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  1. Forum ID: Singalana Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Singalana PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=16343 Proof that I read the rules: Holding hands.
  2. Congratz! That is a really good snag!
  3. I actually considered that name for my Thunder a while back. My thunder turned out to be a male, so I chose a different name for it.
  4. Usually I keep my miss-clicks, incorrectly gendered, caveblockes and normals. I abandon nearly all the eggs I get when I breed my dragons. I rarely keep one myself, I have (yet) never gifted/traded them. Sometimes I abandon eggs/hatchlings I pick up from AP because of lineage. Inbreds are okay if they have otherwise decent lineage, but I mainly look for purebreds/good lineages. But if it's something I REALLY want, the lineage may be messy, inbred or whatever, I am not picky if it's a rare.
  5. I wonder if the tinsel hasn't been named because of the code... Also very great lineage.
  6. Any suggestions on how I should breed said dragon. Maybe seasonal?
  7. Just realized that my Shallow water dragon has exceptionally cool lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/lD75k *Amazed by it's sheer awesomeness*
  8. I usually try to avoid funny names, but one only can be serious for so long. These are some of my favourites: My two-headed Felony and Misdemeanor, frilled Armitage's Peashooter and neotropical Tropical Alligator Bait (who also has a funny-named offspring).
  9. Yes I did, and now it has hatched! Oh joy!
  10. I grabbed this beauty. I hope it hatches on time. :/ *Worried* I'm hoping to carry on with the amazing lineage.
  11. I was pretty amazed that Opal Koboi was still free.
  12. Hah, made me laugh. And I'm 25, if that counts as an adult.
  13. User560: I wanted to send you a PM, but your inbox seems to be full. I have a hatchling of Houxfleur-lineage, and I'd like to ask you a question about naming my hatchling.
  14. I have DIET and UD0N7 (caps messed). I've also named them accordingly.
  15. My first four were: - Skywing female Zuberi (grew up 5.10.2008) - Bright Pink female Cleotilde - Greed dragon male Joaquix - White female Llorenca
  16. I got a black dragon with a code diet (caps removed) and though I try to avoid too silly names, especially if the dragon’s parents have good names, I just couldn’t resist naming the dragon Diet is Die With a ‘T. Though I kind of messed the name, it was supposed to be Diet is Die with a ‘T’, but oh well…