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  1. EragonSapphiraRider sent you a transfer link for Hunter/Bianca
  2. added, I'll message you when eggs are ready
  3. oh, thanks I was looking for the word market lol I can't believe people are complaining about the unbreedables costing more than a breedable gold, unbreedables are far rarer than any cave catchable breedable paper, cheese, dinos, chicken are all rarer than a gold dragon
  4. I don't see the market at all, someone said it's at the top of the page but...
  5. Metto you've been added to your requested lists
  6. dark_Sama added you and sent a link for a just bred Flame/Ember I can breed Spyro/Cynder tomorrow
  7. nobody else interested? I figured since Spyro's a popular dragon and dragon cave is made for dragon lovers there'd be more interest in a Spyro themed lineage
  8. I wasn't sure I should add Ember & Flame since they were from A Hero's Tail but I can include them(they were in the TLOS line I tried to do but had to settle for pink for Ember at the time because Aria/bright pink had been retired at the time and my only 'bright pink' was a bred I snagged in the abandon pile, though I now have CB of the breed) I was thinking the 'surname' would be reignited but the name add-on can be added anywhere in the name, I doing mine at the beginning of the names I working on finding a compatible pairing for gold/green sparx, I have a confirmed compatible pair for blue/red sparx just snagged a new cb purple for spyro
  9. with the gold sparx lineage if gold sparx was pumpkin his mates would be common and dark myst each player choosing which mate they want if gold sparx is common he'll have pumpkin and dark myst mates I have no cave born pumpkins thus the pumpkin will have to wait but because there is a non pumpkin in the pairing the could breed year round but only produce a pumpkin in halloween breeding time I went with 2 mates for gold sparx because I want to cover the whole pygmy selection with the dragonfly line also why I chose to do all four color forms of sparx(with 4 different color matching pygmies) I also chose pygmies for sparx's line for 2 reasons 1 pygmies don't have much recognition where lineage project go 2 perfect to cover the small dragonfly with the small pygmy and sparx line shouldn't be able to interbred with the dragon line that would look and sound wrong I plan for all lines to be non-pure so Elora or her mate would need to be another species I have unbred cb pygmies to cover all of sparx and his mates and a unbred cb black for Cynder but I'll need to snag a new CB for spyro(I don't want any of the 1st gen to have lineage unrelated offspring) I have a CB Tarrae female for Elora so she would just need a mate breed/name but as I stated in first post, I tried a TLOS spyro line and got some interest like a few people but then it sort of fizzled out once those people had their offspring >< and there was no gen 3 as none of them bothered to breed and carry on the line I don't want to go through the effort of getting the rest of the lineage dragons only to have this line fizzle out as well sadly there seem to be little interest which I find odd since spyro is such a beloved dragon and this is a dragon lovers site maybe I should start with spyro and the dragonfly line then add other characters as interest peaks only plan to do villains if people are interested in them(I did Malefor in the TLOW lineage project but I was the only one to raise a baby from that line, though I am seriously considering doing a split dragon line with Gulp and smash since I don't remember ever seeing a split line, if so maybe I'll do Ripto as a drake to cover that breeding group too)
  10. * means frozen hatchling if there are options on mates please specify the mate you'd like an offspring from You must name the dragons Reignited somewhere in their name, end, start or middle. if you can click on character names it'll link to the character from the spyro game series This format indicates series character x Spyro XXX Cynder Spyro/Cynder Wait List: (can breed 6-8) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Spynder Reignited The Firstborn + Jugmy (Metto) Spyski Reignited Rednyc Reignited + Retnuh Reignited (Dark_Sama) Freckles Reignited + Dust Reignited (Dark_Sama) Kisara Reignited (Dark_Sama) Erosaf's 2nd Reignited Cynder I (EragonSaphiraRider) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Flame XXX Ember Flame/Ember Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Ash Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Soot Reignited + Cya Reignited (Dark_Sama) Dust Reignited + Freckles Reignited (Dark_Sama) Kisara Reignited (Dark_Sama) Rose Reignited (Metto) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Elora Fern Elora/Fern Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Cya Reignited + Soot Reignited(Dark_Sama) Dust Reignited + Freckles Reignited (Dark_Sama) Kisara Reignited (Dark_Sama) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Hunter XXX Bianca Special thanks to Dark_Sama for suggestion regarding this pairing they fit the character well and look great together Also super special thanks to Dark_Sama for catching a CB gold Lunar Herald for Bianca when I failed to snag one Hunter/Bianca Wait List: (can breed 6-26) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Retnuh Reignited + Rednyc Reignited (Dark_Sama) Freckles Reignited + Dust Reignited (Dark_Sama) Kisara Reignited (Dark_Sama) Erosaf's 2nd Marpolo Reignited (EragonSaphiraRider) Hermione Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Freddy Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Gold