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  1. Count me in! Username: Singalana Proof of breeding: Dragon link. Proof of past interest.
  2. Yup, just noticed the event and there's an error. ^^' All the new stuff looks extremely cool though, can't wait to test it all out and grab some new eggs!
  3. If I could make a suggestion, could we have a Xeno-breeding day? Because I love love love Xenos, and would like to acquire some more of those pretties. Or we could breed all Leviathan-types: Deep seas, Shallow Waters, Xenowyrms, Two-finned Blunas and Water dragons.
  4. I did only checkers and a few EGs by mistake. Got mostly commons unfortunately, but one 3G Silver checker and a few nice Xenos. I think I'll do some more checkers later, but that will do for now. Edit: And now one pretty Magma 3G and a not-so-pretty Thunder. Edit 2: And now I'm done. Mostly White, Black, Golden Wyvern checkers, but a few others as well. I didn't count how many eggs I did, but over 30 for sure.
  5. I would love a reminder PM when a new event is being planned and a reminder to start breeding for the event. I love the new event idea! I love checkers, so it would be nice to pick up some pretties from the AP!
  6. Found this nice eggy from the AP and immediately bred a mate for it. Thanks Terrafreaky!
  7. Still my best word-code is DieT, who I named Diet is Die with a T
  8. I'm really surprised that Critical Damage wasn't taken.
  9. Found another nice combination from the AP: Fell x Coastal Waverunner. This is another lineage that's going to be made into a gorgeous checker. Thanks mystery breeder!
  10. Bred my Brutes and Candelabras (I need more pretty lineages from these breeds). Also tried to shorten my breeding list by breeding some Magmas for myself, but they weren't co-operating. So be expecting a lot of 2G Magma x Magi and Red x Magma combos...
  11. Found one 2G I like a lot. This lineage is definitely going to be made into a checker. Thanks Mnkn10!
  12. I have one April 1st regular (not upside down) Cave Mint for someone who doesn't have any. Please PM me with your scroll link. Eggy found a new home.
  13. THANK YOU, you said perfectly what I wanted to say!
  14. I wish the raffles would have been continued, because that was (in my opinion) also an equal opportunity to everyone who participated. Of course I was a bit disappointed when I didn't win, but at least with more Prize dragons maybe the chance to eventually get a 2G Prize would be higher.
  15. I've been hunting for over an hour in the AP and seen three Mints just whoosh by. I don't mind regular releases being hard to catch, because at least then everyone has an opportunity to catch one at some point, but this prank just isn't funny. I had one opportunity, didn't even know what the whole thing was about and didn't get an egg. Now the whole event just feels like a big (beep) you towards the players. And this is just my opinion. I love regular Holiday releases / events because everyone gets to participate and have goodies and fun. I'm happy for those lucky people who got
  16. It's a real bummer I didn't get an egg. It would have been fun to watch it hatch & grow. This is not a very funny prank. :/
  17. I have 2 Zombies. One made ages ago, and one made today: https://dragcave.net/lineage/47GD https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nyrc8
  18. Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Water Walker Age: Adult Kill date: 31.3.2017 Kill time (ET): 8:14 AM Revive date: 31.3.2017 Revive time (ET): 8:15 AM Zombies visible: Yes Result: Zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nyrc8 The text after killing is heartbreaking though. :/ I don't want to betray my babies!
  19. If I catch 2-3 males and females (so 4-6 in total) I'm pretty happy. I never think whether I "like" or "dislike" the dragon, because at some point I might find a lineage I want to start / continue and then I'll suddenly need the CBs. And If I really, really fall in love with the dragon, there's plenty of time to collect more.
  20. I bred my about 1/3 of my Blacks. If at least some of them would alt... So if someone wants to join in breeding Blacks...
  21. Just add them to more hatcheries, that's what I do. I normally use one, but if I have stubborn eggs I'll add them to multiple ones. Remember to give views back.
  22. FINALLY caught a pair of each. It was hard work, but now I'm content for a while.
  23. I was telling my cat off while trying to snatch the new Crystals and misclicked on a Seragamma... Thanks, cat.
  24. These two PB Xeno finds saved me the trouble of breeding mates for my existing dragons. Astrapi Mageia Thank you Darth_Fitch!
  25. I grabbed it. I love the names! I'm going to breed him a lovely Brute-lady and make a lovely Brute checker. Thank you!