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  1. Oh, bugger all. I just bought ToS for Gamecube. OH WELL.
  2. They're rare-ish, I guess. The game doesn't really have rarities like DC, as the Stream generates more of what's picked up the most often. And yes, the gender curse. Sigh. *Pokes male somniants*
  3. Heya Angel! All are available from the stream except the saerulis CWs (blue and teal dragon guys) and the taedaen gryphons (candycane gryphons).
  4. These are commissions for someone on another site. More dragons.
  5. Omg he did a flygon! adlkj I love his descriptions for the drawings as well. "Idiot cacnea" haha.
  6. I don't agree that it makes sense. The style of each is completely different; gyarados matches with magikarp much better style-wise than it does with the dragon line.
  7. Kay, thanks. Looks like I'll need about 11 minimum to wipe a stat's evs, just to be sure. I guess this makes raising pokes a bit easier.
  8. Oh, cool. Now to see if they'll take my EVs to zero... (annoying if they don't, grr partial reset is USELESS /flails).
  9. Oh, yeah, forgot about the vitamins. Don't know about the wings and berries though. 3rd gnner and all. And yeah, don't think I'll try it with Legendaries. I'll probably just use it for items. DIAGONAL?! WHAT WIZARDRY IS THIS?!?!?!?