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  1. First time in a long time I've managed to be around for the monthly drop.
  2. I think quite some time ago, there was a way to check dragon lineages to see if a dragon is inbred. Anyone has any idea if there is a link to that?? Or did I dream it all up?
  3. I donated Gift report: Calenlass -> YATA-GARASU: Alt Black Is the Giftee on that list? Yes Do they need/wish to be removed? Yes How was the gift offered? Via PM
  4. I've been camped out at the AP since I came back from work. I'm actually hoping to catch THIS year's Valentine eggs. I'll just keep trying but like I said, if I can't get any this year, there's always next year. Edit: Just when I'm about to give up and go to bed, lo and behold, one appeared and I managed to get it. Who says miracles don't happen?!
  5. I missed catching the new eggs totally. I've been working so much, I was actually still stuck in January mentally. Just got on today so was able to do the quest. Oh well, just have to wait til next year.
  6. 😭😭First time since I joined DC, I've missed Valentine's Day. Gosh, this sucks. I guess that'll teach me to volunteer at hospital to help with this virus outbreak thing. lol
  7. Yay. Was hoping there'd be a new release.
  8. A very Happy Easter to everyone.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here.
  10. Was waiting for this Edit: First time I'm literally here for the first drops and there's a cave-in.
  11. Darn it!!! That dang egg did sneak in...
  12. First time in a looooong time I've actually managed to be around for these drops. I hope the "windy" egg didn't 'bomb' the real drop and have to be removed for sneaking in...😨
  13. The happiest of Birthdays to DC. Can't believe we've been here 10 years. Here's to 10 more years and beyond !!
  14. So.Much.Green!!! Have an Eggceptional day everyone.
  15. What's going on with the site? I've never noticed anything wrong with it. And all the eggs caught hatch and grow up in a day or two when I put them on Yarolds.
  16. Is it over now? I never can keep track with the time difference.
  17. I'm glad I was around this time at the right time to catch these, whether they're gonna turn out real or wisps of cotton later. Now, to wait and see. Happy April's Fool, everyone.
  18. This is so an April's Fool thingy, isn't it?
  19. I guess it's over now. Dang, i was so close. Kudos to all the artists of these eggs. Everyone i caught, i loved more and more.
  20. Halp!!!! Why am I stuck with a black screen. I see nothing at all. Cleared cache, reset, reload...nothing.
  21. Does anyone have any idea if there's a forum opened for this new game, and if there is, where I can go to find it? It'd be real nice if a link to the new forum(if there is one) can be posted on the dang first page before you decide to close the topic. Been trying for a damn day to sign in and can't even get in the front door, so to speak, and I have no idea where to go to ask for help.
  22. These new dragons are so adorable. I dunno why but I instantly think of dragonflies whenever I see them.
  23. Still trying to figure all this out. Do the phases of the moon change according to the time of day or the actual moon(which means we'd have to wait for a few days for the next phase)?
  24. It's now 1:20am where I'm at on the last Saturday of the month. So, is it safe to guess there's no new eggs this month since there's still nothing by now? I need zzzzz but I'm almost afraid to go
  25. Happy Valentine's Day everyone *passes out virtual chocolate hearts all around* Guys, it's not stated but are we allowed more than 2 of this year's?