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  1. Potato flour, I'd guess. Potatoes are okay. It's a pity I only like them when they're processed or otherwise unhealthy.
  2. Aww yeeah, riding bugs ftw.
  3. Those sound like sexy typings.
  4. I think my heart just melted. Awww.
  5. seriously what the heck are poffins Oh and stop being such a cynic, let us have our fun.
  6. ANOTHER BUTTERFLY?! goddammit I wish they'd quit it with the butterflies already.
  7. "He is also furry, science didn't see that one coming; way to go science." I love his comments. My favorite is still the venipede one. Stupid pink millipede beetles.
  8. Now where's that koi? ;p Hai light.
  9. True, people'd not multiplayer if it were permanent. It'd be neat if it could be a per-battle or per-tournament thing though. I like lugia more than ho-oh, but I prefer groudon to kyogre. I want to like rayquaza most, but its gummy mouth weirds me out :/
  10. Imagine how the game dynamic would change if you could not only battle and trade with other real-life people, but also steal their pokemon.
  11. Why can't I sell any of my stuff :/ Damned economy.
  12. It was short though. I actually didn't listen to the directions at all and still passed easily. 3rd gen in that case - there was the Shoal Cave.
  13. Oh, I find those fun. One was for the Th... the geyser thing. Thoda? Goddamn all the names for places >_> Doesn't pokemon have similar areas too? /feels like she's used to it by now Certainly not from practicing in ToS...
  14. 's fun figuring stuff out without a guide, if a bit annoying. I'm the hoarder type, so using my Ex-gems without knowing if I'll get a good effect from the combination is a bit nervewracking.
  15. Welp. Haven't gotten far in my game yet. Decided to not use walkthroughs or guides the first time through, I'll bother with a full completion attempt after I go through the plot once.