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  1. Ah too funny! I noticed my dragons in the Marrow x Red lineage but didn't realize the parents were yours... I kept because the names were really good. Best of luck with the Red Dorsals, it's a tough project to get going sometimes haha.
  2. Yes, I had the 100% success rate with influence confused with fertility somehow. So now I simply wish fertility also worked all the time. Finished all my breeding, good number of eggs produced including some Golds and Silvers.
  3. Yikes, I thought it was changed to stop refusals entirely but must have been wishful thinking. I fortunately haven't had any refusals since using fertility on all new pairs, I do have some older pairs that refused a long time ago and it sure sucks. I'll be doing my breedings throughout the rest of the evening as I got other things that need to be done as well.
  4. Thanks for sharing you two, I'm glad some of my Halloween offspring were enjoyed! I really should have posted as mine grew up so I didn't end up with a huge backlog but ah well. Here we go! 2G Pumpkin x M Mimic - thanks Calieh! 3G Pumpkin x F Seawyrm - thanks @stagazer_7! I had a mate waiting for this guy and I'll be using him to finally breed a mate for a very lonely 4G Pumpkin that I've been trying to pair up for years. 2G Marrow x M Diamond - thanks anon! 2G Marrow x F Black Truffle - thanks DemonAshley! 3G Marrow x M Azure Glacewing - thanks anon! I bred a mate for her. 2G SW x F Mistra - thanks anon! 2G SW x M Silver Tinsel - thanks anon! 3G SW x F Avatar - thanks anon! 3G SW x M Light Lumina - thanks @miaou! This gal made a nice mate for an unmated Lumina I've had since 2013. 3G SW x M Tercorn - thanks again Miaou! Didn't have a mate for her but I'll be keeping an eye out. 2G Lurker x F Umbra - thanks @synditrix! 2G Lurker x F Staterae - thanks again synditrix! 2G Lurker x M Aqualis - thanks @Library_gremlin! 2G Grave x F Red - thanks anon! 2G Grave x F Celestial - thanks anon! 2G Desipis x M Hellfire - thanks @ShoeboxWarrior! 2G Desipis x F Umbra - thanks anon! 2G Desipis x M Labradorite - thanks @MiaLily! 2G Desipis x M Astaarus - thanks @Lyncerta! 2G Desipis x M Obidar - thanks again Lyncerta! 3G Desipis x Pacified Aegis - thanks Miral! I'll be searching for a mate this Xmas looks like. 3G PB Desipis - thanks anon! I really wanted this to gender male (would have made a perfect mate for someone) but ah well. 2G Caligene x F Astaarus - thanks anon! 2G Caligene x M Red - thanks anon! 2G Caligene x F Hellfire - thanks anon! 3G Caligene x M Bronze Shimmer - thanks @JaneMcAsh! Had a mate waiting for her. 3G Caligene x F Silver - thanks @tjenni! Had a mate ready for him. 3G Caligene x M Antarean - thanks again tjenni! She's a perfect mate for another on my scroll too. 3G Caligene x M Gold Tinsel - thanks yet again tjenni! Hopefully I find a mate for this girl. 3G Caligene x M Omen - thanks anon! Unfortunately I couldn't find a matching Omen this year so hopefully next year. 2G Witchlight x F Green Gemshard - thanks @Odeen! Raaaawwk! 2G Witchlight x M Gold Tinsel - thanks @Zabjade! 2G Witchlight x F Gold - thanks @Draco Knight! 2G Witchlight x M Skysilk - thanks Pikachu-Dragon! 2G Omen x F Swallowtail - thanks anon! 2G Omen x M Silver Lunar Herald - thanks again Library_gremlin! 2G Omen x F Rift - thanks @yieldy! 2G Omen x M Pink - thanks @twol8sue! 3G Omen x Pacified Aegis - thanks @Imago! Going to be searching for a mate this Xmas. 2G Arcana x F Guardian - thanks @Omen! 2G Arcana x M Green Fire Gem - thanks anon! 2G Arcana x F Green Fire Gem - thanks anon! 2G Arcana x M Luminox - thanks @majumaru! 2G Arcana x M Golden Wyvern - thanks @random_dragon_collector! 2G Arcana x F Equinox - thanks yet again miaou! 2G Arcana x M Mistra - thanks anon! 2G Arcana x F Leodon - thanks @angelicdragonpuppy! 2G Arcana x M Spessartine - thanks @Kith! 2G Arcana x F Sinii Krai - thanks @Nightwalkerkey! 2G Kohraki x F Blue Fire Gem - thanks anon! 2G Kohraki x M Xol - thanks Chrysantza! 2G Kohraki x F Umbra - thanks anon!
