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  1. ...I kill dragons in fantasy games (like Sacred: Gold - charging one with a poisoned weapon equals deathly doom for the beast). So no, I don't think I'd have a problem with it. If dragons were real, I don't think I'd trust them at all. They're massive carnivores and like any animal, they could turn hostile and bite your head off in a second. Remember that one guy who tamed a bear and the "tame" bear then killed him? Yeah. Dragons would be the exact same. PS. I would never be able to neglect real life animals, though. I have a cat and my whole family pampers him since he deserves it (his original owner was a scary breeder lady with 20 cats, three dogs, a horse, husband and five kids - it's no wonder the cat was terrified of being touched. Now he's a lot better, he even headbutts me all over the place.).
  2. A collector, I think. I want a male and female of every breed (and the allowed amount of Holidays) and might even get a few more of certain breeds (useful ones or rare ones, like Pinks, Magi, Reds, Golds, Silvers, etc.). I'm actually only three Neglected "genders" and two Dinos short.
  3. *starts counting* Seafood/fish/etc Squid Octopus Anglerfish (ugly but tasty) Atlantic catfish Crayfish Flounder, Turbot, European plaice Whiting Roach (it's a fish, not an actual roach) Pollack Arctic char Common sole Carp bream Rainbow trout Common carp Northern pike Grayling European perch Swordfish Scampi (Italian giant prawns) Mussels (I can eat canned ones just like that~) Shark fin soup Meat Trippa alla fiorentina (tripe stew - a.k.a. cow's stomach. Tastes like heaven~) Reindeer Horse Bear Moose Hare Birds Grouse Pheasant Others Snails (escargot are snails cooked in their shells, with garlic and parsley butter. They're GOOOOOOD.) Blood pancakes (it's a Finnish thing) Pea soup (yeees, I loves it~) Borscht Mushrooms (I can eat canned champignon mushrooms straight from the can) ...Oh, and dragon blood. That's an inside joke between me and my friend - she got me two bottles of diet Pepsi for my 18th birthday, glued images of dragons on them and then added a white strip that read "dragon blood". I still have the bottles~ PS. And yes, I love trying out weird foods. I had to try trippa alla fiorentina when my mom and I visited Florence. ...Fell in love with the stuff, now I kind of want to eat that again (and I need to try Finnish myky soup, good lord... a soup with balls of blood). PPS. I've actually filleted a whole salmon once. My dad said I actually pulled it off better than a few pro chefs in Top Chef did.
  4. March 19 Gen 3: Day of Aggron, Reign of Registeel, Season of Earth Gen 4: Day of Combee and Vespiquen, Reign of Latias, Season of Emotion Gen 5: Day of Swalot, Reign of Victini, Season of Fire ...Aggron eeeeeeeeeeeeee- *spontaneously combusts*
  5. I think it's because education in the US sucks so much. Compare American schools to Nordic ones - it's rather widely known that the Nordic education system is highly advanced and produces smart students. Not to mention we don't require fees from anyone, even in university or polytechnics (same as American and English universities and colleges) - this way even poor families can have their kids educated (unlike in the US where college fees are so large that poor students can't even hope to pay them). Anyway, I got 132 on the test. ...All other IQ tests online give me 135 so I guess this is quite close to my real IQ, then.
  6. That's because the blue-eyed doll with no fingers up is Brittany, after the doll killed her. ;P Brittany's doll also used to be a human girl - the doll needs to kill/turn 10 human girls in order to become human again.
  7. 1. This one happened after watching too much Animals of Farthing Wood as a kid (I LOVE that show, by the way). During the opening of the series, a concrete mixer dumps concrete over a field and it suddenly floods over grassy plains and comes straight toward the screen. ...I ended up having a nightmare where that happened to our house, with my mom still trapped inside as the concrete buried her in. 2. Around the same time I had a recurring nightmare - I have no idea where this one came from, all I know is that there was this elephant-sized, red-eyed demonic crow chasing me through dark woods while trying to kill me. I was around 4-6 years old at the time (yes, the nightmare repeated for two years). 3. In another very weird dream, I was sitting in my room when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find a man who asked me "Hello. Were you the one selling those VCR movies?". ...I woke up thinking "...What the hell just happened".
