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  1. Is it just me, or are the eggs for the Brine dragons just gorgeous? Can't stop looking at them!
  2. Finally got a Brine! Also got a misclick Skywing and am now egglocked.. again!
  3. Welp.. misclicked, got a Pygmy Pearl. Now I have to wait an hour for one of my other eggs to hatch!
  4. I can only hold one.. just saw a Brine but it got away from me quickly!
  5. I have a Bright Pink I just named Lyra - I was surprised it was available!
  6. Dear Diary, I just hatched from my egg today! Cubaser says I'm a purple dinosaur, even though I'm in a cave full of dragons. The only one small enough for me to play with is a baby green dragon named Pershy. He says he's a dragon, but he has no wings like me, and he's small like me...Oh well! There's another hatchling without wings, too, but they're too hyper for me...Even at night, they keep bouncing around in their nest! I know I can play with Pershy and all the other hatchlings, but I still feel lonely. Sarlem, the leader, said when I grow up, I'll have wings. I hope so! I want to
  7. Yes please! I don't even PM a lot and my inbox gets full so fast it's not even funny!
  8. Dear Journal, We have three more eggs. Our owner, like all the other owners, rushed to get one of the new eggs this morning. But unlike the other owners, Cubaser didn't abandon any of our current eggs for it. She says that the new eggs will still be there after ours hatch. The only new egg we got was a sandy colored one with a dark stripe on the top. I have to admit that I'm really curious as to what it'll grow into... For the other eggs, we have another bright pink and a white stripey one. The bright pink looks like it's going to hatch soon, with a giant crack right down the middle,
  9. Dear Journal, The bright pink, Lalura, grew up today. She's really happy about her new wings. I saw her wings as a hatchling, and I'd be glad to finally fly too after having tiny triangles as wings! I'm glad I'm a guardian dragon, built with big, strong wings early on to defend myself. Bright pinks don't need to, though. I feel sorry for the bright pink that decides she wants to be frozen! There's another egg who's also a bright pink. I think she's going to be frozen, but I'm sure she won't mind. I know she's just an egg, but I can tell she isn't going to be the type to complain abou