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  1. I wonder if the new Halloween is based on living paintings in haunted houses? You know, the ones that seem to stare at you as you go by. That's the vibe I get when I see the hatchling description and the codes of TJ's hatchies.
  2. Got a nut in a trade. Also spent some time hunting for the new Halloweens and got four cool codes: teKK4... I already know exactly what to name him. This isn't good for my seiyuu fangirl heart~ This one loves digging. NSFW code... influenced it male thanks to a story I've been planning (an adoptive father's adopted son, as an adult, suddenly goes yandere on his "dad" and decides to keep him for himself - he's kind of nasty. Poor Oak.). And this girl's both lite and a computer software used by CERN!
  3. Whenever I read the hatchling's description, it reminds me of those living paintings in haunted houses that always seem to stare at you as you go by. Already got my six eggs and influenced all~ Now off to play Laxius Force.
  4. Beldarius

    Z Project

    Just popped by to say that I released this dragon recently, for being inbred. >.> Anyway, here's a new one: zbxEo http://dragcave.net/lineage/zbxEo NAME: Z'Hugger of Trees GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Gifted by Ruby Eyes on this thread LINEAGE: CB (Imperial Fleshcrowne)
  5. Beldarius

    Z Project

    Just popped by to leave a Z-code Walker with a Fog dad and a David Eddings naming scheme. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. Oh, I'll be fine with waiting. 8D I like Ravenclaw the most out of the four houses, anyway. I also removed the other requests to make the post less cluttered~
  7. HOGWARTS HOUSE LINEAGE REQUEST House: Ravenclaw Generation: 2nd Scroll Name: Beldarius Btw, is it possible to get an egg from all four houses? If so, then I'll also make three more requests~ If it isn't, I'll just stick to Ravenclaw (I always end up in that house, anyway). Oh, and I only have a few spots open for eggs right now so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to free some space (after my Lurkers hatch, I'll have three spots open).
  8. I just caught a Leetle Tree. I didn't think I'd ever get one~
  9. Beldarius

    Lineage Advice

    Oh goodness, thank you so much! I finally figured it out, with a few changes~ My current list is as follows: Blood Dupre: Black Tea Alice Liddell: White Peter White: Albino Vivaldi: Royal Crimson Dee & Dum: Bright-Breasted Wyvern Boris Airay: Imperial Fleshcrowne Nightmare Gottschalk: Nocturne Mary Gowland: Speckle-Throated Lorina Liddell: Moonstone Elliott March: Tri-Horn Wyvern Julius Monrey: Sunset Gray Ringmarc: Guardian Pierce Villiers: Mint Joker: Seasonal Ace: Vine or Whiptail (still can't decide, Ace is kind of cheerful and creepy at the same time, and he's the best swordsman in the story. If you don't count Gray. He's also a bit homicidal, for ex he tried to kill Alice since "it would be interesting to see what would happen". And it was pissing him off that everyone but him were able to change around her. He hates his job and wants to change, so... yeah.)
  10. Beldarius

