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  1. I got two Silvers in a trade... and somehow BOTH of their codes... http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZC0wY http://dragcave.net/lineage/FtWTz Cows ftw?
  2. I... am very amused now. I didn't notice what I had done with the names in this lineage until today. http://dragcave.net/lineage/zwiG2
  3. I don't have very many Zombies and discontinued breeds, but I guess they'll still help people fill their Encyclopedia. Zombies: http://dragcave.net/lineage/pEER http://dragcave.net/lineage/pDrG Frills: http://dragcave.net/lineage/88yb http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZyG6 Bright Pink: http://dragcave.net/lineage/t9vJ I also have two Cheese, one Chicken, one Paper and one of each Dino in case people still need to observe those. (My scroll's sorted by breed since I find that the easiest configuration.) PS. I don't think clicking your own dragons counts toward completing your Encyclopedia. I clicked ALL of mine and none of them counted so I had to move to other people's scrolls.
  4. Here's a good way to fill your Encyclopedia: * Find scrolls with thousands of dragons. Mods tend to have just enough for this. * UNLOCK IMAGES: click 15 adults and 10 hatchies, and eggs if you find any. * FILL BREED DATA: CTRL+F for "hatchling" (this will speed up your browsing) and click the frozen hatchies. Switch clicking between hatchies and adults until breed data is filled. ...I actually did this and I got practically everything unlocked (and a lot of breed data) in just five hours. Note, this only really works for people with good Internet. Though I'm hoping the little CTRL+F trick will help people who have limited time to play on DC.
  5. ...OK. I've just filled practically ALL of the encyclopedia already. I'm only missing hatchies and a few adults. It didn't take me more than five hours to pull that off!
  6. ...This is freakin' weird. I have 20 Pink dragons and I clicked all of them, but the Pink dragon on the Encyclopedia still won't register. It still shows "breed not unlocked". Whoever came up with the idea that "clicking 15 of the breed" will unlock it was wrong.
  7. I've somehow managed to get Black Prince of Wales, Lost My Nuggets, Tin Tyrant, William Butler Yeats, I am Boudicca, I'M MELTING HALP, Starzinger, GaoGaiGar, Basil Hawkins, Going Merry Go, omg night, Three Lines of Thuwed, I Will Give You Cancer (Ultraviolet) and Pink Power Ranger.
  8. Secret Rendezvous - in my pants. ...Wat. 8D
  9. Arthropleura, an extinct species of centipede - they could grow up to 2,6 meters (8.5 feet) in length. Just picture a centipede bigger than a basketball player rearing up in front of you.
  10. ...You're a pillow. Pillows are meant to be hugged. (PS. That's a dude in my avatar. He's a mecha pilot. A really badass one. Just sayin'.)
  11. Oh, I apologize. I will tell the chef to put in the blue mustache. Waiter, there's a fourth wall in my soup.
  12. Don't think so. The other two Shinies were a Bronze Shimmer from White, Gold Tinsel from Ribbon Dancer and White from Bronze Tinsel (this one got vamped).
  13. 8 slots sounds really nice - I'm a bit OCD when it comes to symmetry and I always want to get two of a certain egg, two of another, two of a third... and that 7th random slot kind of bothered me since it meant I could only get one egg instead of two. With 8 slots it would mean I could get four full pairs~ ...Come to think of it, when DID I join DC? *goes to check* My oldest dragon is from September 2008 which means I've passed my 6th year landmark. Wat.
  14. I had a similar experience when our family cat was put down three years ago (November 2011 to be exact). We got her back in 2000 when I was 12 years old - I practically grew up with her and I actually considered her more as a friend than a pet. She was always around people - headbutting them; sitting on their laps, chests or the newspaper; sleeping cuddled up next to them. During her final years she even crawled under my blanket to sleep on my arm (I sometimes pushed her back out as it was a bit uncomfortable, but now I wish I'd let her sleep like that each time she did that). We have a new cat now - his personality is a bit different (for ex, he isn't as lovey-dovey and doesn't like sitting on laps or being petted - unless it's a tummy rub), but I love him. He's a dorky goofball. ...I have to admit I took our cat's death worse than I did my older sister's. My sister was eight years older than me and she was killed by her own boyfriend (not his fault - a new type of medication made him snap) when she was 27. I was told about her death one November evening in 2007 (I think it was a Thursday) and after one pang of shock ("What did she just say?") I turned around, not wanting my mom to see I didn't react to the news at all. Even at my sister's funeral, I felt absolutely nothing. I knew she was in the coffin stone-dead, but the thought of it didn't even faze me. There are two possible explanations for that: my Asperger's syndrome tones down my feelings, or I just didn't know my sister well enough (we had different mothers and she grew up with her own mom - I don't even have very many childhood memories of her due to our age difference).
  15. *swipes NDs as she has none*
  16. Yer welcome, enjoy your long-lined (but clean) Tinsel~ 8D This is the second time I've found one of my babbies on this thread. <3 I actually bred most of my Shimmers and Tinsels recently - booted all four eggs I got from them to the AP for people to find (well, three Shinies... fourth one was a Shinykin with a nasty code). ...Oh god. The Shinykin went to a person with an amazing naming sense (and it's vamped now). *squees*
  17. Voted Set 5, Round 3. I had to pick "Both" a few times (2-3)... hopefully that won't make things more difficult.
  18. The whole "seasonal rotation" thing would solve the problem of cave-blockers for the most part, and keep peoples' interest up so they keep playing. It works much better than retiring breeds does. UniCreatures also has seasonal rotation for some of its adoptables (and monthly rotation for others) and I have to admit I keep going back there to collect every breed there is. Monthly rotation would actually work even better than seasonal. There are 12 months and several breeds - the commons could have months assigned to them, while the rares could be around all year long.
  19. ...I wouldn't mind a Midsummer holiday dragon myself. Or a batch of them. I even came up with two breed names relating to the holiday itself~ Bonfires and Maypoles. I shouldn't be listening to classical music. Now I'm getting ideas for new Halloween dragons.
  20. Voted Set 4, Round 3. ...Hm. I really like Quilltails, Saevios and Shadow-winged. A bit bummed they're losing, but oh well. (Btw, I voted "both" on Seven-Colored and Shadow-winged since they're both so pretty~)
  21. I guess if this ends up becoming a permanent site rule, then making an off-site forum somewhere else just for gifting? Off-site means DC forum rules don't apply and your threads won't be closed. Proboards would be ideal since those forums are free, and you can make them invisible to anybody who isn't registered (so there would be no stalking guests).
  22. Just because some people did that doesn't mean everybody thinks the same way. I didn't mind what was going to happen to the egg or hatchie I left in the thread (on a two-way) - I just wanted to know where it would go, AND "TAE LAE" wasn't meant to be just another gifting thread - it was meant to be a place where people share. People who simply take don't know the meaning of sharing.
  23. That was why it was required to post "Taking this" right after taking the egg, it was fine to post "will leave something later once I can breed". People like THAT weren't called thieves - people who NEVER left anything were called that. How hard is it to catch something nice (or even messy) off the AP and then dropping that in the thread?