  8. I got a few nice ones recently. "3kikz" - Seragamma. Had to name him "3 Kicks" as a result. "0Rtoo" - Turpentine. Named her "Or-Too Dee-Too". Anyone who's seen Star Wars should get the reference. "Bun14" - my Ultraviolet. Named her "Bun for Teen". (Read that out loud and you'll get it.) My favorites are still my Zombified Bluna "pEER" Bluna "URL4" Spotted Greenwing "hire6" Horse "5OrF" (his name is Commander Worf now) Magi "JC0W" Nocturne "bi39" (it doesn't help the character I named him after is gay) Ochredrake "LQK1" (should have named her after Loki, rofl) Pink "ZhiT" (his name is Nearly Inappropriate Code) Pink "UGh4" (Pinky the Caveman) Bronze Tinsel "dUi3D" (driving under influence... in 3D?) Seawyrm Pygmy "GRRtk" (my first Silver Shimmer also mentions this mysterious TK, with "dgcTk") Red "YUck" Ridgewing "jCHN" (...a female John?!) Spitfire "7AcK" (Zack of the Heights) Red Stripe "4pmDO" (Do what?) Sunsong Amphiptere "0RB1" Red Dino "r1pS"
  9. "Thanatos and Hypnos", one of my renamed Splits. "Up We Go", Brimstone with the code "UpweQ" (you can probably see why I named him that ). "Craig yr Aderyn", my first Geode. It's the name of a very famous hill in Wales (literally means "Bird Rock"). "Lady Lag-a-Lot", my biggest surprise yet. Another Geode of mine. "To Isengard with doom we come", male Gold. "Lord of Samhain", Harvest. "Commander Worf", Horse. ...Really? Where are all the Trekkies?! (I'm not one, btw. I only named him that for his code.) "Aleksandria", my Paper. I named it after the Library of Alexandria (you know, that really famous one in ancient Egypt that burned down?). "Nearly inappropriate code", Pink. "The Masque of Red Death", Red. "Ferghus", my Zombified Stone. "Anne Bonney", female Swallowtail. Named after a real life lady pirate. "Kotaro Fuma", male Swallowtail. Named after a famous Japanese ninja (and leader of the Fuma clan). "Sugarboy" and "Rose-Red", two Valentines.
  10. I made these two years ago, but felt like sharing them again. Referencing The Ugly Duckling before someone bites my head off. It looks like the Pink's sniffing his butt, doesn't it?
  11. Is it allowed to have two toys in the same photo? Since I've got this old one lying around. http://beldarius.deviantart.com/art/Sky-Sh...layful-27151339 It's kind of difficult to see, but Scattorshot's actually dangling in the air in this picture (Sky Shadow is holding one of his missiles in his beast-hand's jaws). PS. I would have taken another pic, but I lost my camera's battery and charger. o_O I could have sworn I left them in my drawer. (The reason is that while I do love Scattorshot and Sky Shadow, my favorite toy has since then changed. Now it's actually Thanatos, Hypnos and Hades from Saint Seiya. Only problem is, they're still in their boxes. )
  12. I love how people are still complaining about not catching anything. 8D I still remember it took me THREE DAYS to catch Electric Dragons when they were first released in 2010. Now I got my two eggs in an hour and a half. ...Either my laptop's connection got faster or DC itself did. But trust me, the drops used to be worse than this. At least for me since I remember the whole site whiting out on me and staying in that neverending "loading, white screen of death".
  13. "Ai-yah!" also made me think of Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers. Think I'll name my dragon something like that if it genders female. Then I can name another one Frank West and have fun with their offspring.
  14. My Coastal is AiAhh, while my Desert is lra3c. (Messed caps.) ...I was like "Ai-ahh and Iraq?" Although, that latter one could also be "Ira 3c" since "Ira" means 'wrath' in Latin. ...I think.
  15. Your wish shall be obeyed~ Only I won't be going to bed - I just happened to catch both and am now done~ One less person to compete with again! 8D Good luck to everyone!
  16. ...Codes made me go see what my Coastal's code was. ...AiAhh. Oh gods.
  17. Caught one Coastal - now for the Desert. 8D I remember my old PC being so crappy that I got a white screen during PAST releases (yeah, those low-traffic ones). I love my new laptop and its fast processor. <3 PS. I'll probably name these dragons after Super Robot Wars mecha. Already reserved two names for the Gold Shimmers, think I'll get two more for these babies~
  18. Oh, I'm listening to Super Robot Wars OG soundtracks. I own both of them. 8D
  19. I find it easier and more fun to hunt when I'm listening to music. Maybe it's just me. And no, I haven't caught anything yet, either. ...I'm hoping to get two of one breed so I can trade the second one for one of the other breed. ;P
  20. This probably doesn't mean a thing to anybody, but I noticed four of the Pokémon names in the "Pokemon Invasion" list are misspelled. ;P Gyrados -> Gyarados, Onyx -> Onix, Wobbafet -> Wobbuffet, Ghastly -> Gastly ...Onyx and Ghastly are really common misspellings. I see them EVERYWHERE.
