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  1. The clowns are out in full force again - all of my bred Holidays were viewbombed while I was asleep. Good thing I noticed in time before anything died.


    So a word of warning: the holiday viewbombers may be targeting more than just me. Check that your dragons are fine.

  2. Viewbombed to oblivion, on Christmas. Looks like some loser living in their parents' basement had nothing better to do with their time again.


    I'm not going to make excuses for how that came out. Viewbombing is disrespectful behavior, so they deserve nothing more than contempt from me.

  3. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for a hatchie to gender? Can you speed up the process by sticking it in a daycare? ...For example, if I have a hatchie at 7 days, will it take a certain amount of days for it to mature no matter what, or will it mature faster if it gets views?


    I've been trying to look up the information online, but not even the wiki explains it clearly so I'm a little lost. ...I guess it shows my attention span when I've been on DC for 11 years and still don't know the simplest things. 🤣


    EDIT: All right, thank you, purplehaze!

  4. On 11/1/2019 at 10:45 PM, Fuzzbucket said:


    Going by what people have experienced - you can say "influenced m" all you like - but clearly some people are - less than truthful about this one.... Sadly I suspect it would be abused like mad.


    The easy way to deal with people like those is to make a private list of trades, and then refuse any future offers from people who cheated you. And by private, I mean things like Notepad documents on your desktop. That way you won't be breaking the rules by making blacklists where other players can see them.


    Note to newbies: making public blacklists has always been against the rules... don't do it, or you'll most likely get banned.

  5. I've been trading things in the Trading Hub for a while now, and I've always thought it would be useful to attach a message to an offer.


    For example, there's a person making a trade in the Hub and asking for a hatchie with a specific gender; I happen to have the hatchie they want, but they haven't gendered yet and I'd like to let them know. Then it turns out they don't have a forum account so there's no way to contact them. In cases like these, it would be helpful to have an option to attach a message along the lines of "precog F" as you make the offer.


    What "offer messages" could do:

    1) people can tell the trader an ungendered hatchling has been precogged or influenced correctly

    2) allows for simple messages like "thank you, will take care of it" to put a trader's mind at ease, or brighten their day

    3) if your offer is a CB on cooldown, you can offer a dummy and then let the trader know about the situation


    Currently there's no way to contact members without a forum account, so I figured this could be a nice way to make trades for "off-forumers" a little easier.


    EDIT: As I've just been told, there seems to be a ban on direct communication in the Hub. Maybe these messages could be automatic and selected from a dropdown list? That way nobody can harass the person making the trade or beg for something - the dropdown could include options along the lines of "precog M", "precog F" and "thank you" (and possibly "cooldown dummy").

  6. Forum name: Beldarius
    PM address: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=16498

    List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed:

    CB Pumpkin, female

    CB Pumpkin, male


    CB Black Marrow, female

    CB Black Marrow, male

    2G Marrow from Aeon, male (no mate yet)

    2G Marrow from Ember, male (no mate yet)


    CB Shadow Walker, female

    CB Shadow Walker, male


    CB Cavern Lurker, female

    CB Cavern Lurker, female

    CB Cavern Lurker, female

    CB Cavern Lurker, male

    2G Cavern Lurker from White, female, has a mate

    2G Cavern Lurker from Royal Crimson, male, has a mate

    2G Cavern Lurker from White, male, has a mate


    CB Grave, female

    CB Grave, female

    CB Grave, female

    CB Grave, female

    CB Grave, male

    CB Grave, male (spoken for during Halloween week)

    CB Grave, male

    2G Grave from Electric, female, has a mate

    2G Grave from Electric, female, has a mate

    2G Grave from Winter Magi, female, has a mate (spoken for during Halloween week)

    3G Grave from GoN, even gen, female, has a mate (spoken for during Halloween week)

    3G Grave from Spessartine, even gen, male, has a mate


    CB Desipis, female

    CB Desipis, female

    CB Desipis, female

    CB Desipis, male

    CB Desipis, male

    CB Desipis, male


    CB Caligene, female

    CB Caligene, male


    CB Witchlight, female

    CB Witchlight, female (spoken for during Halloween week)

    CB Witchlight, female

    CB Witchlight, male

    CB Witchlight, male

    CB Witchlight, male


    CB Omen Wyrm, female

    CB Omen Wyrm, female

    CB Omen Wyrm, male

    CB Omen Wyrm, male


    CB Arcana, female

    CB Arcana, female

    CB Arcana, female

    CB Arcana, male

    CB Arcana, male

    CB Arcana, male

    List of Halloweens I need:
    - 3G female Grave from Winter Magi x Grave checker, unrelated to this

    - 4G female Grave from male GoN x female Grave checker, unrelated to this

    - 4G male Grave from female Spessartine x male Grave checker, unrelated to this

    - 5G female Grave from male Electric x female Grave checker, unrelated to either this or this

    - 5G female Grave from male Electric x female Grave checker, unrelated to either this or this (yes, I need two)

    List of commons from Halloweens I still need:

    - n/a

  7. I'm not seeing any eggs either, so unless all of our connections are fritzing, there's definitely something up. It's most likely a bug (better to be a pessimist... you never get disappointed!).

