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  1. I wouldn't know what to do with the beauty, as I don't generally do chequers. xd.png

    Awesome of you to offer it here, though. smile.gif


    Can any of you possibly help me with a 2nd gen almandine from Heartstealer? It's not for myself but for an IOU - I need a second one to accompany the one I could breed (only have one CB almandine pair).

    Any help would be appreciated (and of course I'll happily get you something in exchange)! :-)


    What I got in exchange for this and the bunch of 2nd gen holidaykin will happily be bred for shiny raffles to come. biggrin.gif (Which reminds me, once we're done with voting on the current batch, I think we should do another shiny raffle. It's been way too long, don't you think? biggrin.gif)



    Have you a spare egg slot? have one waiting if so smile.gif send me PM

  2. I have one to give away if anyone wants it. Obviously I was hoping for a shimmer. Two way so I know who it goes to.


    Send a dummy!


    Also, I thought I'd give away a silver tinsel egg. Lineage


    Guess a number between one and ten. Whoever is closest to the one in my head gets it. (Posting them here means no one picks the same number so it's more fair)

    will have to go with 6 smile.gif

  3. Full Circle Day


    Do the Dragons have to be Elemental?

    Do said dragons have to be grown, Hatched or Caught/bred today?


    if they can be hatched today i am more than happy to spend some time On AP looking for CBs need something to occupy my time Shoulder Surgery was done weekend sad.gif





  4. Find the dragcave cookies and MANUALLY delete them ? (they may be corrupted...)


    Or just use another browser ? If that fails to work - it could be their ISP. Mine blocked the place once by accident.


    ETA just tested and I can get into on mine in Opera.... though mine is an ancient version.

    Thanks Fuzz they seem to back in again now they mentioned something about having to delete some bits smile.gif

  5. I have been message by DC friend who is unable to login to scroll from their usual browser (opera)

    As i have no idea how opera works (FireFox) have to come here for advice smile.gif As far as i know they can get main page put in name a PW try to sign in but wont go past the page they can get forums up and all other bit from main page but not access scroll unsure.gif i ahev tried on mne for them and can login on Firefox not tried any others (dont have any) they have also tried mine on theirs but still nothing, as far as i know they have done all the usual things clear browsing etc unistalled, re-installed


    not sure what else to say to them unsure.gif

  6. Ok so there is no form for joining other than when you submit your screenshots.

    Is that correct ?

    Do I have to crop and edit it to put it in Photobucket? cause I tried that and umm well let's just say I'm not very good at it laugh.gif

    No form or anything smile.gif when an egg is available status will show open


    as for screenshots etc it takes me forever as well as not the best either unsure.gif

  7. Thank You Again Vhale biggrin.gif Gold will be put to good use one way or another smile.gif i enjoy the taking part and maybe make a slight difference to Imps numbers unsure.gif thinks its been a good day all in all wink.gif waiting patiently for the next one but may find it difficult if in next 2-3 weeks with one arm workable sad.gif

  8. A tiny little question for most, but a huge one for me rolleyes.gif


    Is there a tutorial or something to help with signature design? unsure.gif it has to be in simple terms as not computer literate (can just about cope with basic) sad.gif the more i try to do mine the worse mess i make sad.gif if anyone can help or push me in right direction would gratefully appreciated PMs welcome smile.gif

  9. Anyone finding it difficult to catch new eggs? my first lot have hatched so hunting again depending on how it goes, will be willing to pass on but will have to be quick takes as soon as off CD unsure.gif will add links if or when i have spares  will be on first come basis for now smile.gif

    Have managed somehow to catch another 3 (Sore Wrist now) will post 2 way links when they start coming off CD smile.gif first one couple of hours other just under 4 and 5 hours


    first one off CD offer a random if you need back message me http://dragcave.net/teleport/6781dcf527107...cf7108b9e293958 Gone 2 in couple of hours off to hunt for another rolleyes.gif

  10. Anyone finding it difficult to catch new eggs? my first lot have hatched so hunting again depending on how it goes, will be willing to pass on but will have to be quick takes as soon as off CD unsure.gif will add links if or when i have spares will be on first come basis for now smile.gif

  11. Spectacular catch, congrats!



    Nope, you're correct. rrattts, remember when we used to bounce exps through the AP pre-teleport? Influ would still break off and give us genderless NDs.

    Thats the one thing i miss with NDed making waiting for the catch laugh.gif i was only looking for lowtime eggs to do the dreaded to rolleyes.gif but got mega lucky biggrin.gif

  12. Wow! Congrats!!! How do you know it will gender though O:??? How does that work?

    from what i know if it was influecned wink.gif on dropping it will lose it, meaning it will influence but then i could be wrong i have tested that theory unsure.gif


    Would be interested in who dropped it smile.gif