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  1. I had to work at this one. But I got one of each finally. Thanks TJ and sprinters. The eggs are gorgeous.
  2. I have had it happen to me also. I had a case early this spring where someone put my egg in a whole bunch of sites after I caught a cb gold. I didn't even find all the sites where it was at. In the first 7 minutes, I had hundreds of views. And I did NOT put my dragons in any hatcheries anywhere. And I don't except help from others. I find it very rude and had to keep just that gold fogged the whole time until it was an ER case as both an egg and a hatchling. And yes, my username is not showing on my dragons pages. I wish that Dragon Cave would require ANY hatchery to ask for a password to
  3. Thank you TJ. I just used both ways (shift and the cntl) to sort my dragons using the Alternate Custom Sort. It worked wonderfully with my version of Firefox which is the 22.0 version. It sure made it tons easier!
  4. Oh boy! This sucks! I cant get even one GoN and I have been trying for them since the original release of the trio. Not a big celebration when I have none. Grrr. and very sad. I even tried again today and got the same old failure notice.
  5. Wow. All I can say is that these sprites are outstanding. Good job sprinters. Thank you TJ.
  6. In Feb I have bitten only two. Both turned and stayed on my scroll.
  7. I hear you Fuzzbucket. I am just whining and I will stop now as there is no real harm done other than I now have to babysit the stupid thing instead of doing my normal routine. I am trying to see what everyone else is doing as it seems that only this one egg is being bothered. I also have been trying to see what the trolls are using as places to check. I just saw this thread and thought I would add to the list of people having issues. I now have all the rest of my dragons on my scroll fogged except for those I want to hatch right now just in case someone tries to do worse.
  8. This morning I caught a Gold egg from the cave. I had it less than 7 minutes and had not entered a single hatchery/click/view site. It got the following stats: Views: 207 Unique Views: 100 Clicks: 2 I have it fogged. But in order to influence it, I have to unfog it. This is the first time I have had an issue with this. Anyway, one of the things that would help is seeing where the egg is getting views from so that the people posting them can at least be tracked. After all, it is against the site rules to "help" without having permission. And I have my permissions to help t
  9. Wow! Just caught my first CB Gold in almost 6 years. The last ones were in Oct 2008. And followed with a CB Nebula. I feel lucky today! Edited to add: But someone is already trying to kill it! 100 unique views in less than 7 minutes and I didn't add it to any hatchery. It is fogged now
  10. I broke one of my scroll rules for these two. I never name my dragons that I breed without the SQ prefix. Exception made for these two. Named them Raptured Radiance and Inconceivable Radiance (sorry, but Princes Bride was in my head this past weekend). Now if only we had a feathery type winged mate that I like for them.
  11. So I have been sending out the fish bowl with the Biter on top and saying "Poor fishies. They have a Biter for a neighbor." To which I got this reply: And with a Bite I received: Those two really made me chuckle. But I also received many that just made me smile with the sayings. I loved the one on the mushroom that said "I assure you Valentine, I'm a fungi."
  12. You are not the only one mass sending. This morning my garden was packed with mostly mature flowers. I would see a chart and send anything I had in my garden that matched. Now I am growing more. By tomorrow I hope to have another full garden to send.
  13. I am not sure it is working as it should. I am not sure how many growth steps there are. I have made sure to try and visit between each stage, and I have some that appear to be fully grown, but are not clickable yet. These were my second and third seeds from last night. The first one I sent off already. So the other two should be at the same stage I would think since I caught 11 of them before going to bed last night.
  14. Well, my sun seeker plant grew up. I didn't realize it would disappear from my garden when I sent it to someone. I may not do that again. It was my first seed and the only one of it's kind I had. I will only be sending duplicates from now on. And TJ's hatchlings.... Hubba Hubba. Be still my heart! <3
  15. Wow, one of the easiest drops for me to get. Love the egg and have high hopes for the hatchlings and adults. Gardening looks interesting. Glad there are no creepy crawly bugs Happy Valentines Day everyone. And thank you Spriters and TJ!
  16. Thanks for that info. They are lovely.
  17. Your HP is going up when you repair because you are not at the max level. And because every time some hits you, you get the experience points that the person who hit you gets. That is why it is good to participate in the snow ball gmfight thread. You and the person you attack both get points and they will attack you as well.
  18. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: sunquest I have a strong fort. 515 hp. Gotcha! Scroll name: sunquest Threw a snow-ball at: Eleeveen Threw a snow-ball at: taintedtamer Threw a snow-ball at: sara4cows Threw a snow-ball at: xdlugia Threw a snow-ball at: Ollis46 Threw a snow-ball at: pinkgothic
  19. Oooh! I hope the rest of the sprites are as outstanding as this egg. Thanks spriters for the hard work you all put into this!
  20. My fort (uh... Dracovania Castle ) has allegiance to the dragon lord. Of course having the dragons on a field of red helped with that choice. But I also have all the other flags in my keep. That is because the other lords are visiting my realm to participate in the best games and meals that any castle can afford. The flags are flown of the lords that are currently in residence as a courtesy.
  21. Lifting the limit has given me mixed emotions. It is nice to get more so that we can create breeding projects. But on the other hand, I feel kind of greedy in doing so. I did gift a Holly just now. Felt right.
  22. Check your inbox in a moment please.
  23. I caught this http://dragcave.net/lineage/zsa5B. I never thought of this cross. Lucky for me I had not bred my remaining CB Yulebuck. I just did, and by next year the checkerboard WILL continue (hopefully the nebula pairing will work and it will be red.)
  24. I thought I was done. Then I had to tweek it some more today. Dracovania now stands at a super cool 515 HP I am happy with it now (I really should stop looking at this thread. SOOOO many cool creations here. Makes me realize how much creativity I don't have )
  25. Impressive! Mine is at 331 and is hidden in trees. I may have to revamp my thinking. lol. There are see some pretty cool looking forts here.