  5. Player terminology can be confusing to folks who haven't been around the forums much so that doesn't surprise me. I've seen the same thing with a holiday egg being referred to as 'holidaykin'. Could also be a case of brainfarts though - pretty sure I've made similar label goofs while trading, I just usually notice them after a bit so they're easy to fix. On a general note it's kind of funny we call them kins now instead of fails.
  6. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/16291-terces/ Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/Terces Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/141809 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, CB Silver, CB Staterae, 2G Prize, 2G Prizekin (Almandine from Female Silver Tinsel), 2G from Spriter's Alt, 2G from female Holly, 2G from Alt Sweetling 2. 2G Metal, 2G Staterae, 3G Prize checker, 3G Spriter alt checker 3. 3G Metal checker, CB Aeon, 2G Prizekin 4. 2G Avatar (non-holiday mate) 5. 2G BSA dragon from a Staterae 6. 2G any non-Xeno from a Staterae 7. CB Flamingo or Azure Glacewing hatchling Breeding abilities: I can offer tons of checkers to breed. I own a CB female Gold Tinsel + can do Prize checkers, lots of 3G and up Salt checkers... hundreds of checkers with metals, holidays, trios, avatar faux checkers + 2 Male 1 Female GoN. I have several 2G Thuweds and can do purebred or checkers. I have a pair of upside down Mints and can do a 3G PB as well. I realize it's not 'breedable' but I also have a male original CB Vampire. I've never been successful at making Neglecteds and I have no Staterae for breeding however. Catching abilities: Not great, even uncommons don't catch easily for me. Trading abilities: I trade like a handful of times per year and am mostly unsuccessful at it these days but I can try? Teleport abilities: I'm good on this.
  7. Couple more Exalted Pitfires: https://dragcave.net/lineage/bUwfp https://dragcave.net/lineage/5YLRg Also, if anyone is still working on the Flamingo part of the Encyclopedia, here's my horde with over 600 for you to click on. https://dragcave.net/group/25979 pinging @Paintra in case they're interested in adding the pink horde to the Sheet, just because Flamingos require more effort to fully unlock than most dragons do
  8. It was how old dead dragons were dealt with - they got the Deceased marker and you couldn't click on them in the lineage view. Once they were dead it was like they never existed. I can't remember what year that changed, but eventually it was made so dead dragons are still 'clickable' in the lineage view and also keep their names/codes visible. I remember some deadline folks were quite unhappy with the changes.
  9. I don't believe you can get the (Deceased) thing anymore - dead dragons still show their code now iirc.
  10. First year I somehow failed to catch the new Halloweens from the cave. Well, hopefully some folks grabbed eggs to toss to the AP again this year. :x Bit an egg with my only 2008 Vampire so that I could trade for some new releases but of course he killed the egg instead and now that slot is useless for 24 hours. This has been my worst Halloween yet. =/
  11. I think I've already supported a similar suggestion in the past, but I'll support this one too. Even just increasing it to 48 hours would help. DC Halloween is pretty busy compared to other holidays and the shortened 24 hour drop contributes to that in my opinion. I do see how extending the drop could worsen the holiday wall but like Nine I feel that issue needs it's own thread.
  12. Agreed, it's good to hear from more people regardless of how they feel. You're probably not in as much of a minority as it may seem, forum posters are a smaller vocal chunk of the whole player population and folks are more likely to post in a suggestion thread they support. I enjoy naming too, sometimes I run into 'name is already taken' but like Aqub I don't have much difficulty getting around it. This would be a pretty big change so I'm okay with it if it's done right. Not to mention a suggestion getting a lot of support doesn't mean it will actually be implemented. Lots of good suggestions have been made about so many aspects of DC over the years and most of them will not happen unfortunately.
