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  1. Bred mine: 11 Brutes, 1 Celestial, 1 Fever Wyvern and 1 Monarch. So I chose some mates according to the suggestion for Celestial Mechanics. Brute x Blue Nebula was a nice combo,
  2. Two neat AP finds today! Eggy 1 Eggy 2 Thank you herk!
  3. I'm in! I don't have that many Brutes, but I love them and I would be glad to grab a few interesting lineages from the AP I can continue.
  4. I'm already having some help breeding a mate. By the way, your inbox is full, I tried sending you an email too. Please PM me as soon as you see this and have some room in your inbox.
  5. I found this adorable Thuwed from the AP. Thank you, anonymous breeder! Now I have my work cut out for me in trying to breed a perfect mate... Anyone want to pitch in? EDIT: And you're welcome meirelle, I'm glad my Tinsel found a nice home!
  6. Grabbed an amazing 3G Gold Tinsel from Pa1kH!!! Thanks for breeding this gem, Miral!
  7. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claimed, thanks for letting me know where it went!
  8. I found this gorgeous Pillow x Rosebud from the AP. Thanks miaoujones! Also if someone can point me to where I can find a 4G Pillow from Pillow x Rosebud, I'll be very grateful!
  9. Love this idea! I have tons of 3G checkers and a few higher gens of personal lineages I'd like to get mates for. Question: When adding dragons to the database, is it ok to add the offspring link if it's someone else's dragon? Or does the offspring have to be on your scroll? Because I rarely leave offsprings on my scroll if I don't have mates ready for them?
  10. CB Blue Two-headed Lindwurms. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claimed.
  11. Phew, finally have at least three of every new/old releases. What a huge release! So far Morphos are my fave.
  12. Grabbed my 6th egg, and one misclicked Guardian. Catching all of them has been relatively easy for me, I hope everyone will get their fair share of them. I like the sprites so far, and I REALLY hope these will be available to make lineages, because they are SO pretty, and I'd love to see them with Moonstones and Deep seas, female Nebulas, Turpentines...
  13. Usually I love breeding mates for dragons I pick up from the AP, but as it is I already have a ton of lineage projects. And since the Purple has gendered wrong, that lessens my interest in breeding it a mate. ...But on the other hand it wouldn't be TOO much of a hassle, because I think I might even own most of the 2nd gen PBs... I need to do some planning.
  14. Hi! I'm not sure if I am allowed to post here, but I noticed that I own this pretty dragon, and I would like to continue the line. Could someone help me to find a mate? I would need a 5th gen rainbow-lineaged dragon. I would be willing to breed something in return.
  15. Okay, thanks for your reply. I think I'll make my own site, since my Wishlist is it's own site now too.
  16. Maybe breed a 2G Storm from Storm x Pink?
  17. Is there a Breeding thread where you can just list your lineages that you are able to breed in case someone is interested? Kind of like a Wishlist, but with lineages you have to offer?
  18. Congrats! I just nabbed a CB Green Gemshard from the AP! And I've had a spectacular Valentine's Day trading success! I got ALMOST all the eggs I wanted and then some. Traded mostly for RAs and Heartseekers because they are my favourites, but got some other nice additions as well. Especially this was a super-nice trade! Now I only need to find a 2nd gen Silver from RA and hope that they don't refuse and will produce a nice 3rd gen Silver...
  19. Looking for Valentine-mates! Can help you with your mates too. - 3rd gen Black from chequered: Black x Val '09 - 2nd gen from Sweetling x Moonstone - 3rd gen Ice from chequered: Ice x Rosebud - 3rd gen Pink from chequered: Pink x Rosebud - 2nd gen Avatar from Heartseeker x Guardian Of Nature - 2nd gen Albino from Heartseeker x Albino - 2nd gen White from Heartseeker x White - 3rd gen Gray fro chequered: Gray x Arsan - 2nd gen Swallowtail from Heartseeker x Swallowtail - 2nd gen Moonstone from Sweetling x Moonstone
  20. Thanks for the reply. I was mostly wondering because I never saw a post about it, and I thought I might have missed some big announcement. Pity that it has stopped. I hope that one day Dragon Cave could have another Christmas raffle. It doesn't have to be prize dragons, it could be like a "Metal raffle" to get a change to get CB Metals or something.
  21. Hello, I hope I'm not messing anything important. I just now realized that I guess they've stopped giving Prize dragons around Christmas? Can anyone explain when/why? ~Singa
  22. Looking for mates for my Christmas-dragons! I'm willing to breed / get anything in my power for the kind person(s) who are willing to help me! Non-holiday Magma // 2nd gen from Magma x Snow-Angel (FULL-GOLD) Dark Green // 2nd gen from Dark Green x Snow Angel (FULL-GOLD) Red-Finned Tidal // 2nd gen from Red-Finned Tidal x Ribbon Dancer Golden Wyvern // 2nd gen from Golden Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer Golden Wyvern // 2nd gen from Golden Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer Lumina // 2nd gen from Winter Magi x Lumina Royal Crimson // 2nd gen from Winter Magi x Royal Crimson Mint // 2n
  23. I need some help to find mates for my dragons for Halloween: // 2nd gen Ice from Shadow Walker (male) x Ice. // 2nd gen Cassare from Cassare (male) x Shadow Walker. Got it, thank you! // 2nd gen Balloon from Black Marrow (male) x Balloon. In return: I can help you with your Holiday mates-needs, or something else you may want. Take a peek at my scroll and don't hesitate to ask.