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  1. So for those who have been asking, I put an official cut off date. No more new eggs will be submitted, but there are some that have been submitted but have not been released yet. I will count'em all out. I'm currently counting around 50ish, give or take one or two because I'm still on the edge about whether or not I want to submit my egg since it's super dumbs Edit because I can't speak English apparently. By tomorrow everything should be updated properly.
  2. Sure thing, Lagie! I filled in as many usernames as possible. I'll poke the artists to give their reasoning themselves. Best heard from the horse's own mouth. The only one I couldn't fill in was the one that says day-nigh cycle. I can't see that egg for some reason so I don't know what to put for it. The link won't work either for me, so if someone describes it I could definitely try to remember which one it is.
  3. Of course! Just so long as I'm not steppin' on any toes. I wanted to let y'all have a chance at doing the mystery detective thing first.
  4. Yus, there are for sure going to be a few more releases in the near future. Some eggs got stuck, so they were not properly released as of yet :3 so expect more lovely additions soon~! Whoever made that spreadsheet, thank you so much! It's very beneficial for making sure everything was released smoothly ! As an organizer I want to see that everything is working well, as a dis I am too lazy to personally check that everything is working well. Would you like me to fill in some of those blanks for y'all?
  5. Pfft, more than consent! I'm super excited to see it. Also really touched that you'd choose terraes <3~!
  6. I like how emotionally biased the poll is. "Yes, you are a genius and should be bathed in the tears of angels." or "NO, I'M A JERKFACE AND HATE KITTENS AND PUPPIES AND ALSO LIKE FORKS JAMMED IN MY EYES." edit for censorz
  7. Hopefully it can help someone SOMEWHERE ! dragongrrl - I appreciate such positive feedback and a unique outlook on the idea <3! Makes me excited to see what others see from what I make. I'm glad y'all didn't find to too bland x]! I was legitimately worried. Lagie - PUNS FOR ALL! TheCompleteAnimorph - I HAD NO IDEA AJFSKJFSAJFAKJ SYMBOLS! Zovesta - YOU'RE one of my favorites >8C NOW GET OUT! silvara7 - That would have made for a more interesting egg let's go with that!
  8. I hope y'all can forgive me for such a boring egg ! It was meant as a sort of egg spriting tutorial to show others how I sprite eggs (not necessarily the "right" way, but a way.) It requires a bit of explaination though. 1. Take an egg base. 2. Use fill tool (;D get it?) 3. Lay down a basic crescent shaped shadow (keeping a bit of distance between the shadow and outline because the egg isn't perfectly flat and will probably have some backlighting :3! 3 1/2. I play with the shadow a little bit, it looks weird here, but that's what I'm doing. I'm adding another color to the shadow and playing around with the curve and thickness. 4. Add a bright "highlight", this will be nearly white with a tint of whatever color the egg is. 5. You'll see a random darker color change, I only included this so people know it's fine to make mistakes! Feel free to change things up! In my case I felt the egg was too light, so I filled it in with a slightly darker and more saturated shade and liked it better :3! 6. Add shades! Surround the lighter bit with a slightly darker shade, and that shade with a darker shade and so on and so forth. You don't want to just go up and down on the slider to make it darker, you want different saturation, different blends. 7. Smooooth the shades in between eachother, blend them together as much as you can. They do not need to be perfect circles, some of color A can mix in where color B is supposed to be. 8. Now erase the egg and do it all over again for the rest of eternity D:< Boring egg-splanation (I'm.. so sorry about that joke) over! Best of luck on your attempts to do eggs <3!
  9. I'm not entirely sure myself, but I'm going to guess IT'S OVER 9000!!
  10. It really depends on the person, everyone seems to have their own way to spriteline a sketch. I know most people take the sketch and put it photoshop, transform it with ctrl T and shift. Then use the pencil (NOT BRUSH) tool and outline. What I do, which I would not recommend, is I throw it in paint, resize it by hand, and draw over it. Once it's all done I just manually erase everything that's not red (the color I choose to spriteline with). o: It all just depends on what you prefer, what you have available, and what you're comfortable with.
  11. o: Wings are basically hands with webbing between the fingers, what's missing in your wing 'hand' is the knuckle joints. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but basically your finger has little finger joints to bend, right? You need those. Just think of your hand with suuupah long fingers. blargh You've got a bit of pillowshading, where there are dark shades near the outline and light shades in the middle. Pick a lightsource, like top left I see for some spots, have everything close to the top left be light and everything to the bottom right be darker. Make sense? Siryuki That image isn't loading for me D: Ivyshadow It looks like the front legs are both attached at the same side because there's no definition of the chest to separate them o: as for the bottom leg, it looks like one big body part rather than jointed, there should be a separation between the actual feet, leg, and thigh region. Google pictures of dogs x3 it's quite helpful!
