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    I've gone to look for myself, if I get back before I return, keep me here.
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    ~~~ My CB wishlist ~~~
    Two-Headed Lindwurm blue - Male/Female
    Two-Headed Lindwurm green - Female
    Copper brown - Male/Female
    Copper red - Female
    Copper green - Male
    Thunder - Female
    Ice - Male/Female
    Magma - Female
    Gold - Male
    Silver - Male/Female
    Red Dorsal - Male
    Tan Ridgewing - Male
    Season Autumn - Male
    Season Summer - Male/Female
    Blusang Lindwurms - Male/Female
    Olive - Male
    Tri-Horn Wyvern - Male/Female
    Speckle-Throated - Male/Female
    Imperial Fleshcrown - Female
    Nhiostrife - Female

    ~~~~ Unformed Families (Dragons I don't have any of) ~~~
    Copper Brown - Male/Female Adult, Male/Female Hatchling
    Two-Headed Lindwurm blue - Male/Female Adult, Hatchling

    ~~~ Incomplete Families (Have at least 1 egg/dragon, *=egg/ungendered hatchling) ~~~
    Neglected Male/Ungendered Adult, Hatchling
    Guardian of Nature - hatchling
    Grave - hatchling
    Nhiostrife - Hatchling
    Bleeding Moon - Hatchling
    Two-Headed Lindwurm green - Female Adult, Hatchling

    Armies(Consisting of 10 or more including alts and other forms)

    *Albino, *Bright Breasted Wyvern, *Canopy, *Dorsal, **Glory Drake, *Ochredrake, *Electric, *Ember, *Flamingo Wyvern, *Green, *Guardian, *Vampires, *Harvest, *Hellfire Wyvern, *Magi, *Mint, *Nebula, *Neotropical, *Nocturne, *Pink, *Purple, *Pygmy, *Crimson Flare Pygmy, *Dark Myst Pygmy, *Misfit Pygmy, *Nilia Pygmy, *Ridgewing, *Seasons, *Skywind, *Stone, *Stripe, **Sunrise/Sunset, *Sunstone, *Terrae, Tinsel, Silver, Ultraviolet, Vine, *Water, *Whiptail, *White

    *Red Balloon, *Grey, *Red, *Water Walker, *Waterhorse

    *Coastal Waverunner, *Spitfire, *Black

    Just FYI The only army I never intend to expand on is my red balloon dragons as there is a reason for having 99 of them. For those who don't get it I'm referring to the song 99 Red Balloons the lyrics of which can be read in the first 46 red balloon dragons names including a title at the start My original intention was to space the lyrics out over all 99 but alas that didn't work as many combinations were already taken(* means at least one pair of CB present for multiple forms that can have CB 1 Star for each form that a has a pair IE if I have a Sunrise CB pair and a Sunset CB pair there will be 2 * one for Sunrise and one for Sunset)