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  1. I love this idea and I'm all up for it - we just need to check the forum to make sure there isn't a thread like this already. EDIT: An additional notion to F.ury's post above mine... I've been going through the new TAE LAE thread, and I'm noticing that there's MORE theft than in the original TAE LAE thread. Most of the transfers have been claimed and there's nothing being left behind. It appears writing the rules in short format didn't help at all - people still aren't obeying them. ...TAE LAE isn't supposed to be the Departures thread. Just to make sure, if I left something in TAE LAE, I wouldn't look for anything in return. But leaving something for OTHERS to take is the point of the thread, and that isn't happening. I'd say the entire purpose of the thread is void if if turns into another Departures.
  2. OK, this is the best idea I've seen so far. This sounds like something that warrants an entirely new thread in the Suggestions forum. If something like this could be implemented, I'm withdrawing my opinion on rendering the trade forum invisible.
  3. ...I just realized one way to prevent theft is to make the trade forum invisible to people who aren't registered. Basically not allowing anybody to see any of the trade threads unless they have a forum profile. (Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the entire forum. Just one section.) Or removing the "hide scroll" feature entirely. Who needs that anyway? If people are scared of their eggs dying, they can just fog them. AND it will help catch and report people who actually break rules (think inappropriate names and the like).
  4. ...The rules on the new "Take and Leave" thread feel to restrictive to me. I was one of the people who actually followed the rules of the original thread, and used two-ways the correct way (by accepting the dummy from the first person who actually left something). Now it kind of feels actually following the rules became a punishable act. If users aren't allowed to prevent theft on their own (even through PM), then I'm probably never going to use that thread again. PS. I will still be using two-ways in the Departures thread since I like to know where my eggs and hatchies go (after that, I don't really mind what happens). ...If you think that feels like a trade, then you can just go ahead and get the Departures thread closed, too. Since apparently everything with two-ways is now a trade.
  5. Voted Set 2, Round 3. ...The Flame Quetzals and the Double-Winged were some of my favorites in this batch. So pretty. (The veggie Pygmy is also really adorable~)
  6. I have no idea where you're getting the idea that veteran players will have a hard time. I've also been here since 2008 and I don't have any problems getting used to the new layout. And what's the problem with misclicking? That's why we have password verification. If you misclick on something and type a password without checking what you're doing, then it's your own fault for not paying attention. Misclicking, without actually doing anything, isn't even harmful at all. It just takes a few more seconds to find the right action. Few more SECONDS. Seriously. What's the hurry?
  7. Point 1: that is just an opinion of a few people. Just because you think it's ugly doesn't mean everyone thinks the same way. Personally, I don't mind the change. I wouldn't have minded if it had stayed the same, but I know I'll get used to this layout soon. Point 2: ...Um. There are only five or six actions. Saying they're hard to find makes it sound like you're in a hurry and have to "click on it right now". Nothing is hard to find if you just spend some time and look for it. And eventually you'll just get used to it and find it without having to focus. ...I mean, I've been here for SIX years and I don't think they're hard to find at all!
  8. ...Like other people before me, I'm actually pretty sure it's the footer doing all this. I blocked the footer with the instructions from the "help" thread and everything is working fine with the default skin now. I gather that thing is too large for the site and it blocks everything but the two top actions - kinda like a sheet of glass that stops you from touching things. PS. I don't have a problem with the two-column layout. I can get used to things like this pretty easily, I only had a problem with the unclickable links but now that blocking the footer fixed it... *shrug*
  9. ...It's not GI Joe, but a C5 Joe?
  10. Voted Set 1, Round 3. There were quite a few "both" choices for me. These are so pretty.
  11. Got egg-locked in the end. Once the 5-hour wait is over, I'll be getting rid of one Volcano egg (since I have three and I only need two).
  12. Beware this site, for EBIL penguins be throwing eggs everywhere! ...Don't mind the occasional pillow or flying nut in the mix.
  13. I got three REALLY pretty dragons recently - two from the AP, one as a dummy (which was most likely from the AP, too). http://dragcave.net/lineage/qs0jI (AP) http://dragcave.net/lineage/nO6RK (AP) http://dragcave.net/lineage/5R4qP (dummy which I decided to keep because pretty)
  14. Got four - two to go (since I don't do freezing). I actually expected to be egg-locked until tomorrow, but all of a sudden two of my Reds had their BSA timer run out. So I incubated my remaining eggs and now I have three eggs in the ER~ PS. In b4 people start to complain about the eggs going too fast. You think this is bad, I've been here since 2008 and back then the drops were even worse than this. My Internet connection was also much slower back then and the Lagmonster attacks happened around that time.
  15. Well, nine eggs means our egg slots won't be enough. Now I'm amused at picturing people raging about that (personally, I don't mind).
  16. Have two tickets, one for sunny Nicosia and one for not so sunny Torshavn~ Check the front page for my passport - I'm missing 28 cities at the moment~
  17. CB Blusangs are actually pretty easy to find. I have five myself, and I'm not even a hoarder (I usually just get one gendered pair of CBs and stop there).
  18. ...I wish I knew why people are so obsessed about getting new dragons on their release date. You should be able to hunt for them even after the new egg drops are over so what's the big deal?
  19. I've added my votes. ...I really love Tanglewyrms, Vigilants and Willowherbs myself~
  20. I don't really care either way if the new egg drops are scheduled or random. *shrug* TJ has his own life - maybe the scheduled drops were affecting his personal life and random drops are easier for him. Who knows.
  21. Offered on this~ So pretty. Leaving: 2nd gen PB Blusang, Super Robot Wars lineage~ Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Leave a dummy and give something back to the thread. Gone~
  22. Here are some new tickets to Nicosia and Torshavn~
  23. I'm kind of curious. What would this lineage pattern be called if Clair (the black) was a female Silver? It's not exactly purebred as I have four breeds, and it can't be called a mirror/foil, either. http://dragcave.net/lineage/q2Wmu
  24. I'm still surprised nobody else but me seems to know about Super Robot Wars OG. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Jyz6R I named this 2nd gen and both of his parents after mecha from that series. the 2nd gen's namesake from SRW. ...So if Blusangs were mecha? THIS is what they would look like - even down to having the same color scheme~
  25. What?! I just named my Hellhorse "GaoGaiGar"! How come nobody had that yet?!