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  1. Wait, wat. Netflix? Technologies these days *shakes head* I feel old for remembering when phones were just phones.
  2. Phew, it was just the stream being funky. I bought loads from Belmos, now am poors again ;~; Ah well. Dat Earth Day thread. omai
  3. Damned chickens. Always causing trouble.
  4. For such events, it is possible to get pets back by filling out forms, which are then reviewed by the admins. Not too difficult, and how most current SB hybrids have been created.
  5. The Rapture refers to an event a while ago where a lot of pets' data was lost, effectively making them disappear.
  6. Oh no. Noooooo. Please don't be another rapture...
  7. DIfficulties in college, Wook? I like the glitches. It's amusing to see how many eggs can be piled up before I send 'em to Belmos.
  8. LTB dismots, please see this thread: http://magistream.com/47-kancha/164781-dismots.html
  9. Today was kind of insane.