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  1. Just.. Make another breed of dragon? With a BSA do switch genders like RWS stated. That way the existing lineages cant be stuffed up due to the problem if they are breed able or not, and sprites do not need to go though and re do 216 breeds of dragons. Take into account that some breeds have two different adult sprites so... Let says 350 types of sprites to re do. Uh. I don't think people are willing to do that.
  2. Taryn123

    Z Project

    Taken, thank you ❤️
  3. Dummy egg please to see where it goes, clean 3rd gen Checker Gone ❤️
  4. Hello! I am/ was Spottedleaves1 or Taryn123 on this site, however years ago i forgot my pass code and well, i never got a 'reset passcode' thing no matter how many times i press it. Is this still an error that has not been fixed or did i type in the wrong email?
  5. Yo So there is 13 people in forest camping the 'musky' eggs, and two of tho page viewers are my friend and I. We suspect that the other viewers are bots, 'cause as soon as it reached a turn over mark for the eggs, there was massive amount of lag and no eggs available, yet the view count does not drop from people leaving since they have there eggs. Its now increased to 18 viewers. Can someone check the accounts on that page to see if the others are bots?
  6. And its the time, when someone asks, how can ya do the hard refresh? Yes i may have forgotten shhhhhhhhh
  7. Interesting o.o I've not found any at the coast yet.
  8. Where can i find the blue ones?
  9. Same here. I stopped reading warriors towards the end of 'The Power of Three' then never picked up a book in 'The Fourth Apprentice'. However, like you i've heard good reviews on Tallstar's book and the 'Vision of Shadows'. So i might pick them back up again and read the 'Dawn of Clans' while im at it.
  10. Im tried of this happening. Just offer a dud or what ever you feel like. First in first served. Alright, that went quick. Might as well drop them here now instead of the ap.
  11. Got to a horse, so.. What do i do with the house stuck up the cliff face?
  12. Same, i've tried those too, as well as PATH LEFT and LEFT PATH
  13. Made it to the mountain fork and just cutted down the tree, but i wanna go left, how do i go left?
  14. Same, i cant get out of the nest
  15. Just a small question. I was eating something while Perl was explaining the main quest, and i missed it. Where can i find the firewood?
  16. Awesome release, a cave drop and a breeding twists! Thank you TJ and the Sprite's
  17. THE FRILLS!!!!!!!!! YEAH Thank you TJ and everyone and Happy 10th Birthday .... How long will the eggs be up? Locked atm..
  18. Hunt around in day 3. That's where i got the rest of my items 'n' now have a grand total of 35 ^^. This event was fun Thank you to those who made it!
  19. Alright, thank you fuzzbucket and Amazon.
  20. I'm stuck on Day 7 r2 ? I need to pick a house for Tassind, but i dont know the answer cause.. well i fast read the descriptions for each of the houses =/ Yeah my bad. So... anyone?
  21. Thank you guys for the awesome new dragon and the interesting story event