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  1. Can we get them on Android phones? I tried with mine but did't see any Easter eggs, so I had to sneak in my son's room to commandeer borrow his netbook. We'll be travelling most of the weekend, and staying connected through the phone would be much easier for us. Anyway: Thank you TJ!
  2. alicit

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    My son got a black Stripe from two PB red Stripes. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GbsZ
  3. I remember those times... We also had to make an effort to post our eggs in forums and coms and it took me over an hour each day just to click on other people's eggs (and that is if I only clicked on 20 scrolls). No easy posting on sites with autorefresh for us. The game was more challenging and I loved it then. I still love it now, but those times were not bad either, just a different style. Get off my lawn, young whippersnappers!
  4. If people could have 12/18/21 eggs, the main page (or the biomes) would be absolutely crowded with people clicking on anything on sight. Then, the AP would be overflowing with unwanted eggs... and let's not think about crowded new releases. You think Halloween was bad? It would be 4 times worse if people could pick 4 times the amount of eggs!
  5. Say you have 4 hatchlings and 3 eggs. You cannot pick anymore eggs, but you can breed 2 more so you have 5 eggs and 4 hatchlings. If you incubate the eggs, or the hatchlings are on low views, or fogged, you can hatch the eggs before the hatchlings grow up and you can have 9 hatchlings at the same time. I see no point in doing it, but it is possible.
  6. There is no limit on hatchies, just the total number allowed. If you have 12 or less you are OK. It doesn't say anywhere that you can only have 8 hatchlings.
  7. @MisunderstoodDreamer, this is what TJ said about picking hatchlings while egg-locked:
  8. My favourite feature is definitely new Egg/Hatchling limits; the fact that you can still catch or trade hatchlings even if you are egg locked is awesome. My second choice would be renaming, but as I only have one wrongly named dragon, the excitement will fade soon. Keeping incompatible matches from the breeding page is also a good development.
  9. Could somebody catch for me, please? I haven't managed to get a single halloween egg and neither have my kids :/ and we have been trying from 7 AM UK time.
  10. Thanks! I didn't even think about going back.
  11. I have 46. Half way there! Is there a full list anywhere? I tried to go through the thread but it grows too fast!
  12. alicit

    10 on 10-10-10

    I think the main drop is starting around XX:43. The lagmonster is throwing everything off kilter.
  13. alicit

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Oh well, at least I know I should try to get a couple more of the tan eggs while there are still some to be had, before they become too rare. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. alicit

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Considering the description of the Ridgewings... Does that mean that there could be alt Ridgewings?
  15. At this time? I would guess he is sleeping and the downtime just means the Cave is down for technical reasons, not for any new development.
  16. That night was April Fools just a couple of years ago. Dragon Cave started as a Pokemon game way before that.
  17. But Dragon Cave started as a Pokemon game! Back in the old times, all the sprites were Pokemon characters, and only when copyright issues arose were they changed into dragons. The reason why Dragon Cave dinos (Yoshis) wear boots is also an homage to other games (Super Mario). The Cave is not turning into a place for Pokemon fans, it was actually created that way!
  18. My Forum member number is 16,482 and I joined on October 1st 2008, although I got my first dragons off the cave on the 25th of September.
  19. A way to avoid that is to ask for the Date of Birth and stage of the egg/hatchling at the time it was lost when posting a found dragon (always keeping in mind that they may revert a stage when dropped). Those don't show up on the parents' pages.