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  1. I managed to catch fairytale creatures. Say hello to pHfAe and ELfSH. Ended up influencing them as a pair.
  2. Ticket to Baghdad hatched, so here's the new link. https://dragcave.net/teleport/10e66fa7a7bc304013a875771cd6a112
  3. Ticket to Nicosia: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d9c26eca106d1d2d4ed3ff2680ac7ed4 Sent off in exchange for Nuuk IOU.
  4. Ticket to Nicosia available: https://dragcave.net/teleport/13c33b19103161b4e6456ecff0526629 You can find the cities I'm missing in my passport.
  5. Updated the list of picked breeds by removing chosen ones, and adding the new March dragons.
  6. And this is why I use Pixabay if I ever need to use pictures that are in the public domain. It's amazing how people don't know about that site - it literally lets you use stuff for free, and nothing on that site is copyrighted. If that Dragonskeep site wanted to, they could exchange the Reds for this. https://pixabay.com/fi/dragon-eläinten-peto-olento-2754284/
  7. No Control in my pants. ...Ugh, eurobeat songs and their titles... Dang it, Manuel.
  8. I'm reading two manga series at the moment. I'm halfway done with Tokyopop's release of B'tX (a scifi series by Masami Kurumada) and with Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion (dog manga by Yoshihiro Takahashi). I'm really excited since March's Orion release will be volume 17 and a new character called Andy will be introduced in it. That dog makes me proud as a Finnish fangirl - you see, Takahashi created that entire dog as a tribute to his Finnish fandom. Andy is Finnish, and named after Antti Valkama (the CEO of the Finnish publisher releasing Orion).. Andy is also the nephew of a very popular character called John. ...Which means Takahashi retconned John into a Finnish character as an extra tribute. How many foreign fandoms can say that? 8D
  9. Ooo, the challenge is back! I'mma try and read a few things~ ...So does that manga/comic book rule mean a single volume of 500 pages? I've honestly never seen a manga volume that long, and I read a lot - the longest manga omnibus I've seen is a little over 300 pages, and 500-page ones are unheard of. Like, I'd love to use some manga volumes as material for this challenge, but it's impossible when most volumes out there are around 200 pages (they wouldn't even make 500 if you used two of them). Or does that mean all the manga volumes are counted together as a single entity? Since there's this manga series that has 21,000 pages across 105 volumes (and counting since it's not finished yet), and I intend to re-read it.
  10. Here's a hatched Nicosia ticket. https://dragcave.net/teleport/5dee5ced04a716da36afd2836c35b9de See my passport for what I'm missing.
  11. *pokes thread with a ticket to Nicosia* https://dragcave.net/teleport/ff94bf3219324526c19fdacf57e85fcd @Lantean_Pegasus Bred the Foroyarna, but they decided to give me nil again. They've been moody for the past few months.
  12. That reminds me, I never really listed the actual cities I've been to. Cyprus: Paphos Denmark: Copenhagen, Billund (Legoland tour) Estonia: Tallinn, Pärnu Finland: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Naantali, Porvoo, Varkaus, Pielavesi, Ähtäri, Ranua, Kittilä (Levi), Sotkamo, Kuusamo, Nurmijärvi, Hyvinkää, Mäntsälä, Vaasa, Joensuu, Vantaa, Espoo, etc. Lots of places I can't even remember. Greece: Rhodes Germany: Lübeck Italy: Florence, Terracina, Siena (tour), Pisa (tour), San Gimignano (tour), Rome (tour), Naples (tour), Pompeii (tour) Latvia: Riga Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas (tour) Poland: Krakow, Lublin, concentration camps (Majdanek, Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau) Portugal: Praia da Rocha, Sagres (tour) Russia: St. Petersburg Spain: Mallorca Sweden: Stockholm, Visby, Kolmården Zoo Turkey: Alanya UK: London Vatican: St. Peter's Basilica (tour) I've probably forgotten a few places since I was a kid in countries like Cyprus (10), Denmark (4), Greece (2), Spain (6) and Turkey (8).