    Lineage Advice

    ...Good thing I checked the forums before creating a new topic on this. I need help with a personal lineage I'm planning. See, I fell in love with a game (and manga) series called Alice in the Country of Hearts. It's a somewhat refreshing and bizarre take on the Alice in Wonderland story, and I kind of want to start a lineage where I name all the dragons after characters from the game/manga. However, I can't decide which breeds to pick. ...If anyone can help me out on this, I would be eternally grateful. Ace, a cheerful yet somewhat homicidal Knight of Hearts. Brown hair, red eyes. I could pick Whiptails, but I'd like to see if there are other suggestions. Blood Dupre, the Mad Hatter and the boss of the Hatter mafia family. Flirtatious and insincere, hates boredom and loves bullying Alice. Black hair and blue eyes (one of the stereotypical bishies of the series). Alice Liddell, the heroine. Light brown / dirty blond (?) hair and blue eyes. Strong-spirited, and doesn't seem to like the fact Blood looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend (said boyfriend left her for her older sister). Peter White, the White Rabbit. White hair and red eyes, and he's pretty much a yandere for Alice (he tries to kill any man or woman who gets close to "his" Alice). Vivaldi, the Queen of Hearts. Blood's older sister. Rather temperamental, speaks of herself in the royal "We" and often orders beheadings of servants on a whim. Has a secret stuffed toy collection in her room. Purple hair and purple eyes. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, gatekeepers of the Hatter mansion. Small boys with the ability to transform into adults, they're innocent yet childishly cruel (often try to "test" their weapons on people). Both have black hair, but Dee's eyes are blue and Dum's are red. Joker, one of the more enigmatic characters in the series. Or rather two since there are two Jokers - the "White" Joker is the owner of a circus and the "Black" Joker is a prison warden. Their personalities match their jobs, White Joker is polite and nice while Black Joker is insulting and bad-tempered (but White is still said to be the more dangerous one of the two). Both have burgundy hair and red eyes. Boris Airay, the Cheshire Cat. He's one of the saner characters and quite adorkable - a complete change from the trolling and mysterious Cheshire of the original story. He loves bad puns (when you put two roses together, they rise up into the air: a rose, arose). Pinkish purple hair, cat ears and tail; hazel or yellow eyes. Nightmare Gottschalk, a sickly dream demon (he coughs up blood from merely being surprised). He hates doctors and injections and refuses to go to a hospital. Gray hair and gray eyes, with an eyepatch covering one eye. Mary Gowland, the owner of an amusement park. And a guy despite the name. ...He hates his full name since it comes from "merry-go-round" and often tries to kill Blood Dupre for revealing it to the whole world. He plays the violin, but utterly sucks at it. Also speaks somewhat like a Texan in the English translation of the manga. Auburn hair and blue eyes. I think. Lorina Liddell, Alice's older sister. A really kind and nice woman, but she was the one who stole Alice's boyfriend from her (Alice herself doesn't seem to care and still loves both her sister and her ex-boyfriend). Brown hair and blue eyes. ...At the end of the manga, she's shown in a coffin so it can be theorized she's dead (and that this is why Alice dreams of Wonderland). Elliott March, the March Hare. He always claims he's not a rabbit and that he only likes dishes made from carrots, not carrots themselves. He committed a crime in the past (basically euthanasia) and was imprisoned - Blood helped him escape and he's devoted himself to working for Blood ever since. Blond hair and blue/violet eyes. Julius Monrey, the Clockmaker. As the citizens of Wonderland have clocks in place of their hearts, Julius's work is basically the equivalent of a doctor or undertaker. Blue hair and blue eyes. The most stoic character in the series, a work-a-holic cynic and often called a misanthrope. He doesn't show emotion often but when he does, it's a sight to behold (my favorite character right now, he's cute when he's shocked). Gray Ringmarc, the Lizard who works as butler and cook for Nightmare (more like a babysitter if you ask me). Despite his best efforts, his cooking often fails. A former assassin, he's the only one who can match Ace in battle and is often (to his chagrin) forced to become his sparring partner. Grayish black hair and olive/yellow/brown (?) eyes. Pierce Villiers, the Dormouse. Often chased around by Boris, he's timid and terrified of the Cheshire Cat. He drinks heavy doses of coffee in order to stay alert and has developed insomnia as a result. Multi-colored hair (red and yellow), green eyes. There are other characters in subsequent games, but I don't know much about them (including the White Queen, Black Rabbit and a gravedigger).
  11. , the bgm theme of Gilliam Yeager from Super Robot Wars. , the bgm theme of Axel Almer from SRW. , the bgm theme of Shu Shirakawa from SRW. He's the greatest troll and most badass pilot in the history of mecha gaming (his mecha creates actual black holes). ...Gilliam's voice actor is Hideyuki Tanaka (Doflamingo from One Piece, Omegamon from Digimon X-Evolution, Apollomon from Digimon Xros Wars and adult Mithos Yggdrasil from Tales of Symphonia), Shu's VA is Takehito Koyasu and Axel's is Nobutoshi Canna.
  12. My favorite is Percy so far. ...It's fun to watch how he grows from a stereotypical teenager into a more mature youth during the story. I dislike protagonists that stay your stereotypical teenager (or are mature since the beginning) - I'd much rather have protagonists that grow. Maybe that's why I love Hayato from Cyber Formula so much.