  12. From my cave name, disconnected. |: I had SHIRTY connection issues and the first time I tried making an account my internet disconnected... so here we are. Dis is just easier to type
  13. I sort of throw all my junk on my tree to test it out the day before submission, got busy, thought I could do something nice in time but I collapsed in bed and I woke up to a stuck image of an absolutely horrendous mishmash of baubles.
  14. Credits have finally been updated, sorry for the delay.
  15. I arrived home late tonight D: forgive me! I'll post credits as soon as possible, some time in the morning. Lights were Dolphinsong's the western gold and silver were Kuraianubis's, parrot and eastern dragons were JOTB. See you in the morning! Hope you had a nice time decorating <3
  16. o: I believe kurai just made it a shiny wispy bit, with a frosty feeling to it. I promise, I answer as many questions I can, but you gotta try and bare with me and read at least one page <3 pleeease? That one I can understand though, it was sort of hidden and without context. Regardless, it's a shiny wisp.
  17. tjekan - B'awwr D: give him hugs for me. Aren't their colors like purple and gold or yellow? At least we have enough obnoxious yellow to drown a tree in Seriousness32 - Because people wanted to fit in cute and original ornaments and when you see someone else has done a candycane you don't really feel up to doing the same thing. It's hard to make a memorable candycane . Plus there were only so many people who were willing to work through christmas day, and they all wanted to make something more unique than a candy cane. ~!~ - No but there's a pope D:? BUDUMP-TISH--shot- why..why do I say these things <:C please make it stop. Starscream - You shoulda made a carrot. SlowHornpipe172 - NINJA-CICLES. >.> <.< I didn't train the ornaments in the time between when they were sent to me and when they were sent to TJ..no.. no world domination here..what? Hmm? Nothing. naturalcyber - just.. don't miss tomorrow.. trust me. You might just add to the clutter.
  18. TheDarkLatias - It's just a shiny wispy bit. Orrr IS IT? And no, potato. Not specifically in that order tjekan - Oh love, I'm sorry D: I don't think we have any more purple. Purple gets no loving Dx! It's one of those random colors.. there's like no purple dragons in DC (well there are, like horse and what have you, but not a lot D8<!) The pinecone makes me feel like my tree is giving birth.. It's a miracle! We shall plant them and have more trees for next year x3!
  19. skinst, I can just see you sitting there just waiting to point out the lulz. Midnight never comes fast enough. <3 I know, marmar's cardinal is faaantastic. That was another last minute almost-didn't-make-it ornament! So I've decided to post the 'themes' for each day on the credits. As you can tell, today's theme isn't a color, but rather (as previously stated on the front page) 'Nature-y things...and sometimes a potato'
  20. Are you guys ready for day 11 ornaments <3? Only what..about 10 minutes left. I had the credit edits all set up and I almost posted it too early instead of posting this post You'd like that wouldn't you >8C you little SNEAKS. No ornaments for you. Christmas is CANCELLED tomorrow, just because of that, I see you peaking D:< I see it in your eyes. I see it in your sooooooul.
  21. There are no more birds o: hence me posting the leftovers.
  22. I finally got today's credits up, sorry it took so long and thank you guys for being so understanding x3! I absolutely adore these fond memories that you guys are sharing with us <3! It's lovely to know the people behind the computers. Also, if I recall correctly a few of you were curious about just how many of the little birds and candles emby (TheAntimonyElement) made these were all of the options. I have her permission to post them, as you can see we cut down quite a few. <3 emby picked out her favorite ones, I'm glad to see they were such a hit with you guys! Also, the front post section will now include the decorations that were placed on skinst border (i.e. Lyssie's white poinsettias)
  23. o: if you could use all of them then there would be little variation between the trees, no? Zis is vhy we do zis, because it's much easier to make different looks when there are many options to choose from. If every tree has the same five or six ornaments it'd be hard to judge :3 because then there's little to set them apart, in fact even with the current amount it's STILL going to be tough. Makes sense? Edit: Just for future reference D: I probably won't be back in time to post the credits on the front page for tomorrow's set of ornaments. Please forgive me x: I am spending some time with the familia before break is over. I will post credits and ornaments as soon as I come back. Fair deal?
  24. Lagmonster sneaks onto your scroll and switches your ornaments ever so slightly while your sleeping to slowly drive you insane. How the lagmonster stole Christmas D8! AND single handedly boosted insane asylum populations three fold.
  25. how is that ignorance? You are entitled to ask questions, and just because you don't know something doesn't make you ignorant, lovie <3! It's a uniquely shaped ornament. I don't think starscream intended it to be anything in particular. Just something unique.