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  1. Congrats winners! Thank you Aie for my Tinsel and anonymous for my Shimmer!
  2. You're welcome and thanks for posting him! Also same, I rarely find nice things in the AP these days so I haven't posted in long time. I did find some beauties during the massbreed though so here they are: 3G Almerald x Arcana - thank you anon breeder! 3G Witchlight x Diamondwing - thank you @catzrule1990! Thank you @tjenni for these two Xmaskin: 3G Leodon x Starsinger & 3G Monarch x Garland and finally thank you mystery breeder for this 3G Silver Tinsel x Silver!
  3. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: livia Lineage link(s): kJQDR Breed(s): Flamingo Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: Paintra Lineage link(s): QPrtq, gNnsi, 5ZSiQ, LIlbW Breed(s): Olive, Mint, Spessartine, Aether Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: Lessa Lineage link(s): YbrRm Breed(s): Silver Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: DragonFyre777 Lineage link(s): nhIMh Breed(s): Shimmerscale Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: Andromen Lineage link(s): oumIH Breed(s): Nebula Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: wheeloftime13 Lineage link(s): lHyPT Breed(s): Moonstone Status: Offered I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: FAstudent12 Lineage link(s): tMGYD Breed(s): Jester Status: Offered I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Terces Giftee: Syryn Lineage link(s): JB5DC Breed(s): White Status: Accepted
  4. Got so many Halloween dragons that I had to break up my breedings into two parts today. Just finished now. Lost count of how many kin I sent to the AP, but there was a really nice variety this year, even got some Golds and Silvers to cooperate surprisingly.
  5. Someone messaged me privately saying the same thing. :c Well, that explains why I haven't heard back from them at least. Mystery solved!
  6. Does anyone happen to know kanya146715 outside of the forums? I'm trying to send them an IOU egg I was finally able to breed and am struggling to get in touch with them. I'd appreciate any assistance as this egg took an unusually long time to produce and I'd hate to make them wait even more. c:
  7. Some folks consider Tinsel and Shimmers to be Metallics too. There isn't really a site-wide consensus as far as I know. Same with Elemental dragons, I don't know what that refers to - maybe Elemental Affinity? I've played for a long time and never seen a list of 'elemental' dragons outside that sort of thing.
  8. Dang, form closed one me as I was going through people's voucher lists to see if I needed something from them. Oh well. Good luck to those who entered! edit: Thank you Wheel for getting my entry in anyway! Really wasn't expecting that. <3
  9. Yikes, how is she doing now? Sending you two my best wishes, it's an extra terrible time to go through something stressful right now
  10. I thought it was sometime in 2010 but I don't remember exactly anymore, definitely been a long time.
  11. Terces

    Platinum Problem

    There used to be issues with the trophies a while ago but I haven't heard of anything wrong with them recently. According to the wiki, the trophy is for 1001+ dragons so I guess you now need 1001.
  12. I'd like a reminder for all - can't believe it's almost that time again!
  13. Best of luck wheeloftime, thanks for continuing to host this. Thank you very much anon donor for my prizes!
  14. Thank you to the donor(s) of my prizes! Congrats winners!
  15. Thank you to the donor of my Prizes and to Aqub for her voucher!
  16. Happy one year anniversary, Gift Exchange! Thank you Aqub for keeping this going. Thank you Solaries and ValentineHeart for my gifts!
  17. Oh wow, I noticed the change with the Last Visited thing but didn't realize it was intentional on Invisions part! I sent her a message last month but it hasn't been read so that's why I asked. Hopefully Tecca is just on a hiatus, she gifted me something very lovely years ago and I was hoping to return the favor.
  18. Noticed Pargulus pygmies can be bought from the Market, what color will they be when they hatch? Random?
  19. Besides the obvious like CB Golds/Silvers, 2G Prizes, 2G eggs from Spriter alts and Neglecteds (these are all often traded for each other) it's really hard to say what is always valuable because everyone values different things... differently. Some people go crazy for unbreedables like Chickens, Dinos, Papers but others dislike them. Groups of CB hatchlings (especially BSA like Reds and Pinks) are in demand by some players while others like myself have plenty of CBs so we don't care. Some people highly value checker lineages yet others don't want checkers at all, etc. Even with Thuweds, there is a huge difference between a 2G and 3G or higher in terms of general value. Things that are very hard to get tend to be more 'valuable', so you aren't likely to have much of it on hand at any given time unless you are a big trader. Best way might be to watch trade listings for the stuff you want most and keep track of what the most common offer requests were. Players often ask for swaps when it comes to 2G Prizes and SAlts so those can be tough to trade for if you don't have a CB Prize or Holiday Alt already. Some people have better luck playing raffles and giveaways for those than trying to trade for one to be honest. I've seen some prize/salt owners who were willing to trade a 2G for a large amount of low time hatchlings or other longer term IOUs, but you probably won't see that on the trading center, it's more of a forum thing. Like I said, it's hard to say what is always worth stockpiling outside of the rarest of the rare. CB is usually (but not always) more valuable, and things like uncommons are usually more valuable than commons (but not always), eggs/hatchlings with lower time left are generally more valuable than high time eggs/hatchlings but not always... c:
  20. Here is a Black Striped from Black Marrow laid on Mar 20, 2011 that I produced - Black Stripes first came out on March 16 of the same year according to the wiki. That may be the point where Marrows stopped producing White Stripes, if they did indeed stop. If someone has seen a White from that combo after March 16, 2011 that would be interesting! Ribbons used to produce a surprising variety but at some point they changed, not sure when as the only time I did Ribbon x Striped was in 2017 and all offspring were Green.
  21. Thank you so much to @Confused Cat and @purplehaze for my prizes!
  22. Aw, thank you for posting! The mother was an AP find as well and I enjoy sharing the AP love - I often forget to breed my Avatars so I'm thankful the Birthday Breeding event is there to remind me.
  23. Better late than never... 19 Avatars of Destruction produced 9 AoD 32 Avatars of Change produced 10 AoCh 46 Avatars of Creation produced 19 AoCr Not my best results this year but there were a lot of Avatarkin as well.
  24. Thanks @bonvoyage for my shimmer! Congrats winners!