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  1. My username comes from a fan-character I created for David Eddings's Belgariad/Malloreon books. Made him back in 2000 when I was just 12, and he's stuck with me ever since~ He's also the canon main character Garion's twin brother. ;P He's usually called Darius, but just like every sorcerer in the book, he has a "prefix" that makes his formal name Beldarius (for ex, Garion's formal name is Belgarion).
  2. Updated this... and made a spaceship of fountains and snow dragons. 8D The dragons are the crew members~ I think I'll be calling this one Hagane... and that dragon in the middle is Captain Onodera from Super Robot Wars OG.
  3. Racist jokes removed. Those aren't appropriate in the slightest. A Finn, Swede and Norwegian decided to throw something off a hot-air balloon. The Norwegian threw a rotten apple and they went to see where it fell. They found a crying boy who said: "I was thrown with a rotten apple." Then the Swede threw a banana peel and they went to see where it fell. They found a crying boy who said: "I was thrown with a banana peel and slipped on it." Then the Finn threw a bomb and they went to see where it fell. They found a laughing boy who said: "When our teacher farted, the whole school blew up!" /////////////// Grandma and grandpa played soccer and grandpa lost. ...They're still looking for him. /////////////// Two antennae got married. The wedding wasn't anything special, but the reception was spectacular. /////////////// Why shouldn't Turkish people play soccer? -Because every time they get a corner, they start a pizzeria.
  4. Kind of an amusing experience, this one. Both of my Wrapping-Wings have the exact same OVs, UVs and clicks~
  5. I have a pretty simple WIP compared to everybody else, but I love symmetrical so meh. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Beldarius Any suggestions on how to continue? I don't really like that big dragon statue so much, it takes too much space.
  6. Reached level 25 on my Snow Fort, got all Christmases I'm missing~ Now I can sit back and start building the fort~ >///<
  7. ...I just renamed my CB Copper "SOS SOS This Is An Annoying SOS" because its code was 6LSoS. Another reason was a really catchy SMS I heard - a guy in chipmunk going "SMS SMS glassonviele (sp?) SMS lalalala~ Bwahahaha!"
  8. My lowest gens are three 6th gen Bronze Shimmers and one 6th gen Silver Shimmer. I've never even seen anything higher than that in Take an Egg or the Departures thread. ._. With Tinsels it's easier - my highest Bronze Tinsel is a 4th gen.
  9. Got a White male called Elgin Dusk the Dorkface (yeah, he's also a Dorkface). I really like his lineage, it's short and clean and I can continue it (have a CB Gold female from 2008, the only one I caught). http://dragcave.net/lineage/8vC9A
  10. I think I've got at least one of them - a White called Elgin Dusk the Dorkface (yeah, I think he has the Dusk lineage, too). Isn't his lineage pretty? <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/8vC9A
  11. I've been here since 2008 and could never get a Holly until today. Now I have two - one from the AP, and one I traded for~
  12. *pause* OK, NOW I'm excited. :0 I'd love get three or four Heartseekers and Rosebuds. Anyway, I used to think this limit lift would make it really hard to catch stuff... however, I did catch a Holly in the AP. After eight hours, but still. It's a little messy, but who cares~ I'll be able to gift Hollies next year. <3
  13. Got my second Holly in a 1:2 trade (with Snow Angels). Now I can retire from the first half of the hunt~
  14. Beldarius

    Lineage Advice

    This was my first time deliberately breeding my CB Snow Angels - I noticed that the tricolor Snow Angel looks magnificent with a CB male Lumina. http://dragcave.net/lineage/4bxZB Anyone who wishes to breed a pretty Snow Angel might want to try this~
  15. One of my new dragons has the code "SKz9Y". ...Why is Nicolas Sarkozy on my scroll?
  16. Either Humans stole my cookie or Requiem For A Nose.
  17. Eight hours of refreshing later, I now have a Holly. It isn't as unbroken as I'd want it to be, but it's reasonably clean and doesn't seem inbred. <3 And it's a Thuwed to boot.
  18. Requester Forum Name: Beldarius What I Want: two 2nd gen Heartseekers, two 2nd gen Arsani, one Rosebud What I Can Offer: Shimmers, Tinsels, Holidays, pretty much anything on my scroll PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=16498 Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/Beldarius ///// Holiday Breeder Forum Name: Beldarius What I can breed: Valentine, Sweetling, Rosebud, all Halloweens, all Christmases (Holly, Winter Magi and Wrapping-Wing after they mature) I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Trading (but I can do gifting after I've gotten all Holidays I'm missing) PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=16498 Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/Beldarius
  19. Caesar Nic Ferrari I didn't know Julius Caesar was a car thief.
  20. Available dragon breeds Aeon Wyvern Albino Almerald Anagallis Antarean Aria Azure Glacewing Blue-Banded Bolt Brimstone Candelabra Carmine Wyvern Celestial Copper Daydream Diamondwing Dorsal Fell Floret Wyvern Freckled Frilled Gemshard Gold Harvest Ice Khusa Kingcrowne Lunar Herald Magma Nocturne Olive Purple Pyralspite Alpine (Almandine) Pyralspite Coast (Spessartine) Pyralspite Volcano (Pyrope) Sapphire Scimitar-wing Wyvern Shimmer-scale Silver Sinii Krai Speckle-Throated Striped Spotted Greenwing Thunder Tinsel Turpentine Water Walker Xenowyrm (considered a single breed) Zyumorph Alpine (Black) Zyumorph Coast (Pink) Zyumorph Desert (Blue) Zyumorph Forest (White) Zyumorph Jungle (Yellow)
  21. I can manage the list, I think. ...If I somehow disappear, then whoever wants to can take over - I've been a member since 2008 and went on a hiatus for a year or two and only got back this year. So if I stop showing up, it's due to a second hiatus. I have a tendency to forget about sites.
  22. I've got quite a few rare dragons... let's see... Guardian of Nature. With Z-code to boot. CB Holiday dragons. Cheese. Paper. Chicken. Three Dinos of different colors (Red, Blue, Green). Leetle Tree. CB Gold. CB Silver. CB Ice. Two CB Frills. 3rd EG Old Pink. All Tinsels and Shimmers (Gold, Silver, Bronze). My rarest would probably be the Guardian of Nature since it took me like three years to summon him. And when I got him, he was Z-coded.
  23. I can't believe my luck today. I've caught two new releases, and my first CB Ice, CB Silver and CB Copper.
  24. Well, I think my favorites go somewhat like this: Stage 1: Black Tea, Bleeding Moon, Day Glory, Gilded Bloodscale, Thunder, Yulebuck, Grave. Reasons: Picked Black Teas because they look like chubby, wine-colored Sphynx cats. So cuuuuuuute. Bleeding Moons also look like they want a hug. My favorite overall is either Black Tea, Bleeding Moon or Grave, can't decide. Stage 2: Pumpkins and Splits. Also Bleeding Moon, Flamingo (female), Hellfire (female), Shimmer, Silver (both genders), Yulebuck, Black Marrow, Grave. Reasons: I froze an S2 Pumpkin and S2 Split just for this reason~ (I don't collect frozen hatchies so these two are special.) ...I named my Pumpkin "Siberian Flying Gecko" because Siberian Flying Squirrels mixed with geckos would totally look like that~ My favorite overall is either Bleeding Moon, female Hellfire or Grave. I also adore both stages of the good old discontinued Frills. So I guess my favorite hatchie would be either the Frill, Bleeding Moon or Grave~ ;P Though S1 Black Tea is so freakin' adorable~
  25. Just caught a Skywing hatchie in the AP... turns out it was CB and already gendered male. Of all the good luck in the world~