast as Elenium, but this takes place six years later and has different villains. One of my favorite witty moments actually happens in this series - Itagne and his "Professor Balderdash" comment.
  5. Sign me up~ I needed a kick in the butt to start reading books and this is the perfect place to start. <3
  6. Happened to me once - I named two of my dragons after my friend's science fiction characters, Alayn Crane-Jenison and Cavary. They're basically a couple in my friend's original story so I decided to pair the two dragons... And then I noticed somebody named their offspring "Alyan Cavary".
  7. I, Beldarius, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I have a few unnamed hatchlings, but rest assured, I intend to name them once they develop genders. I hate seeing unnamed dragons (most of the dragons I've bred are unnamed thanks to lazy owners).
  8. Why do my Bronze Tinsels get the weird codes? The one I bred just now is "Bp3ds". 3DS? What's the bp stand for? Bulletproof gaming console? ...Wait, what?
  9. Oh good lord. x'D The Bronze Tinsel I just bred has the code "dui3D" (messed caps). A 3D movie of alcohol abuse lessons?
  10. I was going for a Dark Myst Pygmy in the cave just now... then I accidentally caught a Misfit. ...I took one look at the code and died. It was "Yamms". X'''''''''''''''''D (Anyone up for porridge?)
  11. I caught a '11 Halloween with the code "grcNb". ...Either it's "Garcia noob" or "garlic noob".
  12. I killed my extra Bluna just now... and it turned into a Zombie. Now I have a male and female one. That's good enough for me~ Kind of odd how both Taira and Ferghus were the only dragons I killed, and they both transformed (Taira in '11, Ferghus in '09). Talk about luck.
  13. Not really bosses, but still enemies you need to fight. These things are from Sacred, one of my all-time favorite RPGs. These just look so freaky I always cringe when I have to fight them... Wyvern Insect Larva Cave Fish and spiders (especially the cave fish and Tarantula Mortis. This thing was as big as a friggin dragon. ...Shelob, that you?) Skeleton Mage (This thing has horns growing out of its skull! I'm getting flashes back to the Horned King from The Black Cauldron! DX) Oh, and the 2nd final boss in the whole game, Shaddar. He's just plain creepy. See here (he's the summoner). Anducar from the expansion is even creepier, though (he's pretty much the boss of all demons).
  14. I'm from Finland. It's that country east of Sweden. No, not Russia. The other one - the smaller one with the lakes, forests and Santa.
  15. Suikoden Tierkreis is easily my favorite DS game. I enjoy the plot, the characters, the world, the fighting, the quests, the graphics, the music and EVEN the craptastic English dubbing (I fell for Conon, one of the villains - his dub VA is incredibly good compared to the rest. Asad is awesome, too.). ...I bought the game some time ago and I also downloaded a Japanese rom with English subs (I don't think it's illegal if you already have the game?). Frankly put, most of the Japanese voices are fantastic compared to the dub. But for some reason, they managed to find a few dubbers who are better than the original ones! O_o; ...Like Dirk. The Japanese one is very lackluster (...the voice actor is really good and prolific and one of my favorites so it was a shock for me) and the English one sucks in dialogue scenes... but when he turned evil, laughed like a maniac and jumped out a window, the English one drew the longer end of the stick. He NAILED that scene. ...I know Katsuyuki Konishi can do a better evil laugh than he did, though... I'll never understand what went wrong with his performance in this game. :\
  16. ...Oh lordy. I forgot this topic. My new blue spotted eggs (dunno what they are yet, I'll find out once they hatch) have the codes "hire6" and "s7YEp". I think I'll name the latter one "S Club 7". My Seawyrm Pygmy apparently dislikes somebody called "TK", considering his code is "GRRtk".
  17. I got a 7th gen Dorkface from my friend two years ago. It's part of a Star Wars Dorkface line maidmarian started. 7th gen, Red Kyp Durron Dorkface, male :3 Kyp is my favorite SW character so the name was a given~ I got pretty lucky because Kyp's lineage is really clean and short. It's easy to figure out what goes where.
  18. I got my Zombie last year by killing my adult Stone. *shrug*
  19. Yup, Gwilenhin. :3 She was one of my first dragons to boot.
  20. I'll sign this. :l I've had my only scroll since September 2008. I mean, why the hell would I even NEED multiple scrolls? That's ridiculous.