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  1. For the lineages that I tried, I definitely love Tan Ridgewing x Aquilo.
  2. Have: 3G Silver x Thunder checker // Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 3G Thunder x Silver checker // Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Would like: CB Night Glory Drake(s) 2G Thunder(s) from Thunder x Brimstone 2G Horse(s) or Hellfire(s) from Horse x Hellfire (basically Hellhorse fails) Or you could surprise me with a nice 3-4 G checker(s). It doesn't have to be rare or uncommon, as long as it's pretty!
  3. Time to add my haul... Val 09's 5G Silver x Val '09 checker, thanks @Terces 3G Black x Val '09 checker, thanks anon Hertseekers 3G Heartseeker x Sapphire, thanks anon 2G Heartseeker x Aeria Gloris, thanks ranger3! 4G Heartseeker x Golden Wyvern (Thuwed), thanks @TerraAnne 3G Heartseeker x Neotropical, thanks Angie Baby! 2G Heartseeker x Rift Wyrm, thanks @Lucere Arsani 2G Aeria Gloris x Arsani, thanks @Caniskoppie 3G White x Arsani checker, thanks Tishavara! 2G Aranoa x Arsani, thanks anon! Hearst
  4. So here's my Holiday Haul... - Aeria Gloris x Mistletoe, thanks @Caniskoppie - Tercorn x Mistletoe, thanks @natli - Aqualis x Mistetoe, thanks anon! - Aegis (PACIFIED) x Monarch, thanks @Duskspoken - Aegis (PACIFIED) x Tercorn, thanks @natli - Aegis (PACIFIED) x White, thanks anon! - Aegis (PACIFIED) x Aeria Gloris, thanks @perzephone - Xenowurm (MAGEIA) x Garland, thanks anon! - Celestial x Garland, thanks @shadowmon - Aerial Gloris x Starsinger, thanks anon! - Antarean x Starsinger, thanks @dracocharky
  5. Thanks @Terrafreaky for these two: one and two! I've been hunting in the AP for 2G Horse x Hellfires ever since I started building this lineage. Too bad there's one dead dragon in the lineage already. Oh well, that's why I need MORE!
  6. Yay, one of my dragons here! You're welcome!
  7. Bred my 15 Brutes. Didn't get much Brutes though, but I DID find out that Brutes go well with Arcanas.
  8. Same, I don't want to try out any other options in fear of disappointing poor Ion.
  9. I donated! Singalana -> Soulsborne | 2G Almerald from Garland. | https://dragcave.net/lineage/Eor8C | accepted
  10. I donated! Singalana --> tjenni | 2G Lacula from Holly | https://dragcave.net/lineage/8zZzQ | accepted
  11. Requester's Form Forum name: Singalana PM link: PM me Egg wanted and special wishes: 2G Rainbow Copper from Alt Sweetling (mate for this) Secret field: No holiday requests!
  12. I do love it. To be perfectly honest I dropped this (or one with a same lineage) back to the AP, but when I picked it up again I couldn't resist it anymore. More holidays: Wrapping-Wing x Undine, thanks anon! Wrapping-Wing x Fever Wyvern checker, thanks @cyradis4! Also if someone has a matching lineage, I'd like to arrange a trade for a Fever wyvern, please! Pacified Aegis x Aether, thanks @whovian! Almandine Pyralsprite x Solstice, thanks anon! Gold x Solstice checker, thanks @Duysterwald! Also if someone can help me with that particular pattern,
  13. Another batch of my holiday catches! Thanks to all the breeders! 5G Yulebuck, thanks anon! Yulebuck x Silver, thanks @twol8sue! Yulebuck x Aether, thanks @hoodathunkit, also love the names! Yulebuck x Silver checker, thanks anon! Yulebuck x Pyrope Pyrapsrite, thanks @Kith! Also if someone has a matching lineage, I'd be happy to trade for a Pyrope! Winter Magi x Gold checker, thanks @natli! Wrapping-Wing x Red, thanks @GabrielGray! Wrapping-Wing x Black-tipped, thanks @dragontamer44722! Wrapping-Wing x Silver, thanks anon!
