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  1. HI TCA why don't you go to the chat? I'm more active there than here. It's hard to express excitement at seeing you when your name's abbreviation is capitalized anyways and I'm too lazy to type out the whole thing. ... *cough* anyways, yeah, hi.
  2. ... uh, what ever do you mean? *whistles innocently*
  3. Look, pretties. Yay spring.
  4. They're doing a Deoxys release on May 8. For B&W2. :c Poor 3rd-gen me. No Deoxys.
  5. ... calm down, for 's sake, as long as you don't threaten their hives they're unlikely to sting you. Good that you called the apiary at least, most people just woulda gone flamethrower on the whole installation.
  6. Dammit, Yarolds. Not fast enough when I'm around, but suddenly everything grows omgsofast when I have stuff to do. I'm trying to get below-1% hatchies, dammit.