Sparx Dusk Gold Sparx/Dusk Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Dawn Reignited + Seaven Reignited(Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Wink Reignited + Blink Reignited (Storm Skyflyer)<can breed> Destroy Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Blue Sparx Layla Blue Sparx/Layla Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Oshia Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Seaven Reignited + Dawn Reignited(Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Wink Reignited + Blink Reignited (Storm Skyflyer)<can breed> Destroy Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Green Sparx Mint Green Sparx/Mint Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Jade Reignited + Speck Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Blink Reignited + Wink Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Destroy Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Emerald Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x or Red Spark Skye Blaze Red Spark/Skye or Blaze Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring Skye Mate: Sparkle Reignited + Arieleda (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> * Specklepaw Reignited (Storm Skyflyer)<G3> Speckle Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Speck Reignited + Jade Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Blink Reignited + Wink Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Destroy Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Twinkle Reignited + Skye-Flight (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Twet Reignited + Emberz Tinyflarez (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Phoenix Reignited + Shywing Tinysky (Storm Skyflyer) Starflight Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Pyra Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Offspring Blaze Mate: Inferno Reignited + Sparx Tinyflarez (Storm Skyflyer) <can breed> Torch Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Ripto Evil Sorceres Ripto/Evil Sorceress Wait List: <can breed> 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Spike Reignited (Storm Skyflyer)<can breed> Sharp Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ x Gulp and Crush Blister and Burn Gulp and Crush/Blister and Burn Wait List: (can breed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Offspring: Singe and Smolder Reignited + Violet and Rosia (Storm Skyflyer)<can breed> Ponyta7 and Rapidash Reignited + Alexis and Ocea Guild (Storm Skyflyer)<can breed> * Violetpaw and Rosiapaw Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) G4 Burn and Psych Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Velvet and Thorn Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Barf and Belch Reignited (Storm Skyflyer)<can breed> Sneeze and Sniff Reignited (Storm Skyflyer) Cough and Weeze Reignited (Storm Skyflyer)
  11. I tried a TLOS Spyro lineage line years ago but dropped it due to lack of interested players. I'm starting a Reignited Spyro lineage line in honor of the reignited spyro trilogy recently announced. Reignited lineage will start off with the pairing in the second post and more pairs will be added if there is interest. you can suggest any spyro characters you would like to have offspring from and desired breeds for them and suggestions for mates(and the breed of the mates) I want each pairing to consist of 2 different starting breeds(I.E. the founding pair such as Spyro and Cynder, so if you're offering suggestions for other characters and/or their mate please keep it in mind), pygmies are reserved for the dragonfly line(though they could perhaps be used for butterfly or fairy line if there is enough interest) 1. All dragons must be bred even gen, spiral or stair step, please no messy gens 2.All lineage offspring dragons must be named and have Reignited somewhere in their name(non lineage mates do not need to have reignited in their names but I'd prefer all dragons in the lineage page to be named) 3. If you gift a lineage offspring you must ensure the receiver has accepted the rules of the lineage line 4. You may be on more than 1 pairing list unless this topic is really busy, and only request when there is space on the list 5. Please fill forms when requesting egg(s) or to be a member/breeder and place a * in [] 6. Please register your hatchling/adults as soon as they're named, and please name them asap. 7. You can freeze a hatchling occasionally but most offspring must grow up 8. Lineage dragons may have more than 1 mate but to register each mate must be confirmed(successful offspring) 9. You may breed dragons from different lineages if you'd like but please no inbreeding EGG FORM JOIN FORM BREEDER FORM(if you're already a registered breeder please use register breeding pair form instead) REGISTER BREEDING PAIR FORM(only use if your already a registered breeder for new pairs) Forum name - Scroll Name - Status Storm Skyflyer - Storm Skyflyrer - Founder ~ Reignited Scroll Group Metto - Metto - Member dark_sama - xxXxDark_SamaxXxx - Breeder EragonSaphiraRider - EragonSaphiraRider - Member Made by Storm Skyflyer [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/182155-spyro-reignited-lineage-revamped/][IMG=http://i64.tinypic.com/301iqlv.jpg][/url] Made by Metto [url=https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/182155-spyro-reignited-lineage-revamped/][IMG=http://i63.tinypic.com/vj03l.gif][url]
  12. These are some screenshots of Dragon Cave Fan Art I made in my Vita copy of Terraia Dragon Cave Sign Dark Myst Pygmy Crimson Flare Pygmy