  13. Yeah, I'm sure there could be solutions for it too, I just don't know enough about coding or the inner workings of DC to make suggestions. I'm fine with pagination for example but some users really dislike it so I don't know. I only mentioned lag because on the breeding page it can get pretty bad for me and it only gets worse the longer I play and acquire more dragons - it's like a double-edged sword now when it wasn't in the past. Lag can really take the enjoyment out of DC. Right now the search-by-name feature works great for me with no major downsides, so I'm hopeful that some kind of method could be worked out that eliminates 'annoying side effects' while still allowing this suggestion to become a reality. I'd be disappointed to have another personally useful part of DC turn into a useful-but-also-a-burden thing that I can't do much to fix and have to live with like the bloated breeding page. You're right, there's lots of reasons why dragons aren't named - and sometimes even those of us that like to name can forget or fall behind as happened to me earlier this year. I use parents names to come up with naming ideas when I raise a bred dragon, and when time is limited like during a holiday week I just prefer to grab eggs from already named parents so I don't have to wait and see whether the owner names them at a later date (or possibly never).
  14. Agreeing with Fuzz in that I don't name my dragons because the name is special to me, I name them because it's nearly impossible for me to remember all their codes. I caught my first CB Gold back in 2008, I can't for the life of me remember his 4 letter code but I've always easily been able to find him by n/Athurok which is (somehow) easier to remember than short random code. It's not too unusual, I've seen enough of "Shadow Walker CB M1" names or such while wading through the sea of Halloween eggs just this year alone - it's all about making a specific dragon easier to find with minimal effort. It's like an identifier you can choose if the code is too difficult. The proposed n/ page looks nice with just a small amount of dragons on it, how would it look if it had thousands? I worry it could make the search-by-name feature laggy if there are hundreds or thousands of dragons with the same name. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I try to breed a standard dragon I definitely get lag as it loads the thousands of dragons all at once all on one page and it's only accessing my scroll in that case. There's probably tens of thousands of users if not more (not sure of total population number these days) and there's no limit to how many dragons we can keep so it makes me wonder, is that why we've had names locked for so long? TJ is probably the only one who can really say if that would or would not be the case I guess. It would be nice to hear from him because we're kind of navigating in the dark. I'm not really opposed to the suggestion especially if lag will not be an issue. I did put ungodly amounts of time and effort into coming up with names for over 9400+ dragons - at the same time I'm tired of picking up eggs from unnamed parents and maybe this will help although I'm doubtful. The only other thing I can think of is that it'll be a bit of a bummer if names can no longer be traded for things you otherwise might not be able to trade for. I know quite a number of players who want nothing in DC anymore but collecting unique codes or names, it's pretty much the only way you can trade with them. It's nice for people who may not be fast at catching or not good at being social, even a newer player who doesn't know anyone can be the one to reserve a nice name from a new game, movie, book, whatever and trade it (also much better for trading than codes are after the dragon has grown up).
  15. I don't breed my holiday stuff much anymore (just for the holiday season + forum holidaykin mass-breed events) but anything is possible I suppose! I had about 11 pairs with mates at the bottom, and around 3 pairs with mates at the top so I'm not sure which order is normal. It definitely makes holiday breeding more of a struggle and less enjoyable, especially as the punishment for choosing the wrong mate is a long, long wait until the next year.
  16. I remember that post but I'm not sure it has to do with this as some pairs have this problem but some don't. Some pairs show their holiday mate up at the top with other mates, but some of them have the holiday mate at the very bottom like a rejection. If two dragons successfully produce eggs they should be sorted with other successful mates at the top 100% of the time, it's silly to go scrolling around on the breeding page to make sure I don't 'miss' a previous mate. IMO the only dragons that belong on the bottom of that page are dragons that can't ever produce together (non-holidays that reject each other) so holiday mates should never be on the bottom anyway.
  17. Breeding some eggs that I needed to keep for myself to continue lineages, one of them was an egg from a special RA x Desipis pairing. Except my RA's multi-proven desipis mate was randomly at the bottom of his breeding list instead of the top, and the dragon at the top is a completely different mate from a one-time pairing and I rely on muscle memory so now a whole year went down the drain. >_< Why does DC randomly throw holiday mates at the bottom of the breeding list like that? It acted like this pair had previously rejected each other and sorted them as such even though that's not happened. It did the same thing to some of my other proven holiday x holiday pairs this year too, but not all, so it's pretty frustrating.
  18. To be honest, after 12 years (and with everything else going on in the world) I don't care too much about what game balance is supposed to be on DC these days. I just want to have my fun and that fun involves customizing lineages to continue them in peculiar ways so I'm gonna give a 1+ to this suggestion. If it makes more sense to just make it a default action at that point then I don't see much downside especially since the chance of failure was removed - influence (and teleport) really seem like basic mechanics to me. I'm not sure if gate-keeping those two is still necessary, it's been nearly a decade since they were implemented and DC has changed in many ways since then. I still agree with removing the influence age limit regardless.