  13. My favorite trip was my history class trip to the Baltic countries and Poland (our main destination was Auschwitz). It was the first time I'd been abroad without my parents and it was so cool - we were traveling in a two-decker bus, and each student had two seats so we could sleep if we wanted to (one day we sat in that bus for 13 hours nonstop). We saw the fire-breathing dragon statue in Krakow, went inside the old royal palace on Wawel Hill, touched the huge cathedral bell (there was some legend associated with it), ate genuine Krakowska outside at midnight (teacher treated us), took part in the March of the Living 2006 (the only Finnish class that year, plus one of the few non-Jewish), ate Jewish food in the Kazimierz district... in Lithuania, my friend and I debated about humanity and nature on the bank of the Neris River... met a live bat in the 9th Forte (a Lithuanian fortress). Our Estonian bus drivers got us lost in the middle of a Polish village - passed through the center of the village three times, and each time an amused old man on a bicycle started waving at us. And finally, at the Latvia-Estonia border, we started watching the truck drivers on the opposite lane. One of them was a Russian leaning on his truck's horn and yelling something from the window. One of my classmates hollered "He seems like the type of guy with a baseball bat under his seat!"... 10 seconds went by, and the dude got out of his car carrying one. I haven't experienced anything like that ever since. Other trips that I remember well are London in 2008 (I was 20) - met a restaurant owner who looked like Charlie Chaplin and could walk like him. Went to Portobello Road market (which I hated because crowds)... my favorite things were the Charing Cross bookstores, Westminster Abbey and seeing Geoffrey Chaucer's tomb, driving on Tower Bridge, seeing unicyclists at Covent Garden (and the peacock installation), the crypt shop of St. Paul's Cathedral... And Florence in 2013. The tour of Tuscany we took on the second-to-last day was spectacular - drove by bus through the Tuscan countryside, visiting Siena, Pisa (yes, I've seen the tower) and San Gimignano (medieval town with huge towers). Oh, and Portugal for three reasons: a pirate ship cruise (where "pirates" took my dad below decks, out of every tourist on board), a bus trip through a cork wood forest to Sagres Point ("the cape at the end of the world") and a waterpark show with sea lions and humans playing pirates. ...I still hope to see a show like that again one day. Those sea lions were smart (one of them stole a map from another human's pocket, and then pulled a raft with his human "partner" on it across the water). ...Yikes, that's a lot of text.
  14. Finally updated my passport. Now I've added a list of cities I'm missing, to make it easier for everybody to check. Of course, I'll always offer free tickets to people who want them. I bred Nicosia and Torshavn today - only Nicosia made a ticket (which went to Mow). EDIT: I'm kind of amused that the cities I've travelled include half of the actual countries I've been to. Cyprus, Estonia, Finland (home), Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Spain and Vatican. Still missing Denmark, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and the UK. Travelled to all of them by the time I turned 20, so it was nearly one country per year (plus several extra trips to Sweden and Estonia, and one more to Italy).
  15. We basically play like 3-4 rounds of Trivial Pursuit with men vs. women teams, and occasionally take up another board game. It's kind of skewed in the favor of women, though, since it's just my parents and me, our neighbors (husband and wife) and their friends (husband and wife). It's always four women vs. three men that way. Though then again, the husband of the neighbor couple is a walking encyclopedia so the men often win thanks to him. (I'm the encyclopedia on the women's side, though I know far less than he does.) It's always exciting since you learn something new each time we play - the encyclopedia guy often explains the stories behind his answers, making it like a history lesson~ Not to mention he's hilarious and sometimes breaks out talking in gibberish that sounds like a language (remember "What languages sound like to foreigners"? What he does is similar.). He's especially adept with gibberish Estonian, German and Russian.