  21. Hello. I thought about requesting for a few art pieces - they don't have anything to do with DragCave itself, but hopefully that's all right. They're all from two different fandoms... Future GPX Cyber Formula I would love some art based on a fanfic scene of mine - it's supposed to be my favorite canon character Edelhi Bootsvorz and my OC Elena Vasilyeva having an emotional moment. If you're interested (and want references and a more detailed explanation), poke me through PM. This is Bootsvorz, by the way - he might be quite a challenge to draw due to his mechanical eye and arm. Another fanfic scene involves my OC Charlie crying while his head is on my other OC Claude's lap (...just for the record, Claude is a girl). The reason for this is that he's had a concussion from a racing accident and the crying is one of the symptoms (he's just been pulled out of his car by his manager and Claude and he simply breaks down while lying on the grass). I can give you references through PM. A third scene has my OC Conrad being piggybacked by another OC Johan, and falling asleep. Conrad goes through Guillain-Barré at one point and is paralyzed from the neck down - he recuperates over a three-year period and eventually recovers enough to walk with crutches. When he walks outside with Johan one day, he gets so tired and exhausted that Johan forces him to ride piggyback and he eventually falls asleep against Johan's back. Saint Seiya My OC, a villain called Manticore Asad, walking out of shadows (while looking creepy) as a manticore tail hovers behind his head. Possibly with some blood on him, as he's a sociopath. References through PM again. Another Saint Seiya OC, Dhampir Arthur, without his eyepatch. His eye has been scarred shut, kind of like that of Matt from Dramacon. And again, I can give you Arthur's reference and pics of Matt (to get the eye right) through PM.
  22. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 262 Book Title: Pawn of Prophecy, Book One of the Belgariad Author: David Eddings Summary: A farmboy called Garion is pulled into an adventure alongside his aunt Polgara, best friend Durnik, an old storyteller named Mister Wolf and a cast of other assorted characters. As he finds out the true identities of Aunt Pol and Mister Wolf, he realizes he's been kept in the dark about some very important matters all his life. Everyone he travels with turns out to be more than meets the eye. Rating: 9/10 Review: David Eddings is my favorite author - I love all his books and started with the fifth book of the Malloreon 13 years ago. I took up Pawn of Prophecy after that and have been re-reading it ever since - however, this is my first time reading it in English. Dave's witty humor is really very endearing... think I'll take up the second volume next.
  23. Hm. Well, David Eddings' Belgariad and Malloreon have Garion as the Chosen One. Though by Malloreon, his role has become more generic and his allies get a whole lot more things to do (I don't think Garion actually defeats any big villains in the Malloreon - the most he does is blow up a wall with his Will). Eddings' storytelling matured quite a bit when he wrote the Elenium and Tamuli. We do have a Chosen One in the form of Sparhawk, but he doesn't actually do anything spectacular - he defeats the big villains with Bhelliom (a magic stone with a will of its own). The fighting is also spread evenly between the main characters and they all have their epic moments. Most of the characters are also completely human without any special abilities (except for Styric magic). Susan Cooper's Dark Is Rising has Will Stanton - he's the seventh son of the seventh son and this is why he has special powers. But later on, it's revealed that he isn't any sort of Chosen One. Instead, the one who has to defeat the Dark is actually Bran, King Arthur's son. Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain has Taran, but he is the PERFECT kind of Chosen One. He isn't perfect and it shows very early on - also, he isn't even that special. No powers to speak of, no royal or powerful lineage, he's just an assistant pig-keeper who is pulled into an adventure (and he can't even use the magical item of the series until the final book). Also, the fourth book is about Taran traveling the world in order to find himself and grow from a boy into a man.
