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  1. Yay! I know, I totally can't imagine what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll try and get ahead in some subjects during October (homeschooling totally rocks, admit it). My online classes are going to kill me though. x.x
  2. Added you Feathers. :3 I might add more people if I get around to it. Feel free to add me. Shadow
  3. I'm doing it this year for the first time. I was going to do it last year, but I forgot (and I also didn't know there was an official website....). I have a question, does anyone know anything about the createspace thing for the winners, getting a free proof copy of your novel? It sounds really awesome but I'm inclined to be skeptical... I'm planning on doing a science fiction story about a guy in a noble house. Pretty standard plot I guess, but I'm hoping to mess it up a bit.
  4. Ventus pretty much seems like Roxas with Sora's personality. Though I'm rather neutral on Roxas, I do love his costume. <3
  5. Just finished Neverland. Terra is a very adorable idiot though, you have to admit it. Yes, little Riku and Sora are soo cuute!
  6. When I was little I pretended to be from Venus, but then I found out that it was the planet where girls came from. I decided I'd rather live on Neptune, but I stayed on Venus cause I'd been there for a long time. /off-topic I want Agitooo....
  7. =D It's OK Nix, you can come to my house and play BBS, Dissidia, Dissidia II, and Crisis Core (providing you beat the rest of my KH II minigames). I live at 777 Awesome St., Radville, Mars.
  8. Also easily definable as cuteness condensed into one little furry animal. They do come in different varieties:
  9. Noo.... That's the worst part about KH. There are moogles though. I beat the first hour of KH (somewhere in Traverse Town) literally as soon as I got my PS2, even though I didn't have a memory card.
  10. I got Sephiroth at level 60 something I think maybe. Elixers are your friends.
  11. I have lost games and haven't played nearly fifty. I think my current win is like.. 3/5. x.x I lost my first two games on the Keyblade board, but not since then. I think next up is the Hunny pot board. I have played a decent bit of StepMania before, it might have helped with the Ice Cream beat. And I'm not very good at any of the other games (AGRABAH MAGIC CARPET ARRRGGHH)
  12. *whack-a-boom* Haha, I got Fortune first. >3 I love Ice-cream beat, I think I have gotten at least Good on every level. I'd offer to play it for you! I also like Command Board, but Rumble Racing not so much.
  13. D: People keep doing that. And Nix used the word first! *blame shifting* It might be explained partially in Xehanort's Reports..?
  14. That would be nice. Also new voice actors that sounds like, you know, guys (as opposed to the current teen-age girls or whatever they have) for Tidus and Zidane would be cool.
  15. OOOOOOOOHHH MY GOOODNESS. WAANT. So glad it is for PSP, I would have to kill if it wasn't. I hope Vaan and Gabranth are in it too. :3 And I hope there is lots more H-Q footage. <3
  16. I want to play chocobo tales sometime, or something. Versus is about Noctis, and is just a regular game I believe. Dissidia was a fighting game. Agito is normal too (I believe) and I don't know about the rest of the games.
  17. Which one? I actually found all of them so far to be really short. I guess I'm used to playing FF9. >D D: I didn't whap too hard!
  18. *whaps with struggle bat* I'm not far enough, I've only met Master Xehanort and one of the pre-Org people, Braig. SO, I dunno. But I like to whap people.
  19. I think I have everything for The Ice Cream game and Fruitball done. Now onto Rumble Racing! Scratch that, I've got more for Ice Cream at least. Rats.
  20. I'm there right now. I didn't get any flavors. But I have been working my way through the Ice cream shooting game. Ready for Master on Destiny Islands. Dunno what (if anything) is after that.
  21. Rats. I was afraid of that. Do you keep items? Right. Yep.
  22. I think I'm 41 now. I don't know how much more circle-running I'm going to do. I think it is more useful at lower levels. I hope I still all my spells when I go to Aqua/Ven.
  23. Now I'm 39. :3 Or at least last time I checked on Terra he was... Do you fight him more then once? Maybe, right now I have a pin wedging the stick, but the r button is still taped down. I might change it later.
  24. I've read all but the last book. I really really really love them. :3