  16. Sitting here waiting for New Years' Eve. ...I'm just utterly excited thanks to our annual New Years' "board game party" with the neighbors. dfkjdsglg And still fangirling about the Super Robot Wars X announcement. I didn't think Banpresto's decision to release their games in English was a permanent one. Yet SRW X is coming out in English in April/May and I'm flipping ouuuut. Ended up pre-ordering the game right away to boot. (Super excited about finally getting to play Dunbine, Gundam Wing, Mashin Hero Wataru and Nadia of the Blue Water. First time for Nadia, too - battleship protagonists weren't a thing before the previous game.)
  17. Done with the suggested updates! I'll try to update the list when the next new breeds are released.
  18. Now that the notification feature is a thing, following projects like these got a lot easier. If anyone needs tickets to Baghdad, let me know! I'm still missing a great deal from my passport too (I really want to start breeding tickets to Samarkand).
  19. Fudgenugget, I should follow this topic now that it's a feature. I've updated the list of available breeds again. https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/155149-travel-through-europe/?do=findComment&comment=7894692 I decided to keep Lunar Heralds etc. as one breed since they look the same despite the color change, but made every Zyu, Xeno and Fire Gem their own "breed" since they all look different. Let me know if you want them to be kept as single breeds (though since the red Zyu is used as a representative, the "single breed" rule would invalidate the other Zyus). PS. If anyone needs a 2G from Nicosia (Pink) or Torshavn (Teimarr), let me know and I'll get you one.
  20. There we go, got the new eggs, got two CB Hollies (self-caught to boot), got all CB Christmases I'm missing and even have a lot of Zyus~ This was a good holiday. 8D
  21. The easiest way to avoid viewbombers is to hide your eggs and hatchies until they hit the 4-day mark, then unhide them and post them in an ER. And if they were eggs, just hide them again after they hatch. I've been doing that for years.
  22. I got a very, very bad code for one of my new Christmases. Oh man... And the second new Christmas seems to be very depressed about something. https://dragcave.net/lineage/WOEso During Halloween, I got a girl that seems to be "Bringing Lady Back"? idk https://dragcave.net/lineage/LbAcK Omen Wyrm that likes Fire Emblem. https://dragcave.net/lineage/geTfe Another Omen Wyrm that thinks she's a mythical bird. https://dragcave.net/lineage/FsROC And this one's eggnog fell a little short. https://dragcave.net/lineage/GGN0G
  23. I'm kind of disappointed in USUM, to be honest. There are so many things GF could have done better, like allowing us to actually explore Ultra Megalopolis, making the Rainbow Rocket storyline more than just battles, anything. Now it just feels like they copied SM, slapped a few gimmicks on it and sold it as a "new" game. I actually liked Sun and Moon better since at least the Looker & Anabel arc was more fun to play than the Rainbow Rocket one. *facepalm* It's also kind of funny how overpowered Mudsdale is - back in SM, I could solo the entire Elite Four with my level 80 Mudsdale. I can nearly do it in USUM, too. (My Ultra Sun post-game team is Primarina, Mudsdale, Tyranitar, Salamence, Volcarona and Dawn Mane Necrozma.)
  24. I always forget it's an instant Game Over when the protagonist dies in Persona 5. I've actually gotten really good at not dying in this game, but I didn't know the Despair status insta-kills after a few turns. Those dang Lamia caught me off-guard. ...I have no idea how that status even affected my characters since I had Despair-blocking equipment on.
  25. I've been playing Everlong (a freeware RPG Maker game) and Persona 5 recently. Intending to start playing Virtue's Last Reward, Zero Time Dilemma and the first Assassin's Creed game (I bought all AC games for the PS4). I forgot how fun Everlong was, though the boss battles are obnoxiously tedious sometimes. It just takes SO LONG to kill them. ...And you don't even get EXP from battling them, just a Beherit (an item that's only used in the end-game).