  14. Some nice Holiday catches: * Jade Green Gemshard x Mistletoe, thank you @DorkJulian! * Chrono Xenowyrm x Mistletoe checker, thanks @Lantean_Pegasus, I think I can continue the line. * Green Siyat x Mistletoe, thank you anon! I wish people used more Siyats in holiday lineages! * Gaia Xenowyrm x Mistletoe, thanks anon! * Enraged Aegis x Bronze Lunar Herald, thank you @celis! I need to remember to enrage this one before next Christmas. * Pacified Aegis x Azure Glacewing checker, thanks anon! I have a mate ready for this one too. * Snow x Gold Floret, than
  15. I'm getting around naming more of my Halloweens just now, so bear with me... - Shadow Walker x Monarch, thanks @Nakeisha - Shadow Walker x Balloon, thanks @Ladywizard - Cavern Lurker x Aether Wyvern, thanks @Aleoleo - Chrono Xenowyrm x Desipis, thanks anon - Coastal Waverunner x Despis, thanks @Sachiel - Gaia Xenowyrm x Desipis, thanks anon - Gold Floret x Caligene, thanks anon - Caligene x Gold, thanks anon - Caligene x Black Truffle, thanks @Zephyr_Drake - Candelabra x Caligene, thanks @Zephyr_Drake - Caligene x Antarean, thanks @
  16. Part I of the Great Halloween Haul Mimic Pygmy x Pumpkin, thanks breeder! Shadow Walker x Khusa, thanks @Hakumei Shadow Walker x Silver, thanks @Shaoran Boreal x Shadow Walker, thanks breeder! Striped River x Shadow Walker, thanks @Liontails Shadow Walker x Ribbon Dancer, thanks @Stripey Daydream x Cavern Lurker checker, thanks @Cokuruscana Cavern Lurker x Chrono Xenowyrm, thanks breeder! Grave x Freckle, thanks @Ypsilon Grave x Grave, thanks @Tamahaganae Gold x Desipis thanks @emoguy42 Pyro Xenowyrm x Desipis, thanks @Hakumei
  17. I know it's my own fault, but just traded a CB blue Fire Gem for 2 Siyats that had super messy lineages. I asked for CBs in the trade, and I should have checked. But still I hope the person who did this has a really bad day.
  18. This event seems very promising! I especially like the new designs on the Seasonals, so gorgeous! I had no trouble grabbing a pair of each new egg, so no complaints there either, very keen on seeing what kind of dragons they will be! I'm completely in love with the new Trading-feature, now it's SO easy to find the type of dragon you want to trade! Also I'm usually lazy in creating forum trade posts, so this trading feature is definitely a huge plus!
  19. Final Valentine's dragons: - Ice x Rosebud checker, thanks @johnnalola - Chrono x Rosebud, thanks @shopfront - Speckle-Throated x Rosebud, thanks anon - Heartseeker x Sunstone, thanks @angelicdragonpuppy - Heartseeker x Red checker, thanks @Andalusian - Heartseeker x Golden Wyvern checker, thanks @Andalusian - Heartseeker x Aeon, thanks @kiwarrier - Heartseeker x Ember, thanks anon - Heartseeker x Red checker, thanks anon - Heartseeker x Albino checker, thanks @johnnalola - Heartseeker x Brute, thanks anon - Heartseeker x Zuymo
  20. Again a few older finds I just got around naming: Horse x Hellfire Another Horse x Hellfire Another Horse x Hellfire And yet another Horse x Hellfire Can you see a pattern here... Thanks @Zylara for all of these. They will contribute to my Horse x Hellfire checker. And also found this Gold x Hellfire checker, thanks @AngelsPunishment.
  21. Okay, so I know people are listing Valentines, but since my naming is slower than pond water, I'm still posting my Christmas finds. - Snow x Mageia, thanks anon - Snow x Silver Lunar Herald, thanks anon - Snow x Gold, thanks @kettene - Snow x Aria, thanks @erinthereader - Snow x Gray, thanks anon - Snow x Azure Glacewing, thanks @sequiro - Snow x Guardian of Nature, thanks anon - Snow x Green Fire Gem, thanks anon - Snow x Script, thanks anon!
  22. Urgh, still haven't even named my Christmas treasures from the AP. But while I was naming them, here are some Aegis-finds: Aegis x Bolt, thanks anon Aegis x Desipis, thanks @natli Aegis x Azure Glacewing, thanks anon Aegis x Desert Zuy, thanks @Syryn Aegis x Spessartine, thanks @coolio382 I'm gonna be sooo behind naming these I'll probably get around naming my Valentines next Halloween...
  23. Sent! My scroll is: Singalana Also sending back cards for anyone who sends me one. I'm a fan of Snek and all the darker / weirder flowers!
  24. Sent. My scroll is Singalana. I've been having lots of fun sending cards to random people.