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  1. New Dragon

    A new Valentine's Day dragon will be released at midnight on Valentine's Day, and will drop for three days until February 17 at 23:59. This is the only time it will be available from the cave.


    Valentine's Day Event

    Just like last year, a special Valentine's Day event will begin at midnight on Valentine's Day, coinciding with the release. The event will run for seven full days, ending on February 20 at 23:59).

    Does this mean that the new Valentine dragon will not fall on Valentine's day? Three days until February 17th at 23:59 would mean the 15th, 16th and 17th. I hope it is a typo.

  2. Thanks TJ. Now, to quickly check that page!


    ETA: It says "Page not Found" - I guess it means I'm not a winner. Well, there's always next year. Congratulations to this years winners!

  3. My scroll number is 142573, I joined on the 25th Sept 2008.


    If you use firefox....


    Log in to your scroll.  While on your scroll page...


    Right click and select "View Page Info"

    -or- if you can't right click then go to:  Tools > Page Info


    The "View Page info" screen will pop up.  Next select: Security > View Cookies


    A cookies window will pop up and you will see a list of cookies saved on your computer for dragon cave.


    You want to highlight the one called:  dragon[id]


    After you highlight that cookie, in the area below you will see "Content:" and on that line should be your scroll number


    To confirm that the number is your scroll number simply replace the word "number" with the scroll number in the link below.  If the link takes you to your scroll, then that is your scroll number.  smile.gif




    Thanks WraithZephyr!

  4. I have been working on this lineage for almost three years (the dragon shown is the result of the trial breeding I did in Winter to make sure the dragons were compatible). I started when BSAs weren't around, and the following Summer I couldn't breed enough females, so the project was put back for a year. I wouldn't want to have to wait a year more!


    I am not even trying to breed my other seasonals so there are more chances for this pair to produce an egg.


    By the way, has anybody seen Springs dropping in the Alpine Biome? I have been hanging around there at drop times and in the last week I've managed to catch one Thunder, one Black and even this morning a Silver egg, but haven't seen any Springs... then again I haven't seen any in the Forest either. sad.gif


    Edited because after all this time the sesasons get mixed in my head.

  5. Wow! So this year we get several stories, a wreath to decorate, a raffle, and dressed up dragons in our scrolls as well as breeding the dragons of Christmases past and a new Christmas dragon?


    You are spoiling us. This sounds like it entailed a lot of hard work. Thank you very much to everyone involved, it is appreciated.

  6. I have a question of IOU etiquette: Some days ago I gave my IOU to somebody in exchange for a bred egg, they wanted some CB common gendered hatchlings, so I promised to get them. I caught the eggs, influenced and incubated them, let them hatch, got them enough views to gender (to make sure influence hadn't failed) and now I have some common hatchlings in my scroll that are due to grow up in a day or less. I want to fulfill my IOU, but the person hasn't answered my last two messages, including the one with the teleport link. So, if the hatchlings end up growing up in my scroll, will my IOU be fulfilled or should I go through all the catching, influencing and hatching again?

  7. hardwired, I'll be happy to breed a Seasonal for you, just PM when the time comes as I am very absent minded.


    ETA: By the way, in a few hours I'll probably abandon one, maybe two CB Spring hatchlings, is there anybody here that needs them?

  8. Hi, I am trying to breed a mate for this dragon and I am in need of Gen5 Summer Start Summers unrelated to it, this one, or this one. Can anybody help? I have posted at the dragon trading thread with eggs and hatchlings I could give in exchange, but I have had no luck.


    Obi-Wan Kenobi Seasonal Lineage Project thread, you're my only hope.


  9. Today my son tried to breed 17 Striped x Striped pairs, 18 Striped x Common/Holiday pairs, 1 Striped x Gold pair (yes, he has a lot of Striped dragons) and 2 Nebula x Holiday pairs. He got 1 Nebula (Xmas 2010 parent), one white stripe (Green Stripe x Valentine 2010) and a Swallowtail (Blue Striped parent).


    3 eggs out of 38 breeding attemps? I fear the water supply may be contaminated. Anybody got any three eyed hatchlings?