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    Super-bad lag?

    Yeah, strangely I find I have the most lag when trying to use Actions - abandoning, naming, BSA stuff.
  2. Congrats winners! Thanks Rosa for being a great host.
  3. Congrats winners! Thank you purplehaze and rinoa.
  4. Forum name: Terces PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=16291 List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: My full list of Christmas lineages can be found here. Any pair that says "2019 Christmas Breeding Reserved" is already spoken for. Common Holidaykin can be requested for free but Holiday offspring are for trades only. List of Christmas Dragons I need: Any 2G or 3G perfect checker with a Spriter alt (Full list of SA checkers I already have) 3G Snow Angel from White checker, 2G Angel must be Gold winged and CB Angels must be Tricolored (unrelated to him) 3G Ribbon Dancer from Guardian checker (unrelated to him) 3G Ribbon Dancer from Heartseeker checker (unrelated to him) 4G Ribbon Dancer from Avatar checker (unrelated to him) 3G Rosy Solstice from Bronze Tinsel checker (unrelated to him) 4G Blue Solstice from Moonstone checker, 2G Solstices must have blue wings (unrelated to him) 3G Mistletoe from Waterhorse checker (unrelated to him) 3G Mistletoe from Desipis checker (unrelated to him) 3G Mistletoe from Black Marrow checker (unrelated to him) 3G Mistletoe from Silver Tinsel checker (unrelated to him) Thanks Sunrunner! 2G Aegis from permanently Enraged Aegis x Azure Glacewing, short parent names preferred 3G Aegis from Pacified Aegis x Shadow Walker checker (unrelated to her) 3G Aegis from Enraged Aegis x Gold Tinsel checker (unrelated to her) 3G Snow from Diamondwing checker (unrelated to her) 3G Snow from Sunsong checker (unrelated to her) 3G Snow from Gold Shimmer checker (unrelated to her) 3G Snow from Gold Tinsel checker (unrelated to her) 3G Garland from Celestial (unrelated to him) 3G Garland from White (unrelated to him) List of Christmaskin I need: Any 2G or 3G perfect checker with a Spriter alt (Full list of SA checkers I already have) 3G Purple from Male Holly checker (unrelated to him) 3G Avatar from Female Holly checker (unrelated to her) 5G Pink from Male Holly checker, Aria base (unrelated to him) 3G Flamingo from Wrapping Wing checker (unrelated to him and him) 3G Flamingo from Mistletoe checker (unrelated to her and her)
  5. Finally getting around to naming and organizing my Halloween finds, didn't get to raise as many as I wanted due to internet issues and lag but still found some wonderful lineages! Pumpkins: From Female Glowback thanks Coleslaw! From Male Glowback thanks @angelicdragonpuppy! From Male Red-tailed, From Female Misfit, From Female Pipio thanks anons! Shadow Walkers: From Male Deep Sea, Saltkin From Female Deep Sea checker thanks anons! Graves: From Male Bronze Shimmer thanks @_Nix_! From Male Hellfire checker thanks @Laura-Lana! Had a mate waiting for this girl. Desipis: Purebred Saltkin Desipis, Saltkin From Male Gaia thanks @Tish! From Female Silver Tinsel checker thanks @prpldrgnfr! From Female Bronze Shimmer checker thanks anon! Caligenes: Purebred Caligene thanks @Infinis! Totally made my night when I found this boy. From Bronze Tinsel checker thanks @tjenni! Witchlights: From Male Upside Down Mint thanks Liontails! From Male Winter thanks @bonvoyage! From Male Fever, From Male Chrono thanks anons! Omens: From Male Silver thanks @Zunglo From Male Aria, From Female Daydream, From Male Albino thanks draginluver! From Male Nhiostrife thanks Avalonian! From Male Gaia checker thanks @littleangelamy22! Saltkin From Male Spinel checker thanks @XDLugia! Arcanas: From Male Sunsong thanks @WWECornSerpent! From Female Tercorn thanks @Varnayrah! From Female Bronze Shimmer thanks @miaou! From Female GoN thanks again Infinis! From Female Chrono, From Male Bronze Shimmer, From Male Gold thanks anons!
  6. Thank you BlueLatios and anon for my prizes! Congrats winners!
  7. Terces

    Super-bad lag?

    Still laggy for me even at night, usually it's very fast then. Sometimes I get a couple of quick page loads but most of the time I click and then switch to a different tab cause I'm tired of waiting and waiting. I just ran out of Aeons so I'm basically done for Halloween grabbing, but the lag seems to be everywhere on the site so it's a pain to do anything else too.
  8. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Terces Scroll Name: Terces Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/105602 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2G Prize, 2G Prizekin (2G Almandine from Female Silver Tinsel), 2G from Spriter's Alt, 2G from female Holly 2. CB Copper, 2G Metal, 3G Prize checker, 3G checker from Spriter's Alt 3. CB Trio, 3G Metal checker, 2G Prizekin, CB Aeon 4. 2G Avatar 5. 2G Aeon from any Holiday breed 6. Any gen Metal checker 7. Any CB hatchling Breeding abilities: I can breed a lot of low gen checkered things, such as Prizes, SAltkin, Metals and Holidays. I don't have many common x common checkers or stairs/spirals/other lineage types though. Catching abilities: Not very reliable at catching, Trios and Coppers give me a hard time for example. Trading abilities: I haven't had success trading for super rare things like Neglecteds, 2Gs from Prizes or Spriter alts but I think I could trade for most other requests. Teleport abilities: I'm fine on this one.
  9. Sorry for submitting the wrong group link everyone - I don't know how I got that confused while donating. I'll honor the voucher of course, but wow I've been more scatterbrained than I thought lately! If whoever wins my voucher wants an actual SAltkin, here is the group I meant to link when I donated so maybe they can pick if they'd like: https://dragcave.net/group/35715
  10. Thank you bonvoyage for my two shinies and you're welcome osean!
  11. Started breeding but I'm too tired to finish so I'll do the rest in the morning. c:
  12. What the heck?! How did you get one so quickly Tabs? With that luck you should buy a lottery ticket! I've been failing to produce Stripes from any of the new breeds for months, probably the longest drought I've experienced since this thread started. Stubborn Stripes.
  13. Thank you whoever bred the Green Fire Gem, I love it! Congrats winners!
  14. The spreadsheet is still being updated, just whoever was doing it forgot to change the 'last updated' message as well.
  15. Thank you Sunrunner for my prize!
  16. I believe so, at least that's how I remember it working in the past.
  17. You're welcome! Thanks to purplehaze and osean for my prizes!
  18. I'd love a reminder as well, thank you!
  19. Congrats winners! I think 2G Prizekins are pretty popular (even commons), I know some people who have acquired 2G Prizes but have trouble getting mates for them. So I could see someone preferring that instead.
  20. Thanks osean and bonvoyage!
  21. Going through my Halloweens at the moment. e: Done!
  22. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Terces Forum name: Terces Birthday: September 4th Revised List: 1. 2g from Spriter's Alt 2. 3g from Spriter's Alt checker (list of ones I own so far: here) 3a. Any gen Metal checker 3b. 2g Avatar from a non-holiday mate 4a. Any CB hatchling 4b. Anything off the wish lists in my profile (here)