  13. I've been catching up on One Piece recently. I've moved from the Thriller Bark arc to the Impel Down arc in the span of three months. I'm also intending to continue Saint Seiya Omega soon. There are nearly 80 episodes and I'm only at episode 13. X'D (And Ikki! He finally showed up! eeeeeeeee-)
  14. I'm currently reading a manga volume that's as thick as a book. It's the 3rd omnibus of the Alice in the Country of Hearts series. Julius Monrey is steadily becoming my favorite character. I dislike his voice in the games (Takehito Koyasu's stoic roles always sound the same, I'm tired of it), but the character is ADORKABLE. That personality and those hilarious "o__O" expressions he pulls off~ >///< You should have seen my face when I saw Julius's "wtf D:" reaction to Alice wearing cat ears and paw gloves.
  15. Oooooooo I would love to join. I don't even watch the show (though I intend to, Zuko is voiced by Hook's Rufio, after all~ ), but I love the whole idea behind it. Oh, and fluffy animals? Snow leopards have really fluffy tails~ I love them. >////< (Though our male ragdoll is quite a fluffball, too. A hyperactive and ditzy fluffball, but who cares.) ...I feel like natto right now. Sneezy and runny, just like them sticky beans. DX EDIT: Black Stripes remind me of that... what was it, Energybending? Since they don't have an element, why not make them the black sheep that destroys other elements?
  16. My Gold Tinsel seems to think it's King Kong. I love when this happens while breeding. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Kong6
  17. Eh, I don't really have that many plans. Another member and I have planned to exchange my Marrows and Shadows for her Lurkers, and then I'll simply catch a pair of the new Halloweens (then again, I could get two more pairs. Choices, choices...). I wouldn't mind a werewolf-dragon, but I'd also LOVE a skeletal one (seeing how several Halloween outfits are skeletons). A skeletal werewolf would be even more awesome (think SkullBaluchimon from Digimon. See what I mean?).
  18. Add Me to the Group! Forum Name: Beldarius Scroll Name: Beldarius PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=16498 Do You Have an ABCDragon?: Yes. Add My Dragon! Forum Name: Beldarius Scroll Name: Beldarius ABCDragon Name: wUt27 Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/wUt27 PS. Yes, I named him after his code. I just found his code too funny to pass up.
  19. I'm not sure if this is such a good thing, but I just released all of my inbred dragons (it's better than killing, anyway). Now my scroll is clean again. Now to plan for some lineages.
  20. I asked about this in the Tiny Little Questions thread, but hopefully it's OK if I ask here, too. See, I have a lineage pattern that doesn't seem to have a name yet. http://dragcave.net/lineage/pLKyN In case there is no specific name for this pattern, may I suggest one? I personally termed it the Hand lineage since the four CBs look like fingers on a hand.
  21. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: Beldarius, Dolphine Capitals travelled: Nicosia, Prague
  22. Passport Beldarius - Nicosia (Cyprus) and Torshavn (Faroe Islands, Denmark) Capital: Nicosia Country: Cyprus Dragons: Pink Native 2nd Gen: Deimos tis Kypros, Phobos tis Kypros Last bred: April 17, 2018 (egg) Second Capital: Torshavn Country: Faroe Islands, Denmark Dragons: Black-Capped Teimarrs Native 2nd Gen: Hati av Foroyar Last bred: April 17, 2018 (no egg) Thread, PM or both: I've given up on breeding at random. If you need a Nicosia or Torshavn egg, PM me and I'll see what I can do. Already travelled: - Moscow: Sveta Grinkova - Vatican: Caius de Civitate Vaticanae - Prague: Benedikta Golden City of Prague - Athens: Gaia Athena - Berlin: Reinhold von Preussen - Paris: We Shall Battle at the Bastille - Zagreb: Zlatan of Zagreb - Helsinki: Ahti Jarvinen of Finland - Valletta: Marjan of Valletta - Brussels: Princess Antonia of Belgium - Belgrade: Belgrade Book Fair - Vilnius: The Maiden of the Neris River - Oslo: Rune Draco of Oslo - Madrid: Azucena de Terra Astur - Bratislava: Havel z Bratislavy - Vienna: Adele aus Wien - Reykjavik: Edda of Iceland - Budapest: Zsa Zsa Hedervary - Luxembourg: Pharamond aus Luxemburg - Skopje: Damjan od Skopje - San Marino: La Signora Sammarinese - Tallinn: Riina Reval - Riga: Rigas Centraltirgus - Monaco: Prince Rainier II of Monaco - Sarajevo: The Bosnian Fox - Dublin: Irish Sea Shanty - Heraklion: n/a - Minsk: n/a - Pristina: n/a CURRENTLY: 16 females (including Deimos), 14 males (including Hati) Missing (capital): - Amsterdam - Andorra - Ankara - Bern - Bucharest - Chisinau - Copenhagen - Kiev - Lisbon - Ljubljana - London - Nuuk - Podgorica - Rome - Sofia - Stockholm - Tirana - Vaduz - Warsaw ~19 Missing (extra): - Barcelona - Brugge - Cardiff - Dubrovnik - Edinburgh - Istanbul - Marseille - Munich - Saint Petersburg - Salzburg - The Hague - Tromso - Venice - Z├╝rich ~14 Tickets owed: - n/a Regular online time(s): Around 5 AM - 8 PM cave time, both weekdays and weekends (this might change if I get a job). Time off: N/A
  23. I want to breed my own common King or Queen! Forum Name: Beldarius Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Beldarius Secret Word: Cooee I've already made my list of dragons. Heh~ Made it based on colors. 8D 6 blue ones, 2 green, 2 gray, 2 brown, 2 pink and 2 with several color schemes (Hellfire and Ridgewing). <3
  24. I will be breeding my future 2nd gen with an offspring from my CB Gold x CB Black pair. :3 It should provide a pretty lineage, whatever combination it will end up being: Gold/Gold, Gold/Black, Blusang/Gold, Blusang/Black.
  25. I want an Aurum Dragon Scroll Name: Beldarius Generation: Second generation Breeder (Optional): cladus I may just become a breeder once this is all over. I also got an urge to create a CB "royal family" of my own and then start an even-gen lineage - it is quite common for royal families to intermarry, after all~ ;P ...Now wondering whether I should rename my CB Gold female and CB Black male to something else and make them that royal family. pfft