  8. What I have for your encyclopedia

    You can find all of my rares here: https://dragcave.net/group/95657


    The group includes Golds, Silvers, Coppers, GoNs, Avatars, Prizes, Trios, unbreedables, etc. I have every breed on the entire site except the Neglected. All breeds put together I have over 1000 dragons to click... happy encyclopedia hunting!


    What I need for my encyclopedia

    Aeria Gloris - adults and hatchies

    Arcana - adults and hatchies

    Avea - adults and hatchies

    Blusang - adults and hatchies

    Bolt (Electrified) - adults

    Celestial (Corporeal) - adults

    Galvanic - adults and hatchies

    Geminae - adults and hatchies

    Hellhorse - adults and hatchies

    Holiday '18 - adults and hatchies

    Kovos - adults and hatchies

    Lihnseyre - adults and hatchies

    Neglected - eggs

    Nocturne (Blue) - adults and hatchies

    Ochredrake - adults and hatchies

    Red-Tailed Wyrm - adults and hatchies

    Rift - adults and hatchies

    Seasonal (Autumn) - adults and hatchies

    Seasonal (Spring) - adults and hatchies

    Seasonal (Summer) - adults and hatchies

    Seasonal (Winter) - adults and hatchies

    Sinii Krai - adults and hatchies

    Skysilk - adults

    Spirit Ward - adults (all night colors)

    Striped (Green) - eggs

    Undead - zombie Blancblack adults and hatchies (already went through the spreadsheet, still gray)

    Vremya - adults and hatchies

  9. 31 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    - but viewed several.


    I've put my galvanics and geminae in that group now, in case that helps ? (Kovos are in my pygmies if you need them: https://dragcave.net/group/52588 )

    Thank you, your Galvanics and Geminae finally unlocked those images. ...Though for some reason the Aeria is still gray, after 9 adults viewed.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    I'm afraid it may be you. :lol: 


    UNLESS you are viewing ones you have already viewed. Mine just updated a shedload of firegems when I tested. have you tried going to lineage and then back - that often helps.


    Here are my Aerias - try those ?


    https://dragcave.net/group/95655 (I have no Arcana hatchies, sorry.)

    Oh, that worked. I wonder how? The adult Aerias I looked at earlier were some I had never seen before, and the Encyclopedia still didn't register them.


    ...Still doesn't explain why the Galvanic and Geminae are still gray on the main encyclopedia page, even though mine already matured into adults. Usually if I raise a breed from an egg to an adult, the "thumbnail image" starts showing the actual dragon instead of staying gray.

  11. The Dragon Encyclopedia seems to be broken. It isn't registering any of the new dragons I observe - I tried unlocking some information for the Aeria Gloris breed, but even after looking at six adults, the encyclopedia still only shows my observations at "adults observed: 1". The text in the encyclopedia isn't updating either. It's still stuck on the "observe 3 adults" task which I should have finished by now.


    I also tried doing the same for Arcana hatchlings... it's not registering those either. I've also raised two adults of all the new breeds, but the images for them are still gray. Is this a bug or am I the only one experiencing this?


    A few images: https://imgur.com/a/cRxmlcu

  12. Somebody went and added my eggs and hatchies to Silvi's Lair (I never use it), even though my scroll is clearly set to "no help". Thankfully I noticed in time and fogged all of them.


    If the person who put them there reads this, and did it to help me, please don't do that? I don't need any help.


    However, if you were a viewbomber... wow. Don't you have anything better to do with your life than troll people over pixels?

  13. Best code ever

    ndhgg (I caught a dragon from Norse mythology! XD luls)


    Christmas haul

    JOYe5 (Snark the Herald Angels Sing~)

    GODxh (and I caught god)


    Halloween haul

    Lid8b (lid to a coffin)

    kiD3L (a kid)

    GkGod (geek god, could be Greek? I should pair him with the Starsinger.)

    ZyUah (not a Zyu)

    OJa18 ("oja" is Finnish for ditch)

    jBAgs (shopping bags)

    MaqOO (Mrs. Maqoo)



    HoTap (Bubba HoTap)

    T1CMe (it wants tickles)

    8RoAn (I thought only horses were roan?)

    3LYyn (too many Lyns in Fire Emblem Heroes)

    SPyE1 (an Irish spy disguised as a sea shanty)

    gNG0N (not a GoN)

    cABCC (cab driver)

    bmW5d (my dad's car)

    ReVVB (revving engines)

    r1BTB (not really a rib)

    nOf0G (dislikes fogging)

    InrEX (actor in Kommissar Rex)

    LyleN (Lyle Dylandy)

    eekDY (scaredy cat)

  14. It's actually happening to several pages right now - I can't access my scroll or the Trading Hub since they both load into an error page.


    If you use Firefox, it could be an error caused by the browser (as an earlier thread mentioned). Which is just more proof that Firefox Quantum is the worst browser in the history of the world, despite Mozilla's claims it's an "upgrade" (it's not).

  15. I discovered a small problem. The progeny link on a dragon's page doesn't work properly if the mate is deceased. I own a dragon with a deceased father, and when I go look at the mother's page, my dragon isn't in the progeny at all.





    Is this supposed to happen, or is that a bug?