  19. Requester's Form Forum name: Terces PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Gaia from Female Omen checker for her Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: Terces PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Falconiform from Female Shadow Walker checker for her Secret field: No holiday requests!
  20. Name: Dha Annita Breed: Silver Mate: Tamarix Mingo Fail to produce: Silver Progeny: https://dragcave.net/progeny/wPQf1 Been a while since I shamed some dragons - I've been breeding these two for just over 4 years, nearly 60 Flamingos but no Silver yet. One day...
  21. Requester's Form Forum name: Terces PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Deep Sea from Male Shadow Walker for him Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: Terces PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Antarean from Male Caligene for him Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: Terces PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Spinel from Female Omen for her Secret field: No holiday requests! I donated! Terces -> Imago | 3G Azure Glacewing x Cavern Lurker checker | https://dragcave.net/lineage/nfmw3 | accepted!
  22. Note: Trades closed as all my Halloweens have been bred (except for Flawless) Forum name: Terces PM address: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=16291 List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed in exchange for something on the lists below The following CB Halloweens are available for trades Pumpkin - 2 Male, 2 Female Black Marrow - 2 Male, 2 Female Shadow Walker - 3 Male, 4 Female Cavern Lurker - 4 Male, 3 Female Grave - 3 Male, 4 Female Desipis - 4 Male, 3 Female Caligene - 4 Male, 3 Female Witchlight - 3 Male, 4 Female Omen - 2 Male, 2 Female Arcana - 2 Male, 2 Female All my Halloween lineages can be found here - I have way too many to list! Also have a CB Female Gold Tinsel (Flawless), will trade a Halloween breeding from her in exchange for a Desipis from CB Female Gold Tinsel (not from Gold Epica or Seras) List of Halloweens I need: Any 2G from Spriter's alt Any 2G from Female Gold Tinsel 3G Shadow Walker x Bronze Tinsel mate for Greed Elements 3G Shadow Walker x Mageia mate for Stylish Waltz 3G Shadow Walker x Pyro mate for Waltz Frugal 3G Shadow Walker x Red Copper mate for Bellerose Elements 3G Shadow Walker x Pillow mate for Zhkok 3G Shadow Walker x Sunstone mate for Szazj Dos 4G Shadow Walker x Blue Nebula mate for Wish In The Death 4G Shadow Walker x Deep Sea mate for Dreams Elements 4G Shadow Walker x Silver mate for Elemental Sinuous Music 3G Grave x Wrapping Wing mate for Imcya Feliz Burtonmeyer 3G Grave x Striped mate for Rose Burtonesque 3G Desipis x Bronze Tinsel mate for Dritte Borealis 3G Desipis x Tangar mate for Survive Savage 3G Desipis x Tangar mate for Terror Obliteration 3G Desipis x Arsani mate for Crestfallen Estanesse 3G Desipis x Gaia mate for Terror of Life 4G Desipis x Celestial mate for Furious Terror 4G Desipis x Mint mate for Crestfallen Despip 3G Caligene x Bronze Shimmer mate for Octeo Cowboy 3G Caligene x Speckle-throated mate for Minatep Tenebrae 3G Caligene x Candelabra mate for Cairo's Schemes 3G Caligene x Swallowtail mate for Azawakh Tauqa 3G Caligene x Antarean mate for Sakidiac 3G Caligene x Trihorn mate for Snow Maratiol 3G Witchlight x Nocturne mate for Nightmare Curse 3G Omen x Soulstone mate for Skeletor's Meme 3G Omen x Green Fire Gem mate for Not Soylent 3G Omen x Thalassa mate for Thalassa Omen 3G Arcana x Bronze Shimmer mate for Vydovw Prize 3G Arcana x Bronze Tinsel mate for Bright Amahira & Polar Sincerity 3G Arcana x Celestial mate for Heck Junko 3G Arcana x Moonstone mate for Sinful Witching List of commons from Halloweens I still need: 4G Seawyrm from Pumpkin for Cursed Song 3G Violet Spinel from Omen for Lmfao Names 3G Gaia from Omen for Epsilon Omens
  23. Thank you @schenanigans for the following holiday checkers <3 Desipis x Celestial - Had a perfect mate waiting for her Enraged Aegis x Hellfire - Also had a perfect mate for her which I think was also bred by you Caligene x Trihorn - Will be keeping an eye out this Halloween for a mate
  24. Congrats winners!! I forgot to enter but at least remembered to donate this time.