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  1. Woo! 3/5 revived, this was my year for zombies!
  2. I see. That's a shame, doing a project like this will ruin what I want for my scroll. And since dual scrolls is not allowed, this thread is no benefit to me :C
  3. So, question. On my scrol, I'm trying to get one of each gender/color/sprite, to create a sort of noah's ark effect. If I were to do this, freeze all the blockers I rescued, collect my prize, raise it to adulthood and then release the blockers only after I have finished with everything else why would that be grounds for a blacklisting or banning? Adults or frozen hatchlings don't go in the AP when abandoned, they essentially disappear, for all intents and purposes. It's not contributing to the problem, or undoing any of the work done, so I don't see why it's deserving of punishment.
  4. I'd like to start! I've been trying to get an Ice and Thunder for a while, but haven't had any luck. This seems like a worthwhile use of my time. Currently egglocked, but will start rescuing commons as soon as I have some free slots.
  5. lol the old geezers remembering the good old days! It could be a generational thing. The biggest reason the lineage thing just irks me to no end is how complete disadvantaged you are if you don't WANT to lineage all your dragons. I've been trying to get a female silver for two solid years. TWO YEARS. I can't catch one, and my male silver has bred unsuccessfully for TWO YEARS. What are my options? Trade. Oh, but there's not a single thing on my scroll that anyone will trade me for, not because of the breed, but because of the freaking lineage. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this predicament.
  6. I know a lot of people spend a lot of time making these really nice lineages, and I seriously just do not freaking understand it. I mean, let's say you have a black egg. It's damn near impossible to find black eggs any more, I personally am happy to have one no matter where it came from. But whether it's caveborn or has such and such lineage directly affects how tradeable it is. Which puts people like me, who don't want any armies on their scroll, who don't want to spend months making the perfect lineage, at a distinct disadvantage. In reality? How often do you look at your dragon's lineages? Be honest here. I know a lot of people like knowing they have a special dragon because of its lineage, the same way people feel special because they have a pedigreed dog. But ugh. It just annoys the ever living CRAP out of me. I mean, all the dragons that I collected before this lineage thing became a fad, are now worth nothing, and their eggs are completely worthless to me for trading. I know complaining won't change anything, but it makes me feel better.
  7. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for telling me!
  8. Has the female grown up yet? Because I'm still seeing the hatchling sprite and it's been like three days since the male grew up.
  9. For me what makes a dragon desirable is the fact that I don't have it. I'm of a collector mindset, and I call my scroll the Ark, since I'm trying to get two of each, one male and one female. Of course, that was my original plan, but then you have dragons like the nebula that have 4 different sprites, all of which I intend to collect. There are no rare and common dragons for me. There is only what I have and what I don't have. For the life of me I could not catch an Ember dragon, even though they're listed as common, making them incredibly valuable to me. I didn't have a female mint for AGES because every single one I hatched turned out to be male, even when influenced, so mints became extremely desirable for me. Now I have most of the commons, just seeking out gender matches, alts, or extra sprites. Which means my focus shifts to the dragons that are really hard to get. I have two zombie fodder dragons on my scroll right now, just biding my time until Halloween. Their replacement eggs are already being incubated. Also on my scroll, one hidden egg, ready to be made into a neglected.
  10. nambs

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Jesus I cannot seem to get a single egg. Connection too slow. >C I only managed to pick up two of the spacey looking eggs after trying ALL FREAKING DAY.