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  1. Tricolor is my favorite - it's also the one I have. ...I think the solid gold looks a bit boring.
  2. My 4th gen Gold appears to like numbers? Or then it's Doctor Nr. 82. Dunno. http://dragcave.net/lineage/82NrD I also caught my new Christmases based on their codes~ ;P http://dragcave.net/lineage/GAsYw - this one's gassy http://dragcave.net/lineage/zcOGX - Z-code and has cogs (is this thing a mechanic?! )
  3. This is what I do if I catch or breed anything really rare: I fog them right away, and only unfog them when they've reached the 4 day mark. After they've hatched, I fog the resulting hatchling and only unfog it when it reaches the 4 day mark again. This way viewbombers can do nothing to my eggs and hatchies. I also use only one hatchery/daycare. The ER'ing is really the only thing I need.
  4. ...I actually have a CB female Gold. Pairing her with a CB male Vine, and then breeding the 2nd gen with Flavie would create a mirror EG of Gold and Vine. That should be rather valuable, I think? Though I also have this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iRGg Deamiel and Flavie are basically paired together by default, and I kind of like what this looks like - the colors match together really well.
  5. Hm. Then I guess breeding Flavie with a CB Vine and continuing the Gold x Vine spiral lineage would be worth more? pfft. I think I'll actually try making a Silver and Vine 2nd gen and then doing an EG of metal and plants.
  6. I just got "Sagittarius Seiya" for my Winter Magi - a must for a Saint Seiya fangirl like me~ (Saint Seiya Omega is so awesome. >///<) It surprised me that "Aries Kiki" was taken, though. I thought Seiya was a more popular Gold Saint candidate than Kiki. I mean, I adore Kiki and all, but he didn't do much in the original series (while Seiya is the protagonist). PS. Also got "Deathwatch Tokisada" for my second Winter Magi. ...Named him after this handsome fellow~ (Eeeeeee, Sho Hayami <3)
  7. Two questions... What is a Chicken worth? I'm trying to trade one (I know it's worth one Dino or so) - I've actually had a few people try to offer me commons for the Chicken (uh... yeah. Just no.). And how about a 4th gen spiral Gold? This one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/82NrD ...What can you get for one of those? (I'm thinking about keeping it since it's the first Gold I bred in AGES. Just curious.)
  8. My semi-clean spiral Holly just grew up~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/GdNlw While my four-time Thuwed Holly is still growing. http://dragcave.net/lineage/MMDBN
  9. I got Tricolors back when they were first released. ;P So I've known mine for years~
  10. *dances like a loon* I love you, Ougon! kwghsodgho He finally bred true and now I have a 4th gen spiral Gold egg on my scroll~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/82NrD ...Three generations of that are mine~
  11. Merry Christmas, everybody~ (Finnish Christmas was yesterday already. ) Caught my eggs in seconds. wtf
  12. *scratches head* I managed to name my CB White The Fionavar Tapestry. I haven't read Guy Gavriel Kay's books, but it still surprises me nobody on this site took that name before me.
  13. YES. I've caught two CB Winter Seasonals and one CB Magma! *dances* I was missing Magmas completely~ Also caught a CB Copper earlier, and got a Silver Shimmer from the Departures thread. ...That Nhiostrife on my scroll was a misclick. It will be going to the AP once the cooldown is over.
  14. My two Hollies, and with really pretty lineages, too~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/MMDBN - Caught this one in the AP. It looks really clean despite the messiness, and it's a FOUR-TIME Thuwed~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/GdNlw - Got this one in a trade. I also just caught a CB Winter Seasonal and influenced it female~ I can continue this lineage next year, no problem. 8D
  15. This is the only Holly I managed to snatch in the AP. http://dragcave.net/lineage/MMDBN He has a reasonably clean lineage, despite the messiness. Plus he's a FOUR-TIME Thuwed. PS. I also have a second Holly, that one from a trade.
  16. I decided to stick with my current fort, no more fiddling with it~ My space dragon ship is ready to fly and fight the Aerogators~ http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Beldarius Middle dragon:
  17. I'd love to be the daughter of Thanatos, the God of Death. ...But in reality, Athena would match me the closest - I'm smart with a really good memory and I love turn-based RPGs and strategy games. Though I have to admit I'm lazy and love sleeping so Thanatos's twin brother Hypnos, the God of Sleep, would match me even better than Athena.
  18. Most Likely: ISFJ or Second Possibility: ISFP or Third Possibility: ESFJ Your cognitive functions are, in order of development: Si - Fi - Fe - Se - Ti - Te - Ni - Ne ...Personally, I think I'm closest to ISFP (The Artist) out of these.
  19. I've seen a few really clean bathrooms, while others... not so much. I still remember one particular gas station bathroom where every single toilet bowl was stained yellow on the inside. Also, while working at a library around a year ago, I once went to the public bathroom to blow my nose (I sneeze really easily) and then smelled something nasty. Looking at the toilet bowl, I realized what had happened... the old lady who had been there before me had clogged the toilet with her poop. My co-workers had to chop the turd up with a knife before it went down. ._.; ...I've also caused quite an amusing moment in a gas station bathroom. I was a little kid back then, and decided to wash my clothes in the sink. (That is the least comical thing I've done. ...My mom told me I'd once made several tables and waiters at a restaurant laugh their butts off - I was a small girl of around 3 or 4, and had waltzed into the room without any clothes on. Turns out I had been swimming in the ball pit. "But it's dumb to swim with your clothes on!")
  20. My username comes from a fan-character I created for David Eddings's Belgariad/Malloreon books. Made him back in 2000 when I was just 12, and he's stuck with me ever since~ He's also the canon main character Garion's twin brother. ;P He's usually called Darius, but just like every sorcerer in the book, he has a "prefix" that makes his formal name Beldarius (for ex, Garion's formal name is Belgarion).
  21. Updated this... and made a spaceship of fountains and snow dragons. 8D The dragons are the crew members~ I think I'll be calling this one Hagane... and that dragon in the middle is Captain Onodera from Super Robot Wars OG.
  22. Racist jokes removed. Those aren't appropriate in the slightest. A Finn, Swede and Norwegian decided to throw something off a hot-air balloon. The Norwegian threw a rotten apple and they went to see where it fell. They found a crying boy who said: "I was thrown with a rotten apple." Then the Swede threw a banana peel and they went to see where it fell. They found a crying boy who said: "I was thrown with a banana peel and slipped on it." Then the Finn threw a bomb and they went to see where it fell. They found a laughing boy who said: "When our teacher farted, the whole school blew up!" /////////////// Grandma and grandpa played soccer and grandpa lost. ...They're still looking for him. /////////////// Two antennae got married. The wedding wasn't anything special, but the reception was spectacular. /////////////// Why shouldn't Turkish people play soccer? -Because every time they get a corner, they start a pizzeria.
  23. Kind of an amusing experience, this one. Both of my Wrapping-Wings have the exact same OVs, UVs and clicks~
  24. I have a pretty simple WIP compared to everybody else, but I love symmetrical so meh. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Beldarius Any suggestions on how to continue? I don't really like that big dragon statue so much, it takes too much space.
  25. Reached level 25 on my Snow Fort, got all Christmases I'm missing~ Now I can sit back and start building the fort~ >///<