  24. Well, these are series I like so I suggest you only read them if you're actually interested. Saint Seiya: my top favorite anime series in existence. It was originally a manga series, though I don't exactly like the art style (Kurumada's gotten better recently, his Ring ni Kakero and Saint Seiya sequels look good). The story is about Greek goddess Athena and her human warriors, the Saints (they wear armor based on the 88 constellations) - Athena is reborn on Earth in human form every 200 or so years and she and her Saints have to defend the world from the other Olympian gods (including Poseidon and his human warriors, the 7 Mariners; and Hades and his human warriors, the 108 Specters - these 108 armors are based on the 108 Stars from the Water Margin, a Chinese novel from the 14th century). Trinity Blood: this manga series is actually based on light novels by Sunao Yoshida. The manga came out before the anime and, unlike the latter, the manga actually stays true to the original story (including having a young-looking, cute, babyfaced and expressionless Tres - in the anime he kept scowling, looked older and seemed freakin' scary). The story is about the AX, a special unit within Vatican City, on a mission to try and stop a war from erupting between humans (Vatican) and vampires (Methuselah Empire). I usually hate vampires, but this story is actually really refreshing: the vampires aren't actually vampires at all. They're descendants of human settlers from Mars who got infected by a space virus and mutated - this virus causes their red blood cells to deteriorate and this is why they need blood; sunlight also causes the virus to go out of control and start burning the blood cells at a much faster rate, thus destroying their bodies. ...My favorite character is actually Tres, a battle android. He's so goddarn cute in the manga. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Along with its many sequels and prequels. Yoshihiro Takahashi's dog series haven't actually been released in English - they have a huge fanbase in Finland, though, and I've bought every Finnish volume so far. I also have the uncut anime versions of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed. Oh, and no, this isn't a cutesy moe "ooh, doggy" series - instead, this focuses on a pack of wild dogs that fight against aggressive bears, wolves, genetically manipulated monster dogs, rival packs, Russian wardogs and insane monkeys. The series can get very gory at times (complete with one dog getting a sickle in his eye) and the dogs actually talk to each other (of course, the humans in the series don't understand them). My favorite characters are Retsuga and Kurotora from Nagareboshi Gin and Jerome, George and Kyoshiro from Densetsu Weed. ...In Weed: Orion, I will most probably adore Andy, Mu, Rara and Shirozaru. What I love the most about Yoshihiro Takahashi, is that he decided to honor his Finnish fans by making Andy a Finnish dog. Then, to the fandom's surprise, he announced that John (one of the original dogs from the 1980s series) and his brother (Andy's dad) are both Finnish, too! The "Namonaki Inu no Uta" extra story to the Gin series was also dedicated to the Finnish fandom. :3 How many manga fandoms can actually say that? I'm so proud~ PS. I will add more once I go through my manga shelf.
  25. David Eddings He has been my favorite author for 13 years now. He was the one that introduced me to fantasy literature when I was 12 (back in 2000) and I love him for it. I've collected all 24 of his fantasy books in both Finnish and English, and I also have one book in Swedish (intending to get the other 23, too). Out of his series, Belgariad and Malloreon take place within the same world (I call this the Garion universe) while Elenium and Tamuli take place within another (I call this the Sparhawk universe)... The Dreamers takes place in a third universe, and a standalone called Althalus takes place in the fourth. Belgariad/Malloreon also has three standalone books (two prequels and a "non-fictional" databook). Susan Cooper Her Dark Is Rising sequence is one of my favorite fantasy book series. I've always loved mythology and since Dark Is Rising ties heavily to Celtic mythology, it was a must-read for me. I've loved the series since - my favorite book in the series is the second one, titled simply "Dark Is Rising" (my least favorite is the third one, Greenwitch... I find the three Drew children boring. Will Stanton, however, is charming beyond words.). ...Don't even mention the Dark Is Rising movie around me. That movie has NOTHING to do with the book series, that's how much they changed the plot and characters! (I think Cooper herself hated the film.) Lloyd Alexander My favorite children's fantasy author. I first found his "Chronicles of Prydain" books thanks to my love for mythology - I had to read them when I found out the Prydain books take place in a world that closely resembles ancient Wales (it didn't help that the characters had Welsh names, and that Gwydion, Taliesin and Arawn are actual mythical figures). It was only later that I found out that my favorite Disney movie, The Black Cauldron, was based on this book series. ...The movie is slightly different, for example the Horned King from this movie was based on Arawn (in the books they were two separate characters, and HK never had possession of the Black Cauldron); in the book Prince Ellidyr was the one that destroyed the cauldron (while in the movie it was Gurgi); Adaon, my favorite character in the whole book series, never even made an appearance (neither did Ellidyr or Gwydion for that matter). Disney basically mixed plot elements from the first and second books (Book of Three and The Black Cauldron) to make their movie. ...But even with these changes, I adored it~ It was executed really well, unlike that Dark Is Rising fiasco...